The difference between Putin's Army and Stalin's Army is Putin's Army doesn't have a battalion of NKVD secret police troops behind every frontline unit, charged with summary execution of anyone who tried to retreat or who didn't advance fast enough. Units that were unsuccessful were taken out of the line and the officers and leading NCOs were then shot and the troops sent to penal battalions where they performed such duties as minefield clearance in the next attack - by running across the field ahead of the advance and "clearing" the mines. It was "perform or die" 77 years ago.

As to today's 11th Circuit decision, Joyce Vance observed at her Substack that "whoever wrote this decision enjoyed their work."

In the study of battles, it's commonly observed that in each battle, there comes a time - despite whatever hard effort remains - where one side cannot lose and the other side cannot stop losing. I think maybe, perhaps, possibly, today is that day in our war with Trump. As Napoleon observed at the Battle of Austerlitz, "Never interrupt an enemy who is defeating himself."

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Sep 22, 2022·edited Sep 22, 2022

I don't believe Putin is as clueless as Trump, but they do seem to share a strong tendency to double down on a weak hand. It is truly discouraging to realize how much our lives depend on the moods and whims of such scoundrels.

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Listened to Trump interview on Fox Noise linked by Heather. He is scared and soiling his panties! If this is his defense, which he can only make by taking the witness stand, that he had no 'intent' to commit a 'specific intent' crime related to Classified documents because he misunderstood the law (see quote below), he is cooked! First, what a wonderful sight it would be seeing him on the witness stand forced to answer questions under cross examination. (Think how poorly it turned out recently for Alex Jones, LMAO!) Second, we know DOJ has a list of people who told The Orange Clown there was a process to declassify and that he was violating the law by taking the documents and not returning them when asked. Perhaps the 'Litigation Dam' is breaking and he will be flooded with indictments? Heather wrote: "Trump said: 'I declassified the documents when they left the White House…. There doesn’t have to be a process as I understand it. You’re the president of the United States, you can declassify…even by thinking about it.'”

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Ty Heather. The mad dogs putin and pal chump backed into their own corners.

Meanwhile, most of our republican congress critters vote to NOT protect our democracy.

Again, ty so much for your letters.

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If TFG had not run for president, I believe that his property tax and bank fraud would have never seen the light of day. It’s scary to think how many other real estate moguls are still getting away with it.

That said, I’d love to read the full statement by the appeals court that delivered a strong rebuke of Judge Cannon. Between that and Judge Dearing’s statements, she must feel that she’s back in school getting a failing grade on an exam. It’s so nice to see the rule of law prevail over political and business corruption.

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Meanwhile anti-war protests are happening in Russia. Public anti-governmemt protests in Putin's Russia! That fact alone is an indication of Putin's waning grip on power. The courage of those Russian protestors matches the courage of Ukrainians defending their country against Putin's invasion.

This could be the beginning of a sea change in global politics. A serious pro-democracy movement could get started in Russia emerging from an anti-war movement. Western democracies must do all they can to encourage and nurture such a movement. Viktor Orban in Hungary is likely watching events in Ukraine and Russia very closely. Hungary could be next.


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The long wait is over. TFG, President Trump, will be fully investigated, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. His sentence for federal and state crimes will by law involve Secret Service agents. Thus, the circumstances of incarceration will be unique. Think of the vicious King of Belgium incarcerated in his castle like home in southern France after his crimes in harvesting rubber in The Congo. Mark Twain reported those facts. Think of Napoleon’s incarceration on an island. Trump will be incarcerated... for years. Multiple crimes will be investigated and prosecuted.

The long wait is over. No one is above the law. Trump’s co conspirators will be charged, convicted and sentenced.

Judge John Sirica sentenced President Nixon. TIME put him on the cover.

Who will TIME honor this time? Justice was made likely by two Americans that met in a hearing. One was elected to congress and is serving. The other served time.

How about AOC and Michael Dean Cohen? Each can do time on the cover of TIME.

Justice and politics makes for strange bed fellows.

Let’s hear it for TIME, serving time for justice, and two honest Americans in dialogue.

Socrates would love this opportunity. As would Mark Twain.

As do I. I love AOC and I love Michael Dean Cohen and his honest daughter. Our children want to be proud of themselves and their parents.

It’s time. Let’s make our children proud.

To Justice. To truth. To Q and A.

To love and to children of all colors and ages everywhere.

It’s time.

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Thank you Heather.

"You're the President of the United States, you can declassify... even by thinking about it".

