"She (Harris) said the government must 'pay attention to 10, 20, 30 years down the line, and what we are developing now that will be to the benefit of our country then.' ”

(Gasp) Foresight? It's coming back into fashion.

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Thank you for taking a world perspective today, Heather. For the next thirty days I'm not watching the media's Trump clown show on any network and will depend on being informed through the substack newsletters that you, Robert Hubbell, Robert Reich, and Simon Rosenberg write. As you've shown this evening and many times before there are more important things to cover than the shenanigans of DT and co-defendants.

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'Cash-Strapped DeSantis Forced to Sell Beloved Go-Go Boots'

September 8, 2023

'TALLAHASSEE (The Borowitz Report)—Faced with mounting campaign bills and dwindling donations, Ron DeSantis revealed on Friday that he had been forced to sell his beloved white go-go boots.'

'The Florida governor appeared anguished by the loss of his go-go boots, which aides disclosed were by far the most cherished footwear he owned.' (Oh, I wish you could see these high-heeled, luxurious leather to the knees, white beauties!)

'DeSantis said that he had tried to make cuts elsewhere to preserve his ownership of the boots but that,' “in the end, the numbers didn’t add up.”

“In a perfect world, I could run for President and own white go-go boots,” he said. “Sadly, we do not live in that world.” (Satire, NEWYORKER)

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Thank you Heather.

While President Biden's important work to rebuild the reputation of the United States with our economic partners, allies and potential allies, the work of the Biden/Harris Administration is overshadowed by the indictments and corruption of the former Administration.

If the Trump/MAGA cult is successful in 2024, there will be no worry about projecting an American form of economic and political influence in the world. The American experiment will be over.

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"Russia’s crashed."

'Nuff said.

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Sep 9·edited Sep 9


What’s going on with Xi? He has relentlessly constructed a power pyramid in China in which he has almost as much personal power as Mao, who misused it in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution [50-60+/-million dead Chinese].

Xi had wanted to flaunt Chinese superiority abroad. The BRICS conference was one such occasion. Xi attended, but he had a flunky give his speech. Was he physically indisposed?

The G 20 conference was another major Xi event. In the image joisting between Xi and India’s Modi, Xi’s appearance at G 20 would have challenged Modi’s day in the sun. Xi didn’t attend.

Things are going badly for China internally. The economy has displayed some dangerous fissures, the capital intensive housing sector is in danger of major bankruptcy, and urban youth unemployment is well over 20%.

Might Xi be caught up in the shortcomings of his personal power leadership? Might there be ‘limited’ internal debates about how to revitalize China’s previous robust economic growth?

My fear is that, were China to stumble internally, some foreign adventure might capitalize on nationalist fervor. Taiwan? That foreign devil the United States?

Xi was dangerous when things in China were going well. He can be more dangerous, if things start to go badly under his imperial leadership.

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The next election we have here in the USA will determine our future. Hard left or hard right. My mother used to say "play attention" when we engaged in board or card games, very good advice. Political decisions are not a game, they determine the health, strength and direction of our democracy, our hard won and defended democracy. Let's keep the beacon of freedom lit, so many have paid the price for our freedom.

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So refreshing to hear about the incredible, detailed work being done by the Biden administration. There could not be q clearest contrast — the Trump period of continuos chaos on a platform of lies, all of which hurt the country and the world versus the ongoing work being done by Biden and his experienced people.

It would be great if main steam media reported on this contrast regularly. We need to keep sharing this truth via social media.

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Big Friday news day Professor. ⭐ Your letter helps keep it all graspable. Many thanks.

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Judge Jones’ opinion in the Meadows removal notice doesn’t present much of a target for reversal on appeal for two strong reasons:

1. the criminal act charged is that Meadows associated himself with an enterprise that attempted illegally to alter the vote tabulation

2. the overt acts alleged are not themselves criminal charges and, even if they were they all, save one, campaign related and the executive has no role, as such, in the conduct of state elections, which is reserved to the states unless specifically preempted by Congress. Essentially, it was none of the business of a president to become involved in the count and certification by the state. If it is not in the president’s scope of duties it necessarily not in his Chief of Staff’s.

Ever since Marburg v. Madison jurisdiction, which is the issue here, is something that the courts take extremely seriously as a core principle that safeguards the integrity of the judicial process and helps to maintain independence from the political branches. Assuming jurisdiction in a doubtful case is never the default assumption, and there is a highly robust Constitutional doctrine to navigate. If a SCOTUS majority had a special soft spot in its heart for Trump and his co-defendants that inclined toward motivated reasoning it has had many opportunities to show it before now in all the 2020 cases Trump brought to it.

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Biden and Harris are certainly the right team at the right time to bolster America's standing in the world. We no longer have to cringe in shame when the rude, clumsy, churl made his presence known. I was so happy about Mark Meadows being told no. I have high hopes for justice being served.

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It would have been very interesting to see Lindsay Graham bloviate ad nauseam had he been indicted. If the grand jury recommended 3 US Senators be indicted then the evidence must exist.

If all 19 are found guilty of 1 or more crimes in GA then maybe Fani will go for it. I'm not sure when the statute of limitation runs, but I'm guessing Lindsay knows.

Keep up the great work Fani, you're my hero!

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I’m afraid everything good Biden has done will be taken over by the exploding activity in all the tfg cases. But there’s still hope for Aileen Cannon to obstinately question everything and delay.

On another note, I said I’d mention this when it happened: One of the “Tennessee Three,” Gloria Johnson, has challenged Marsha Blackburn, a tfg big-time sycophant for US Senate. Marsha predictably called her a “radical-left, woke socialist.” We have no intelligent life in the TN House or delegation. Www.votegloriajohnson.com

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So Biden and Harris are doing actual politics, instead of screaming and stomping around. Quite refreshing, the Rethuglicans could learn something from them, but the orange clown and his cultists are too dumb and narcissistic for that. Big money likes to keep it that way. I do wonder, though… Trump is most certainly in Putin’s back pocket, but I wonder if Musk is, too. Or is he simply a dictator fan boy?

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Ha! The killer last line! I smile as I go off to cook a meal.

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LOL!!! "Russia's crashed." That was brilliant! Thanks for the smackdown of Russia.

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