Gretchen Whitmer is fantastic! Thank you, dear Heather, for your concise, clear and factual accounting of how the working class in America has been completely betrayed by the Repugnants. I hope she runs for president at some point. My seat belt is fastened and my popcorn is waiting to go into the frying pan! Have a good weekend! All here should watch “Waco” on Netflix. An incredible documentary short series I watched two nights ago. A MUST WATCH.

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Trump exploiting what happened in Waco 30 years ago to stir up right-wing terrorist groups — groups itching to take up arms against the government — shows his desperation is off the charts. Imagine his reaction when he's actually indicted, and not just in the Stormy Daniels case. We're in the midst of an epic drama, and he's already behaving like a raving lunatic. I wouldn't want to be working on the clean-up crew at Mar-a-Lago.

For more details about the history of what happened in the feds standoff with the Branch Davidian cult in Waco and the implications of Trump's latest move, read "Why Waco," today's newsletter from former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance. It's chilling. https://open.substack.com/pub/joycevance/p/why-waco?r=57fmo&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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After tfg's post showing him with the baseball bat and threatening a prosecutor, why on earth wasn't he arrested? This is from a post by Jay Kuo....

'As senior Brookings Institute fellow and CNN legal analyst Norm Eisen noted, threatening a prosecutor is a crime in the state of New York, and pretty much everywhere else. It is, in fact, at least several crimes, three of which he listed immediately:

Harassment in the first degree NYPL 240.25;

menacing in the second degree NYPL 120.14;

stalking in the fourth or third degree NYPL 120.45 & 120.50'

Hasn't he finally crossed the line with this? And now he is going to continue his hate speech in Waco. smh

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There is something so big and so wrong going on in the country right now, that I’m failing to put a name to it. I just know that the forces that should be protecting us don’t seem to be doing so. I think that’s what bothers me most of all.

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I really find it hard to believe that people would actually follow and want this madman in OUR White House again, but every day I find that I am wrong. He is acting like a rabid dog that has been backed into a corner. There are people who still want him as he exploits them for money and power...what a horrible mess he has made of America!

But, I was born in and lived most of my life in Michigan. We call our governor "Big Gretch"! She is not big in stature but WHAT an incredible leader she is! We have powerful leaders in our state now and we love it. It is so fantastic that she signed the repeal of that stupid "right-to-work" law which was actually just the opposite. But that is just one of the things she has done since we voted in real leadership and voted out so many redumblicans that used to run our state. She is the BEST! Thank you Big Gretch!!!!!

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This extremely slim-majority Maga house is full of third grade performance actors who have no intention of trying to govern. Who have even less intention to learn about governing itself since they clearly have no intention to govern or learn about governing. Not sure if they simply are ignorant about government functions what they should be doing as a legislative body OR possibly are more likely than not to act simply as institutional destructors. An obvious 3rd rate bully game viewable only on fox.

I am really ashamed that these know-nothings and provocateurs are in Congress only to try to destroy it. Not unlike trump’s playbook with his “leadership” choices for departments. Those guys to a person seen to have a mission to try to destroy the departments they headed (EPA. Education, Labor, etc.). Talk about massive corruption and fraud. These department heads all shared the belief that the federal government should get out of way so privatization could proliferate with fewer and fewer critical safety regulations, so that they. Lkwould interest with their singular quest for excessive profit. No one thrives in that situation. No one wins.

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“Trump… early this morning posted on social media that his indictment could lead to ‘potential death & destruction’ ”.

Forget everything indictable from his ignominious past. This alone should suffice to get anyone else arrested. Why is he still roaming around free?!

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“McCarthy answered: ‘I don’t know what he’s [you’re] talking about.’”

That could be McCarthy’s pat answer to to so many questions.

House leadership has transferred from one of the sharpest political minds in our history, Nancy Pelosi, to likely one of the dullest; Kevin McCarthy. He probably can’t even spell “puppet”.

Thank you, HCR, for the thumbnail history of US labor law. That’s why I turn to you first thing every day.

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"His supporters turned out on January 6, 2021, when he was president and had the power—they thought—to command the army to back him. In the end, that didn’t happen. "

I'm pretty sure that if the insurrectionists had not believed that Trump somehow had their back, they would have not taken so many selfies that aid their prosecution.

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Trump is going to commemorate the 30th anniversary of those Wackos from Waco.

