Thanks, Heather for this important Letter. There’s so much to unpack here. Most importantly, regarding the issue in Russia...“No one knows for certain where this is heading as I’m writing Friday evening. But there is no doubt most people, whether they will admit it publicly or not, are relieved that Joe Biden, surrounded by competent advisers, is at our country’s helm at this moment.”-Joyce Vance, Civil Discourse Substack

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Dems getting things done: "“I-95 is reopening. And it’s ahead of schedule.”"

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Did you paraphrase Stephen Stills' "For What it's Worth" to start tonight's Letter on purpose, or is it such a part of our culture that it just automatically inserts itself at appropriate times?

"There's something happening here

But what it is ain't exactly clear

There's a man with a gun over there

Telling me I got to beware"

Stephen Stills/Buffalo Springfield 1967

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How I would love to witness a meeting between Jack Smith and Judge Cannon.....she is out of her league with him.

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You literally knocked the ball outta the park with tonights letter Dr. Richardson … IMNSHO!

Thank you so much, for using your hard-earned gifts, knowledge and wisdom the way you do. Your generosity is humbling and provides huge relief to so many of us WORRY WARTS! You’re the best!

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Heather, a fantastic round-up of the news. Russia is mind boggling. Great news about I-95 and the incredible job done by all involved in the effort. Hooray UNIONS!!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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summary by Sarah Salter:

7 am local time in Rostov - Prigozhin speaking in video: control secured in Rostov and the airfield. Operations against Ukraine continuing, but control taken to prevent air power used against us. Russian losses are significantly greater than reported. Troops are abandoned without ammunition or supplies.

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Jun 24, 2023·edited Jun 24, 2023

How will this effect Putin's war against Ukraine? How damaged might Putin become? Will he last?

'Russian mercenary leader derides invasion as a ‘racket’ to enrich the country’s elite.'

'Russian generals late on Friday accused Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, the outspoken mercenary tycoon, of trying to mount a coup against President Vladimir V. Putin, as the Russian authorities opened an investigation into Mr. Prigozhin for “organizing an armed rebellion.”

'The long-running feud between Mr. Prigozhin and the Russian military over the war in Ukraine has now escalated into an open confrontation, setting up the biggest challenge to Mr. Putin’s authority since he launched his invasion of Ukraine 16 months ago.'

'Videos circulating widely on social media showed that military and national guard armored vehicles had been deployed in Moscow and the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, near the front line in Ukraine where Mr. Prigozhin’s fighters had been operating.'

'Mr. Prigozhin also asserted in his video that Ukraine’s counteroffensive to gain back territory was going much more poorly for Russia than the government was letting on. On Telegram, pro-war commentators quickly pushed back against that claim, including Igor Girkin, a former paramilitary commander who himself has often criticized Russia’s top brass.'

Smith (US) v. Trump FINALLY!

Jack Smith, Special Counsel, is prepared and Trump is scared.

Is the tide turning in favor of the American people and the Ukrainians?

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Heather is correct. There are no "good guys" in the new upheaval in Russia. Prigozhin is utterly ruthless, and Wagner forces have proved time and again that they are willing to commit atrocities in their operations in Africa and the Middle East and now in Ukraine. If Prigozhin gains the upper hand over the military stores in Rostov-on-Don and access to tactical nukes he will show less restraint than Putin.

This is significantly upping the danger to expanding the scope of the the war into a wider European theater.

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“We are proving that when we work together, there is nothing we cannot do.” - unless it's protecting the environment, dealing with climate change, reigning in the fossil fuel industry.. let's see what else could we add to the list?

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Wondering if Prigozhin will call all of his troops together -- those in African countries, and elsewhere -- to assist on his attack on pukin/his generals. That would be more than the motley crew of 25,000 which he has now. Also wondering if enough Russians are sick of the war with Ukraine (some of whom may know that truth about what pukin, et.al. have done) that they will refuse to fight with the Russian army against Preigozhin's mercenaries.

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Evening to All!

The bizarre, incomplete and/or inchoate news out of Russia should remind all of us interested in history of the many events that caused a previous would be Russian empire to pull out of a war. The Russian Revolution and the yearning of Russia's people for a better life caused Russia to pull out of WWI in its early days. The confusion, bitterness and infighting then, in the wake of the deposing of the Romanovs in favor of the Mensheviks and then the Bolsheviks, brought the Russian war effort to assist its fellow Slavs in Serbia to a grinding halt.

The chaos that resulted in a Leninist Russian Socialist Republic ultimately metastasized to a Stalinist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with results most cataclysmic. I do not think we are looking at that type of cause and effect here and now, but it is important to note that feuds seemingly small, when fueled by force of arms striking opportunity just right, can lead to writ most large.

If nothing else, tonight's developments seem to demonstrate that the ironclad regime of the butcher known as Vladimir Putin is not nearly as ironclad as it seems. Blowback from the USSR's failed attempt at suppression in the Graveyard of Empires,( i.e., Afghanistan) forty years ago led to the fall of the USSR itself. Let us see what the blowback to Putin---assuming same actually materializes-- leads to here.

Prigozhin of course, is no Gorbachev. He's a well connected, fairly articulate thug, defined by his thuggishness and not any quotes from Pushkin that he might toss off to Western journalists to curry favor, so hope not only does not spring eternal here, it doesn't even spring. Yet, the crack in the Putin dam has materialized.

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Hopefully the Russian scum will drag each other into the pit.

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What have you done for me lately, Joe Biden, about climate change?

Turns out, it's happening in Virginia a few acres at a time:


And, let's have s'more offshore windfarms, please, Joe Biden (this 4-minute video's a good 'un):


What else is going on semi-unnoticed? Think more jobs.


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Thanks for this news, Professor Richardson. On a number of accounts it is the best news I've heard in awhile. Of course, much remains to be understood about the Russian situation and history warns us not to think that Trump is finally cornered but your piece leaves me optimistic on both accounts. I-95 is a real accomplishment and any positive intervention that my thwart or slow down the production of this nasty drug is good news. I will sleep better tonight. :- )

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Jun 24, 2023·edited Jun 24, 2023

Opening I-95 is great and does show what can be done when folks work together….but the notifications on my I pad just broke through that the Rostov area and city are now to some degree in the hands of the Wagner folks…or put. Another way our President and his Administration are in close contact with all our partners because the notion of the Putin-Wagner break up and whatever that means in the next 72 hours…it sure as hell does NOT indicate good guys working together….rather it suggests world level cataclysmic trouble….and the nuclear weapons that could be fought over by the Putin/Wagner folks are a matter of huge concern to the White House.

It is a time to both worry and stay in touch with the news…..

June 24, 2023, 2:22 a.m. ET5 minutes ago

5 minutes ago

Anton Troianovski

The Russian authorities appear to be scrambling to prevent Prigozhin’s forces from acting on their threat to march on Moscow. Russian state media reports that “transit traffic” has been limited in the Tula region, through which the main road from Rostov to Moscow runs — and where a trusted former bodyguard of Putin, Aleksei Dyumin, is the governor.

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