So, it's an insanity plea he is setting up for?

Holy shit.

Loren Michaels, this is your opening monolog on a silver platter.

I do hope that the civil lawsuit brought forth by NY AG James has the teeth necessary to open doors needed to the IRS. That path could possibly stop this Trump train on its tracks.

Fingers crossed.

Be safe. Be well.

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What an informative letter this one is. Thank you for untangling the hot messes and clarifying some very puzzling events.

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Sadly, there isn't much joy in seeing rational minds prevail over the craven imperial fever dreams of His Narcissistic Orangeness. Likewise there isn't much joy in hearing of a Ukranian rout of Russion troops out of a sizable swath of occupied territory. The fact remains, these stories still represent a horrible stain on the rule of law, both national and international, that won't be washed clean ever. Russia still controls a world-annihilating arsenal of nuclear weapons. Personally, I don't believe that Putin will hesitate to use a few of them if he thinks it's in his best interest, and the only real concerns he has are his own party members and perhaps the Russian military, if the generals think he's taking them over a cliff. I don't think he's constrained in the least by Europe or the US. These latest news items on the domestic front make me sigh in relief; "Finally, voices of reason are making themselves heard", but no real celebration is forthcoming. I'll know the western nations are really serious when Germany sends some Leapord tanks, the US sends some F-16s, the French send some of their latest Mirage fighters and a few thousand cruise missiles, attack drones are immediately transported from the entire NATO block into Ukraine. Why not seize Russian ships on the open seas, stop their oil exports cold? Why not lock down Kalingrad from all sides until the Donbas and Crimea are returned to Kyiv? Russia made it's intentions quite clear when tanks rolled across the Ukranian border from 3 sides. When will the Western Block makes it's intentions bluntly clear?

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The magic words:


NO ONE who has ever dealt with the federal government would believe there was NO pricedure written down for something so important as declassifying top secret information. As usual, the GOP thinks the American public is still living in a pre-computer non-global world. No one would buy this, nit even Qanoners.

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There sure seem to be a lot of radical left people in the US, at least by trump’s count. Really hoping a lot of them vote this November.

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Sep 22, 2022·edited Sep 22, 2022

As to Trump Family Fraud, thank you Professor Richardson for NOT referring to DT Jr, IT & ET as the "kids". Thank you AG, Letitia James for your focused perseverance to detail the "astounding" scope of the systemic fraud against New York, banks, insurance companies, the IRS & each one of us taxpayers. Good to see convicted AW & co-conspirator JM as named Defendants in this Civil suit. Thank you Michael Cohen for serving your time & naming names in this tightly controlled corporation run by tfg, the Wreck.

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"Putin also said that 'Russia will use all the instruments at its disposal to counter a threat against its territorial integrity—this is not a bluff.' " Use of tactical nukes is a really a frightening thought, especially as it could easily trigger the use of the big strategic stuff. Most of the world (except possibly China) seems united in opposition to Putin's aggression. Tolerance to Hitler's early moves is a grim reminder of what can happen when someone like Putin is left unchecked. Still, a general nuclear war is almost beyond comprehension. Let's all hope that Putin is toppled from within before this spins out of control.

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Morning, all!! Morning, Dr. R!! Great stuff in tonight's Letter, as with all the newsletters I am reading!

Today, Thursday, the Senate R's will filibuster the Disclose Act, a bill that would "require corporations, trade associations and nonprofit organizations that engage in electioneering to publicly disclose donors who contribute more than $10,000 over two years."

I forgot to remember how we're supposed to know there's a filibuster going on down on the floor, since no one has to actually filibuster to keep a bill from even being considered for a vote.

Why bother to even try, you ask? Simply put, "...supporters say the vote will bring public focus to the issue, as voters become inundated with political messaging heading into the fall midterm elections."

Also, let's not forget to remember how effective R's are at maintaining their successful minority sticking to the issues they deem important for as long as it takes. I cite Roe v Wade as a perfect example. We should take heed.


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While it sounds as if Ms Letitia James' Civil Law suit will finally hit tfg and his crooked family members, the developments in Russia and the renewed nuclear threat are very disconcerting. So is the sad fact that most GOP still don't see what an incredible imbecile was president of this once beautiful country after his latest interview with Fox... Are there really that many uneducated people in the USA who don't realize that 'just thinking about declassifying highly sensitive documents pertaining to the NATIONAL Security of the country (which includes even Republicans!)' might not do the trick?

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