The connection between DT holding on to nuclear classified materials and the willingness of DT and associates ... with proper compensation ... to set up Saudi Arabia and MBS with the knowledge and capability to become a nuclear power ... if true which we do not know at this point ... would point straight to Treason against the United States of America by DJT. I wish this lousy movie would end and we could be done with it and its continual distractions keeping us from focusing on moving forward with hope and a better world.

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Aug 12, 2022·edited Aug 12, 2022

Brilliant move by AG Garland; he took the air out of the conspiracy theorists clown car tires. In so doing, it forces drumpf to put up or shut up. Top that off with the righteously angry reply by Beto to an insensitive gun nut (with some spicy language by Beto) and it’s a good day’s work. Much as I’m a fan and a practitioner of decorum, sometimes you’ve got to let it out!

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Aug 12, 2022·edited Aug 12, 2022

Let's step back and consider what may have been happening behind the scenes. The Justice Department has known for some time that Trump has classified documents and learned that they included nuclear secrets. So sensitive that they're classified as more secret than top secret. And why paper versions, which meant they had to be printed out?

All this must have set off blaring alarms across national intelligence agencies, which the Justice Department no doubt notified. What has the CIA been doing, and what has it learned? And what about the other agencies? Has Trump literally sold out the country? Has he revealed secrets that endangered us or perhaps brave spies working on our behalf? Or has he sold information that agencies had collected about other countries, including our adversaries? Or all of the above?

It's all mind-blowing. It more than hard to fathom. It appears nearly certain that the former president has committed serious felonies involving some of the nation's most secret intelligence information. But we also have to begin pondering whether Trump committed espionage.

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I'd been half joking that Trump would not save anything he couldn't monetize or leverage. Oh my prophetic soul! Nuclear documents. Bingo.

Yes, Saudi Arabia, but also less stable entities in the former Soviet sphere where the Trumps have money laundering hotel projects. Then friends Xi and Kim. Putin. Orban. Highest bidders. Sanctuary rather than jail?

And don't forget Republican militias. Trump took domestic terrorism viral, he took it to the streets and to the Capitol. The GOP has 'gone nuclear' metaphorically. Are you ready to bet they wouldn't resort to an actual nuclear option? Holy tactical weapons Batman.

Today George Will was s#!++ing his pants in WaPo about 'social comity and domestic tranquility'. Like a typical abuser, saying DOJ forced the violent GOP reaction. What is Will so afraid of that he jumped on the Trump/GOP bandwagon so quickly and vehemently?

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I am not enjoying this movie.

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Merrick Garland is brave and I am grateful! I have been afraid as the right wing press has whipped up the crazies again into a fury over him doing his job and doing it well, and I have decided that I am not going to march in a local parade this weekend with our governor because I do not want to be shot by a crazy Republican with an AR-15 rifle or AK-47 as has become so popular of late. I resent that Republicans have made the United States unlivable. I have always said that Trump is a traitor! He is an enemy agent. He is not and never has acted in the interests of the American country or its people. When he was first running for office I used to "jokingly" tell my husband and daughter at dinner that his wife was a deep cover Russian spy whose mission was to marry an American of means, get him up into the White House so he could destroy the American stability. NO president has done that more successfully than Donald Trump. They would accuse me of reading too many Stasi books, which may be true. However Trump is following the autocrats playbook and the Republicans who are going along with him are also enemies of the state. They are acting as foreign agents. It does not matter which country you name, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Syria. They are all contributing to the destabilization of the USA that Donald Trump has set in motion in such a deep and insidious way and continues to do so. So is the Right Wing news media. I read that Rupert Murdoch seems to be tiring of Trump. Well, he is an enemy agent too. So, are Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Roger Ailes and more of the Fox Fake News Team. Selling nuclear secrets to the Saudis, North Koreans, Russians or whomever is bad business. I noticed that once that was out the in the Washington Post today the commentary changed to being very critical of Trump, from earlier today and yesterday when discussion of the search was filled with Republican bullying claims and Bot-like commentary. I personally would like to deport him back to his home country, which might be Russia, but could be North Korea. Ideally it would be some small island in the Arctic circle. Again, it is terrifying to live her with the amount of violence that the Republican cult members have whipped up under Donald Trump. This report of the Ricky Walter Shiffer being shot is the first time I am not cringing at police overreach and violence in my entire life when I hear that someone is killed. Who shoots with a nail gun into an FBI office? I am now wanting the police to protect us from these crazies. The supreme court certainly did not. I also would like to see every Republican that promotes violence or overthrowing the rule of law in prison. Preferably on an island in the Arctic Circle. Can the USA buy or claim some property there for a penal colony for dangerous political prisoners?

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Reading his "statement" about not opposing release, you see what the Enemy will be saying tomorrow about the warrant and the receipt. It's Just the Democrats going after Dear Leader.

