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To all the people talking down the current administration's accomplishments, while presenting as your rebuttal nothing but a series of false choices, I have but one question:

Why don't you believe in America?

I believe in America. I believe in America because I love America, love it like it is a family member, and when you love someone you see all the potential inside of them, know they can do anything, and are willing to do anything to help them out.

I believe we can keep social programs solvent AND pay down our debt. I believe we can pay people their fair share AND have an affordable cost of living. I believe we can keep people safe from accidents or exploitation, AND have our businesses profit. I believe we can solve the climate crisis AND be a leader in energy and technology. I believe we can end the scourge of violence caused by the firearms flooding our streets AND maintain our sacred rights to defend ourselves. I believe we can keep innocent people out of prison AND keep crime down. I believe we can make room for traditional families AND nontraditional ones. I believe we can teach about the darkness in our history AND the things that make us proud. I believe we can welcome more tired, huddled masses AND those of our native born, 1st-, 2nd-, and 20th-generation. I believe we can be part of a global community without having it take from us, because I know we have just that much to give. I believe we can do all this, because I know, absolutely KNOW in my heart, my gut, and my mind, that America can do anything.

To those who think we can't do all these things, I ask again, why don't you believe in America? You seem to think we cannot solve our problems as well as other places. You seem to think we don't have it in us. Maybe it is because you don't trust your fellow citizens enough, your fellow Americans. Why don't you? Is it because they don't look like you, sound like you, or act like you? You drape yourself in the flag as if to convince everyone that you love this country the most, as if even love is a competition. As if to insinuate that you and the country are one and the same, as if to insinuate that failure to agree with you is failure to love the country.

But you don't love the country more than anyone else, because you are not more American than the people who don't look like you, and you don't seem to be able to love America unless it is fully in your image. What you love is yourself.

I believe in America. I love America. All of it, even the parts that do not love me, at least not yet. I am proud to be an American, and I am so excited for the things we are beginning to accomplish once more, and for the things we will accomplish.

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Desantis’ failures in Florida need to be screamed from every MSM outlet. Numbers don’t lie. He does. Someone here recently referred to Florida as the Fourth Reich. He wasn’t wrong.

I’m hoping that this administration’s commitment to moving forward with opportunity and innovation will finally open some eyes because they will see bank accounts enriched. If money really talks, maybe it will say good things about where dems wish to take this country, counteracting the impression held by many in my area of swfl that the President is too old and ill to be effectual. Glad to see approval ratings rising-maybe the messaging is finally being heard.

Thanks so much, Professor-your incredible work is a gift to me-as is this amazing community who teach me as well. I’m grateful for each and all of you.

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Let’s hope the favorable polling for Biden and the four elections add up to voters embracing building a better, more competitive nation for the future rather than the GOP alternative. That alternative, of course, is destroy and divide rather than govern to “claw back back a mythological past.”

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Actually taking initiatives to build a country, support its people and behaving like statesmen rather than entertainers accounts for the popularity. People are more than willing to work together for this. Most are hungry for it. The contrast between posturing and governing is refreshing. It's important to not allow lobbyists' dollars to subvert the latter.

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Back in the 1980's I was privileged to be a supervisor in the research area of AT&T Bell Labs which was at the time, along with IBM's Watson Labs, the foremost industrial research laboratories in the world, with more Nobel Prize winners on staff and more patents per day than anywhere else. AT&T was broken up as a monopoly and only the name remains. IBM is a shell of its former self. Chip manufacturing moved offshore.

Scientists there were funded to explore black holes, the nature of liquids, the atom by atom growth of new materials. The pace of innovation and the intellectual environment was unique and unparalleled. There were plenty of whiffs too--high temperature superconductors and cold fusion, to name two. But supporting research was a part of doing business rather than paying for stock buybacks and obscene executive pay.

Current major tech is going through an upheaval where long held "leadership" products like iphones and Microsoft office and windows and laptops and are old news and taken for granted.

The new focus is going to be on batteries and alternate energy and genomics and AI and virtual reality, current needs for the technological future.

My point in telling this story is that the CHIPS act is necessary for national security but it is NOT ADDRESSING the need for supporting speculative research for the long term which is where true leadership will lie. Yes there will be lots of whiffs but that is the nature of research.

The underlying issue is the pervasive anti-science stance in much of the country, yet one more aspect of the Republican culture wars.

