DeSantis's declaration of war against "woke" (which is supported by 70% of the American people who think it is good thing) is a demonstration that Civil War II, which has been going on for at least the past 10 years, is heating up as their rhetoric heats up. MAGA doesn't even represent a solid minority of Americans. Only maybe 15%. We have to stand firm now. As James Comey said today in an interview with Jen Psaki, the Founders never contemplated the possibility of a rogue president, who will not recognize the laws and the rule of law and its limitation on executive power. There's every possibility the Orange Traitor will be indicted for his treason this week. We have to stand firm this next 18 months if the United States is to remain a constitutional democratic republic.

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If we see fascism as a political movement we are missing the point of what it really is. It starts as comedy, becomes a propaganda movement, devolves into pure theft, evolves into full-blown gangsterism, and develops a terrorist wing to behave as its paramilitary enforcement arm (while at the same time useful as a foil or camoflauge) . George Orwell said that is recognizable by any child, indistinguishable from bullying. But ultimately it is warfare.

Fascism is warfare.

And if we do not address it as actual, physical, hot war, it will overwhelm us. To not respond with warfare is capitulation.

Imagine if the brown shirts or the black shirts or the silver shirts had been treated as terror group or an invading army. We could have prevented World War Two! But we probably don't have the stomach for that. When the ultimate resolution inevitably comes to pass it will be obvious that we are as responsible as Drumpf and Desantis and McConnell and McCarthy and Pence and all the rest of the KKKlowns.

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The last time I was in London, I had the opportunity to visit the Churchill War Rooms. A fully-immersive WWII experience. Churchill essentially ran the war from the underground bunker, situated underneath Whitehall, accessed through the Treasury Building.

Churchill was a leader non pareil. A grand orator.

Ron DeSatan is a clown. A legend in his own mind. I find it difficult to believe that people take him seriously. A man with the personality of a Roomba (a recent quote from a columnist) and the charisma of linoleum (Michael Hiltzik in the LA Times).

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Quick vision of that consummate old master of the English language, giving a roar of "WOKE???", scrambling down from his pedestal in Parliament Square, and whacking that little mafioso over the head with his bronze walking stick.

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Does anyone here feel or think that what is happening in Hungary and Florida/USA is reminiscent of 1930s Germany( before the war)? Its a real question, not meant to be rhetorical.

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Let’s remember that being woke was originally intended, by black US citizens, as a reminder to remain vigilant/aware of systemic racism. Therefore, anyone who’s not woke is merely putting their racism on display. That’s not going to sit well with a lot of us, and a lot our fellow citizens.

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Thanks to Heathers articulate article, Americans can easily see where Fascism is rampant in Hungary, Turkey, Russia and North Korea, as well as other countries around the world.

Tragically, Americans are failing to see that the same Fascism that cost America 40,000 of its best young men during World War II, has taken up residence in the Congress of the United States.

Many members of the U. S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate have openly stated views that run contrary to American values, and if allowed to flourish will eliminate the very democracy that our young men died for during that terrible conflict.

The latest rise of Fascism in the United States started with election of Donald Trump in 2016.

His realization that Democracy in the United States would eliminate fascism through free and fair elections, has prompted him and others to remain power by eliminating those elections. As a result, over 400 voter suppression laws have been passed during, and since the rise of Donald Trump and by preventing legitimate voters from casting their ballots, a small minority of legislators can maintain their criminal efforts to stay in power and destroy democracy in the process.

It is truly shocking that Americans are completely unaware that statements made by many Republican legislators is advocating fascism, and the overthrow of our hard-fought, American democracy.

Wake up America, before it’s too late!

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The pendulum always swings back, always. It will swing back again, eroding the latest iteration of governing. When you sense a strongman is in view, do not shrug and assume nothing will get worse. The water presses on the dam and eventually Hans Brinker cannot stop it. Act sooner rather than later.

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I am wondering if the Unwoke are anything like the Undead.

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This psychosis of 'traditional values' is becoming clearer and clearer. Anne Applebaum calls this cabal of 'traditional' illiberal leaders "Autocracy Inc" and she is right on. They share messaging, share strategies, share legal tactics and share oppressive beliefs. And are focused on implementing change in societies that attempt to be open, to value individual liberties, and to build strong diverse communities. As a Christian who leans progressive and believes Christ was a force for true democracy, for care for the 'other', the weak, sick, and impoverished, the disinfranchised, I am dismayed and angry at the hijacking of Christianity to serve this oppressive movement which is really facism with a self righteous face. This is perverse, dangerous, and will come to no good end if citizens of western democracies don't aggressively stand up for our nations core values of freedom and justice for ALL.

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The 34th anniversary of Tienanmen... I was in Hong Kong at the time, and we had been watching daily reports on TV for a few weeks. On the day, I was involved in filming a night shoot outside the city. In the middle of the night, I stepped out of the building to see the local crew outside (electricians, riggers and so forth) listening to transistor radios and weeping. "What's happened" I asked. "They are killing the students, they are rolling tanks over the tents where people are, crushing them". It also turned out later that the troops used were mostly Mongolian and otherwise drawn from areas far from Beijing, given drugs to excite them and told that they were attacking agents of foreign powers...


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"Christian values" have a 2000 year old history of dividing societies, fomenting war, excluding and killing non-Christians, and completely rejecting the teachings of Jesus which were inclusive, peaceful, and focused on love and caring for all people.

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DeSantis has negative charisma. I think Goebbels had the same problem.

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FEAR of OTHERS is the theme that drives all of this fascist garbage. Pick an enemy...any enemy to be your target. Jews, blacks, gays, trans...non Christians...non white...I really thought we were beyond this when Obama was elected, or that the 15% would not rise up like they have...but Trump let them out from under their rocks, out of their caves and encouraged them. I guess it's a battle that will never be over...at least not in my lifetime. We have to be aware (thank you HCR) and we need to push back as needed. Make some good trouble. Love & Peace to all.

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It's de/awful, it's de/brutish, it's de/bitter, it's de/nuts

It's de/hateful, it's de/fascist, it's de/pits, it's de-ugly,

It's de/ignorant

It's De/Santis...

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DeSantis speech -- a perversion of Churchill's call to arms after Dunkirk...

A straightforward perversion.

If you want to gage its real meaning, just swap the words "truth" and "woke".

The truth can be most inconvenient, especially when it is the truth about great crimes, a truth suppressed for centuries, and truth at last breaks surface like an ugly boil, revealing the disease hidden deep in the body politic.

Quack DeSantis wants to push that unsightly pus back where it came from so that he, his fellow-criminals and their not-so-hidden paymasters, can continue to prey on an unhealthy body. But it is too late. The powers of darkness cannot push back the rising sun.

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