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I am acutely aware of the impact of severe hearing loss. I have the good fortune of being able to purchase very expensive hearing aids that provide considerable assistance in hearing what’s going on.

As occurs elsewhere in the medical profession, access to functional hearing aids has been controlled by audiologists. The result was that tens of millions of Americans with minor-to-moderate hearing loss were financially blocked from obtaining essential hearing assistance.

Thanks to the Biden administration, many millions of Americans will have the opportunity to hear better.

Another president, FDR, while campaigning for re-election in 1936, tried to assist a voter with his hearing problem. Learning that Josh had great difficulty hearing, he suggested to Josh that, if he cut down severely on his drinking, his hearing would improve.

Josh replied: “Mr. President, what I’ve been drinking is so much better than what I’ve been hearing that I’m just going to keep on drinking.”

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Let's say the political scientist's assertion is correct: the Republican Party is facing an "extinction event" because of its cultish devotion to Trump. Then consider the likelihood that Trump will be faced with federal crimes for Jan. 6 and document theft and state charges in Georgia for election meddling. This means the odds are extremely high he'll face penalties that will block his return to the White House.

In this likely scenario, it's fair to assume Trump will incite MAGA in various ways, including outright violence across the country that could spill over to the 2024 elections. He is increasingly unhinged as his fate becomes apparent. How bad will it be? How will the FBI, where apparently a large number of agents supported the insurrection, respond? We know that many local police departments are MAGA, so how will they respond when their Idol calls for civil war?

Am I an alarmist? No, more like a realist.

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So, I guess no anti-semitism was spoken today, which is a good thing. Heather, are you as frustrated as we are that Garland hasn’t hauled Trump into court yet? We know he won’t comply to the Select Committee’s subpoena. He is a weasel and a dangerous one at that. Everything seems to be coming out now except for who financed the coup and why haven’t we been privy to Ginni’s testimony?

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DJT only became pr*z to make money?

I am shocked, shocked!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe negotiates a treaty between 2 major countries at war for 74 fucking years and not a SINGLE national news outlet mentions it.

NO ONE givesca shit about Hunter Biden. NO ONE.

And there's the problem with the Democrats. The major news media (even NPR) doesn't report all the great things the Biden admin has accomplished. Just crap about a lying thief and Joe's beleagured and uninteresting offspring. We're fucked

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Trump lies wrap and characterize every action MAGA or Trump undertakes. George Orwell would blush.

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I've been reading Heather since early in 2019. Back then there was a flurry of drama by the close of every day. But this one is unbelievable in that every paragraph is its own individual rabbit hole. Things are shifting so fast that I have vertigo.

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"All but the MAGA Republicans have left. “The Good Republicans are gone,” "

Nonsense. Trump is just Reagan writ large and writ vulgar. Trump personifies "The Good Republicans" willing to do anything, including to vote for Trump, to get power. And including to refuse to impeach Trump, to remove Trump from office, or to keep Trump from running again. Even after Jan 6. Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Chris Christie, et al are not MAGA. They just enable it. They will vote for the Kari Lakes, Herschel Walkers - just as they voted for the Paul LePages, Greg Abbotts, Ron Johnsons et al before Trump. And they very likely will take the Senate, Congress, state houses, and governors mansions. Just as they took the Supreme Court. By any means possible. But mostly by uniting behind any Republican who emerges from the primary process. A unity those 'opposed' to the GOP refuse to embrace - and refuse to take responsibility for their contributions to electing Trump et al.

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Is there anything--anything at all--that Trump, his family, friends, or administration did that was honest and honorable? I'll wait...

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"Without laws, governmental office can be used simply as a way to amass money and power."

The above is exactly what the trump criminal organization did while in the White House and everyone has watched it unfold for years -New Yorkers have literally seen this for decades. That the DOJ has not moved expeditiously to prosecute the head of the hydra is extremely detrimental to the psyche and structure of this country and one that we really can't recover from . . . unfortunately, the informed are not having the impact required to put these people away.

It is appalling the country we have become. Observation and rhetorical question I too often have is why is it the lowest common denominator of humanity always seems to be enabled by blind cultists to create havoc and evil. History repeats and we never learn. In the meantime, while the criminals and dictators (one and the same) have the world in a choke hold, climate change continues to throw gasoline on the fire on the global economies. The political where-with-all is not in place to resolve the big issues.

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Thank you Heather.

I cannot wrap my head around what the United States has become. How can all of this noise be the United States?

Everyday, the news is polar opposite to the doctrine I have always known.

A conversation I was in this weekend at the Museum event, was involving a woman who grew up in Germany. Her family migrated here in the 1960's. She said that sometimes when she watches the news, she forgets she is in the United States. I have been thinking about her remark , in ways, I feel the same.

Be safe. Be well.

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"suggesting that the law is simply a political tool to use against enemies rather than a body of laws before which we are all treated equally."

The soft word for the former is "corruption". The hard word is "tyranny".

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Another report where my response is "If my thought dreams could be seen/They'd probably put my head in a guillotine."

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"which he visited more than 500 times during his presidency"

So, Trump was in office 1040 working days and spent 500 of them golfing.

And there you have it. A spoiled, corrupt, lazy man's approach to "work".

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I never imagined that Mr. Trump could have 70% or so of the Republicans saying he won the election. The consequences are terrifying.

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Without question, TFG and his administration are responsible for needless deaths during the Pandemic. All for greed and power.

“Without laws, governmental office can be used simply as a way to amass money and power”… the Trump administration “engaged in an unprecedented campaign of political interference in the federal government’s pandemic response, which undermined public health to benefit the former president’s political goals.”

The grievance list is long but the direct and blatant lack of action and the lies he told the American citizens should be enough to put him away forever. But we know that will never happen. It’s a mystery how TFG’s apologists, many who lost family and friends during the pandemic, can continue to support him. And that is the disease that continues in the repub party. TFG first. Repub party first. America, Truth and Justice not on the repub platform.

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Oh, Eric.....

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