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"In a speech in Des Moines, Iowa, yesterday, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) echoed Trump’s “American Carnage” inaugural address with his description of today’s America as one full of misery and hopelessness. Florida governor Ron DeSantis traveled this week to New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago to insist those Democratic-led cities were crime-ridden, although as human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid pointed out, Florida has a 19% higher rape rate, 66% higher murder rate, and 280% higher burglary rate than New York.

Another study released yesterday by the Anti-Defamation League, which specializes in civil rights law, noted that domestic extremist mass killings have increased “greatly” in the past 12 years. But while murders by Islamic extremists, for example, have been falling, all the extremist killings in 2022 were committed by right-wing adherents, with 21 of 25 murders linked to white supremacists."

Why are these facts not appearing as leads in the news? Even in the Times when they were talking about Biden they had to snark that he tripped on the steps going up into his plane and had to catch himself.

Why is there room for feeding into the "Biden's old and feeble" rhetoric and NOT room for Florida having massively worse crime than NY? For white supremacists being the leading perpetrators of domestic terrorism?

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"Later, Raimondo told David Ignatius of the Washington Post: “This is more than just an investment to subsidize a few new chip factories…. We need to unite America around a common goal of enhancing America’s global competitiveness and leading in this incredibly crucial technology.… Money isn’t enough. We all need to get in the same boat as a nation.”

If these words don't get the adrenaline pumping, nothing will! I'd like to see all that Tweeted in big letters (except that I don't do Twitter - but I'd know about it if it happened!) THIS is the star-spangled banner.

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One of my first jobs after high school in 1972 was at Fairchild Semiconductor in Palo Alto. I had no idea of the implications of the integrated circuits I was testing on these silicon wafers, and where this was taking technology. That said, it was a great job with fair wages for someone without college or a trade skill. I think it is great that President Biden is bringing this industry back to the US. A friend recently told me that the Fairchild Semiconductor plant in Palo Alto, CA where I worked is now a Historical Landmark. It was the first site that commercially produced a complete integrated circuit in a small silicon chip . I think that is pretty cool, but boy do I feel old.

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“it’s the countries who invest in research, innovation, and their workforces that will lead in the 21st century,” she said.

That seems obvious. Why would they not?

Not that the plutocrats give a damn beyond their personal fortunes.

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Thank you Professor for leading with CHIPS and the possibilities of adding to our economy and security with domestic jobs, reestablishing “made in America” through research and manufacturing. The scientists who develop great technical advances, need to work with social scientists and educators to go the next step. We have serious concerns about internet and global and peaceful uses of technology. We must add to those improvements with job security, training, family leave, child care, universal medical care and women’s health Rights and Choice and leave, meaningful improvements in education in every state. For every child. One way to make our country more secure is to continue to invest in people as the Biden administration has tried to do. In order to realize a secure future we need national policies and legislation. And a safe future with sane gun laws. That means our representatives, all parties, must work together. That’s as important and challenging as creating a CHIP. So far the repubs have spent their time blocking and distracting. Banning Abortion, books and CRT and gun laws. We must go to the next step so we have a Democracy that works for everyone. Multitask. Let’s Brainstorm those solutions! Beyond Chips.

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One of FDRs 1940's equivalents to the CHIPS Act was the program to build Liberty Ships to help defeat the Nazi's. U-Boats were sinking cargo vessels at an alarming rate and many right off of our coast. We had to replace those ships to have a chance at success. Here in Baltimore, Bethlehem Steel created the Fairfield Ship Yard which started building Liberty Ships in early 1941, before Pearl Harbor. They built the shipyard as they built the ships. This was a US Government funded program. In Baltimore alone it created 30,000 jobs. Many of those were women and minorities. Fairfield built 384 Liberty ships in 4 years. That was a world record for one type of ship that still stands to today. My grandmother christened the last one in Oct 1944. Only one of those 384 has survived and still operates, the SS John W Brown. Naval historians say that without the Liberty Ship program which built over 3,000 ships in a dozen different ship yards, we could not have won the war. There were motivational posters and an ad campaign created to get folks to understand the need and value to become a welder, or electrician, or woodworker. The American model that FDR created exists for success. I'm going to share some more info on my page.

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“ out of step with the majority of Americans,” is very kind and generous. I’m not as nice!

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Forward looking is a must, and it takes a historian like you to see that.

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"Raimondo warned that the vision she laid out would be hard to accomplish, but “if we—as a nation—unite behind a shared objective…and think boldly,” we can create a new generation of innovators and engineers, develop the manufacturing sector and the jobs that go with it, rebuild our economy, and protect our national security. "

'We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win, and the others, too." - JFK

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The news is rosier than not today!

Rosie - 1

NOT - 0


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Thank you very much.

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