Thank you Heather. It should be repeated and amplified that the threat of stacking the Federal Government with loyalists is not limited to Trump. It is a comprehensive plan assembled by Heritage called Project2025. It doesn’t matter if it is Trump, Haley, or any other Republican. If implemented, the plan will extinguish representative democracy.

At present it is not about Republicans versus Democrats as a voter choice in the United States. It is democracy versus an authoritarian system.

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Even if Trump says that he will not retaliate against his foes. who would believe him?

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023

'The Rachel Maddow Show was the most watched news show on cable television last night, with 3.15 million viewers. The Fox News Channel’s show Hannity, hosted by personality Sean Hannity, had just under 2 million viewers.'

'It seems clear Americans are waking up ...' (the Letter)

'IT SEEMS CLEAR AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP...' Let's hear that song! Let's sing it together.

Which Side Are You On - Pete Seeger


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I believe Trump doesn’t care if he loses in a 2024 electoral landslide - he has a plan to create chaos in 2024 and beyond. Nobody sees these projections of a second Trump presidency as appealing, and he isn’t addressing a single issue that affects American voters. He is promising a nightmare scenario of a kind of government never seen in America; how does he expect to win? We ignore his dire warnings at our own peril.

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"Except for day one," the day he signs a declaration of the Insurrection Act and declares war on us.

I just want to see him permanently terminated, and I no longer care how.

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He’s telling everyone exactly what he is going to do on day one and Hannity couldn’t even get him to soften it. The alarms are going off.

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"It seems clear Americans are waking up to Trump’s threats to stack the government with loyalists, weaponize the Justice Department and military, deport 10 million people, and prosecute those he perceives to be his enemies in politics and the media."

Every day at about this time I scour the news for signs of exactly what HCR writes above. I hope so. I hope so.

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023

"Except for one day." Brrrrr.

I thought Rachel Maddow overplayed the distinctions too much and when she ended the interview by saying she hoped (not a direct quote) that the preservation of democracy would allow Cheney and [Rachel] to fight each other for their differing principals and policies, it made me shudder at a dramatic and continuing divide. She seemed awkward and intimidated. Nicolle Wallace, on the other hand, was fully at ease with Cheney and encouraged a dynamic between Cheney and herself that probed for and garnered far more information from Cheney and a greater sense of her determination to keep tfg out of office.

Adding to my note: Wallace-Cheney interview: podplay.com/podcasts/deadline-white-house-33828

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The senate can confirm those remaining military leaderships on individual bases, can they not?

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Last night's NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross also featured Liz Cheney.


John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were involved in the Brooks Brothers Riot which resulted in the Supreme Court stopping the Florida vote and selecting George W. Bush president. Some irony that they were elevated to the Supreme Court to overturn Americans civil rights by Charles Koch bagman, Federalist Society honcho, and grandson of an Italian immigrant Brooks Brothers tailor - Leonard Leo. Who hypocritically like all his SC selections - Catholic, African American, Irish American, Italian America, female - benefitted from the liberalization of American society which they deplore.


Some tragedy that (inexplicable) Gore running mate Joe Lieberman is now working with the right wing funded No Labels fifth column effectively urging self righteous vote splitters to reelect Trump.



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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023

"Hannity tried to downplay Trump’s statements about his authoritarian plans for a second term by getting him to commit to staying within the normal bounds of a president should he be elected in 2024."

This scene of Trump's most rabid supporter having second thoughts and recognizing the reality ---this lunatic remains a serious candidate for president of the U.S. ---shows just how broken and dysfunctional a political system can become. We are living within a nightmare.

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Mike Johnson was not elected in 2022.

He filed, no one else filed, he was sent back to DC as the anointed -- not the elected.

The next governor of Louisiana received less than 20% of the votes of the eligible electorate.

Louisiana is not a democracy. It is not the only one.

My head keeps nagging a nag that says that the covenant allowing a new state to join the union requires it to maintain a democracy, but I’m probably just dreamin’

best luck to US

ps where were the Dems? where was Carville?

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Trump, Roger Stone and this guy


Roy Cohn were great friends.

That is an interesting wikipedia entry.

They are mischievous tykes who understand the power of lying. People like them walk among us. It is the job of society to lock them away.

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We saw Rachel’s broadcast with Liz Cheney. It was sobering. Ms Cheney is risking EVERYTHING to prevent Trump from being Re-elected, even running as a third party candidate, we learn today from the WP. So 3 million watched Rachel. We need 100 million to vote to stop Trump. Rachel is a start. It’s up to the major networks and press to finish what she started. Enough of granting Trump any sway or wiggle room as a candidate. Get out the vote!!

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This a wonderful letter. I'm wondering how to share it with Republican parents in their early 80s who are conservative but also don't like Trump.

On a personal note, I joined the St. Paul Civic Symphony on tuba and we played Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 in an amazing concert that also included the Hindemith Viola concerto. (I was not involved in the later piece!) My parents and sister attended. But then we went out to dinner and I had to ask for my parent's to address my kiddo as Ken instead of Laura (Ken has been his name for 3 years in school and among friends and colleagues, identifying as male despite being biologically female). The conversation went south from there on :-(. I was very hurt by this conversation, but have to rally as a Unitarian!

We are at the point where Ken is accepted as Ken, but I can't yet convince my parents to accept he/him pronouns. My dad basically asked me to accept his position that trans is "strange". I reject that, but don't know where to go from here, other than organizing a gathering of the siblings who also have experience with autistic children with "gender dysphoria".

This is very complicated, when your parents are members of a Missouri Synod Lutheran church sect, basically a conservative closed minded version of the mainstream Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), which of course has its own issues (me being a Unitarian / agnostic), but at least is more mainstream in the sense that all walks of life are welcome.

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Let's keep hope in mind with my observation last month, which, in my view, finds support in historical patterns:

''Evil may appear formidable in the short term, but its very nature is self-destructive. It breeds fear, division, and stagnation, ultimately leading to its own downfall. Goodness, in contrast, is a force for growth, transformation, and unity. It inspires hope, empowers action, and fosters a collective resilience that can overcome even the most formidable obstacles.'' Conway Daily Sun editorial page November 21, 2023

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