Hopefully if the pressure keeps building like this, he'll finally do the right thing and have his massive fatal myocardial infarction, mid-rant in front of the droolers.

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And we are still surprised at the knots the former president tied this country in.

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Here’s a link to the Washington Post article

“FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say”. Do the dots connect back to Jared Kushner‘s unprecedented receipt of $2 billion to establish a business he is clearly unqualified to run?


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Of course TFG took classified nuclear documents to sell or barter with the Saudi Prince. Why should Former Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin get $2 billion from MBS to play investment banker with and the former guy nothing? Especially after Jared got $1 billion too!

He is an orange cry baby throwing a tantrum with nuclear national security.

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Heather writes..."Jay Bratt, the chief of the department’s counterintelligence section."

Bratt's full title (he has a DOJ email) as reflected on Motion to Unseal search warrant filed in court reads,


Counterintelligence and Export Control Section

National Security Division.

Hmmmm...."EXPORT" as in leave the country..."Counterintelligence".

Export-classified-Counterintelligence...sounds like bit more than 'library fines for overdue books 'from the National Archives!

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If the nuke documents were intended for the Saudis, they probably already have them, or copies at any rate. Who knows what other plans he might have. Trump doesn't seem to hesitate when he sees an opportunity. He couldn't have collected all that stuff without getting someone to do it for him because he seems to specialize in collecting minions, so I would be surprised to learn that N. Archive/FBI investigators haven't already interviewed his WH staff. It will be interesting to learn the scope of all the documents Trump took with him. He's probably in for something more than another IRS audit.

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Aug 12, 2022·edited Aug 12, 2022

‘Donald J. Trump’s efforts to politicize the law enforcement system have now become his shield as he tries to deflect accusations of wrongdoing.’

The following are excerpts from Peter Baker’s summary report in the New York Times on Mr. Trump’s repeated efforts. while president to weaponize the Justice Department and the F.B.I. on his own behalf.

‘Two days after the 2020 election that Donald J. Trump refused to admit he lost, his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., made an urgent recommendation: “Fire Wray.”

‘The younger Mr. Trump did not explain in the text he sent why it was necessary to oust Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director his father himself had appointed more than three years earlier. He did not have to. Everyone understood. Mr. Wray, in the view of the Trump family and its followers, was not personally loyal enough to the departing president.’

‘Throughout his four years in the White House, Mr. Trump tried to turn the nation’s law enforcement apparatus into an instrument of political power to carry out his wishes. Now as the F.B.I. under Mr. Wray has executed an unprecedented search warrant at the former president’s Florida home, Mr. Trump is accusing the nation’s justice system of being exactly what he tried to turn it into: a political weapon for a president, just not for him.’

‘…Just as he asserted on Monday that the F.B.I. search was political persecution, he made the same claim on Wednesday about the New York attorney general’s unrelated investigation of his business practices as he invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid testifying because his answers could incriminate him.'

“Now to flip the script and falsely claim that he’s the victim of the exact same tactics that he once deployed is just the rankest hypocrisy,” said Norman L. Eisen, who served as special counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the first Trump impeachment. “But consistency, logic, evidence, truth — those are always the first to go by the board when a democracy comes under assault from within.” (NYTimes) See link below for article, which has been gifted.


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Former President Donald Trump is a criminal at large and his actions with highly sensitive documents that instruct on the technology involved in building nuclear reactors is proof of his treasonous intentions. This technology was apparently intended for the Saudi Arabians in order for them to build nuclear reactors that would reap billions in profits to Donald Trump, the Saudi Arabians and trumps treasonous band of co-conspirators.

This should put a wet blanket on the fire storm that erupted over the FBI search of Donald Trump‘s Mara Largo home. The loud whining from Trump and his right wing fascist partners has all been silenced by the reality that Donald Trump is a traitor to every Single American and it is the hope of every law abiding Citizen the Donald Trump, once found guilty of these treasonous felonies, be put to death at the end of a hangman’s rope.

Federal prison will only allow him to continue his dirty work and continue his attempts to overthrow our American democracy in favor of a Trump lead autocratic dictator ship.

Federal prison will simply be a place where Donald Trump can act as a leader in exile and still fight for the horrific and illegal government that he is so much in favor of. he must be put to death, There is no other viable solution.

All of his co-conspirators and partners in this heinous attempt should also receive the same death penalty, even if it involves sitting members of Congress!

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How many people had never heard of the National Archives before all of this? More "complementary" civics lessons. And thank goodness for librarians and archivists.

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Up to June 2019, trump accused people of committing treason 24 times . . . in the best of irony it is possible trump and the criminal cabal gets dozens of treasonous charges lodged against them.


The documents that were seized were paper. trump wouldn't know how to operate a copy machine or find a file unless it was on the end of a roll of toilet paper. Therefore, at some point someone made copies and physically packed those documents in boxes to be transferred to FL under the direction of trump. Who would those people be? Hmmm . . . . following the money trail, the net is getting a bit wider.

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