He is predicting that ‘death and destruction’ will occur when (if) he is indicted.

He’s sounding more and more like Jim Jones, a wacko evangelical cultist who died giving poisoned Kool Aid in Guyana to over 900 ‘parishioners.’

Echos of his January 6th Capitol Building blood bath?

Meanwhile, ‘I earned the Speakership’ McCarthy acknowledges that he hasn’t a clue of what social expenditure budget cuts he seeks from President Biden in his showdown blackmail over increasing the national debt limit.

DeSantis, after stating an ‘American First’ policy in which strong support for Ukraine would be axed, did a partial public cartwheel, when some Republican big wigs castigated him.

And so the ‘Republican’ beat goes on. As they called it in WW II: SNAFU—Situation Normal, All F++ked Up.

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Quiverin' Qevin, the Bakersfield Bozo, couldn't find his posterior with both hands on a clear day with a two hour advance notice. What a fuqqing moron.

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Most relevant words in McCarthy’s sound bite: “I don’t know.”

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Bravo Dr. Richardson for a very encouraging column and kudos to Michigan for ending so called right to work laws. As a long time Union member and on the Board of Directors for two different unions. I abhor both the law and the misnaming of it. Right to Work would seem to imply the right of workers to employment, what it means in effect is the right of employers to treat their workers as an expendable commodity. As a Union BOD, I heard a number of workers complain about paying dues, so when I held meetings with them in their school, or later in their offices, I always asked those who objected to paying for the Union bargaining for better wages, benefits, working conditions, if they were willing to forgo any benefits the union won in bargaining. Of course not. They did not pay as much as union members did ( about 35% less in dues) and per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), we still had to represent them in any grievances. We did have the majority of employees as Union members, some more active than others. Most members considered their non-paying co-workers as free loaders. Can't blame them.

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Professor, I was SO HOPING you would be able to post a serene photograph and take the night off.

Thank you for your continued diligence and generosity in educating everyone who will listen to the events of these critical times.

The silence of those refusing to condemn the attacks on the rule of law by those carrying the label of Republican is in fact deafening.

Now they literally claim they neither "see" nor "hear" the incendiary incitements to violence of supporters of the former MAGA president,

the vexatious litigant with a pattern of "delay, distract and deny."

In every instance, even the death of his first wife, he requests money with a link for donate - to him.

PolitiFact found the key driver behind what happened on Jan. 6 was acceptance of the false narrative that Democrats stole the election with widespread voter fraud. (Tom Kertscher 7/28/2021).

Charges from the attack on the U.S. Capitol and the Congress have exceeded over a thousand individuals, with nearly half of that number pleading guilty.

Over one hundred thirty law enforcement officers were assaulted.

Over one and a half MILLION dollars in damage was wreaked on the U.S. Capitol, the "temple of democracy" that was not breached even during the American Civil War.

Those beating the drum as if those currently incarcerated in a DC jail were "political prisoners" rather than primarily those who committed violent acts, conveniently ignore these few (twenty by reports) have been deemed to be dangerous, flight risks, or at high risk of obstructing justice (PolitiFact 7/28/2021).

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A mixed news day with tfg keeping his name in headlines. But more disturbing and insane is holding a rally in Waco, Texas. On a google search, I found lots of current news stories, but this one, Time Mag about Waco being a Pilgrimage site for the Patriot movement, was news to me. But likely tfg and his minions know all about this. More and more unhinged every day, tfg is dangerous. I know that’s not news.

“Antigovernment militias have made “Waco” a code word for federal overreach. Even before the fiery end of the 1993 siege at the Branch Davidians’ compound south of Dallas, where David Koresh and more than 70 of his followers died, Army veteran Timothy McVeigh visited the site. A Koresh supporter, McVeigh sold bumper stickers reading FEAR THE GOVT THAT FEARS YOUR GUNS and A MAN WITH A GUN IS A CITIZEN, A MAN WITHOUT A GUN IS A SUBJECT.”https://time.com/6258429/waco-pilgrimage-site/

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Thank you Heather.

The term “modern militia movement” scares the hell out of me - in no small measure because it/they threaten our democracy, our rule of law, US. By comparison, Trump is grifter, a bully, a parasite, a criminal. However and whenever he goes, good riddance.

As to labor unions v right to work states: it amazes me that there are working class folk who support those who take unfair advantage of them.

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