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Holy shit, this is no laughing matter!

‘Vote to oust McCarthy is a warning sign for democracy, scholars say’ (excerpts from WAPO)

‘If you want to know what it looks like when democracy is in trouble, this is what it looks like’

‘The vote reflected the enormous power that a small group of representatives camped on their party’s ideological fringe can wield over an entire institution, said Ziblatt, co-author of the book “Tyranny of the Minority.” ‘It also showcased how difficult it will be for anyone to corral the House in a way that’s functional, with major decisions over the budget and Ukraine funding ahead.’

‘Congress arrived at this point for myriad reasons, all of which build on one another, scholars say: Social media and cable news incentivized politicians to perform for the camera, not for their constituents. Aggressive gerrymandering created deeply partisan districts where representation is decided in primary contests, not general elections. Weakened political parties became captive to their loudest and most extreme members.’

‘Taken together, those factors handed a small number of lawmakers the power to throw one of the three branches of government into disarray and, for now, paralysis.’

‘The 8 Republicans who ousted McCarthy represent a small minority of Americans’


Tim Burchett TN-02 R+18

Matt Rosendale MT-02 R+16

Ken Buck CO-04 R+13

Matt Gaetz FL-01 R+19

Bob Good VA-05 R+7

Nancy Mace SC-01 R+7

Andy Biggs AZ-05 R+11

Eli Crane AZ-02 R+6

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Cook Political Report

‘As unprecedented as Tuesday’s vote was, this moment is a continuation of a trend in American political culture, said Joseph Postell, a political scientist at Hillsdale College in Michigan. He pointed to the troubled tenures of previous Republican speakers of the House such as John A. Boehner and Paul D. Ryan, both of whom struggled with stiff resistance from their right flank.’

“What McCarthy faced today is another domino in the many dominoes that have fallen over the last decade or so,” Postell said. (WAPO) See gifted link to the article below.


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Can anyone doubt, given the news on the Russian withdrawal of its fleet from Crimea, that the Republican insistence on cutting out the funding for Ukraine is more than fortuitous?

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'Every House Republican to Be Speaker for Four Minutes'

'WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In an agreement that members of the G.O.P. conference are calling a game changer, every House Republican will serve as Speaker for a term of four minutes.'

'At the end of each four-minute term, Rep. Matt Gaetz, of Florida, will advance a motion to vacate the chair, after which the Speaker will be forced to clean out his or her office and start working from Starbucks.'

'Once the Speaker has been removed, Republicans will recess for a week before choosing who will serve for the next four minutes.'

'Future Speaker of the House George Santos of New York hailed the agreement as' “the best idea I’ve seen in my thirty years in Congress.”

'Another future Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, said that the arrangement would restore Americans’ faith in the Republicans’ ability to govern.' “With this distraction out of the way, we can get back to the important business of impeaching Hunter Biden,” she said.' (Satire, NEWYORKER)

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Why can't someone find a way to get Bannon into prison (preferably in solitary confinement)? He is pure poison.

Just the possibility of sleazy, dim Jim Jordan becoming Speaker gives me hives.

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At this point the only resolution that will fund the government is for at least 5 of the House Republicans who were elected in districts Biden won to vote for Hakeem Jeffries on a first ballot for Speaker and then immediately have the Democrats and that core change the ridiculous vacate the chair rules. Electing a more moderate Republican is not going to be viable because the chaos caucus will just keep using the vacate the chair motion again and again and again. There is no question that the "turncoats" will have to declare as independents and caucus with the Democrats.

I doubt any of these will be Liz Cheney anti-Trumpers. They will all be acting in self-interest in the only way they have a hope of winning re-election in their districts. I also do not doubt that there will be behind the scenes inducements for them to switch. At the very least in terms of committee assignments and bringing forward legislation.

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Republicans wanted to shut down government, now they effectively have. They wanted to stop funding for Ukraine, now they have. It's interesting that Scalise describes himself as like Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke “but without the baggage.” It was David Duke who got the ball rolling for Putin as the 'great white hope' of racists world wide. A wrecking ball for the United States. There is a direct line from the KKK to Republicans working to unburden themselves of equality before the law and equal representation. Just as there is a direct line from Nazism to Republicans working to use judicial protocols to drain justice from their country's law. Of course, the Charles Koch money funding much of this (through bagman Leonard Leo funneling dark money to antidemocratic causes) came from Pappy Fred Koch working for Stalin and Hitler.

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I’ve been here before. Allende, Pinochet. That didn’t end well. The Chilean people are still traumatized and the economy has never acquired stability. Broken trust? Fear of being overrun by interlopers? Goodness knows. My entire fucking life blew up all around that Coup and country.

Pedestrian language but these are pedestrian times. This is literally where this democracy survives or dies.

It’s a day-to-day thing in my opinion. I have a lot of opinions about what I think could happen, may happen etc. At this point I would be committing negligence by submitting my conjecture as though my opinion bears weight ever….

We’ve sure got a passel of flying monkeys right now.

I will admit this - I had a real hair on fire week last week up until the press quit sucking its thumb and quit beating around the bush. This character is a threat to our nation and our national psyche.

I’ll quit there. Because there’s zero hyperbole in that declarative statement.

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Political nihilism pushed by Steve Bannon; why are Republicans so unhappy/unsatisfied/dejected? Such actions are beyond explanation, because voters are tired of useless shenanigans, and of Congress not doing its job. Sheesh!

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This is so informative and so damming to the do nothing for their country and constituents clown caravan Thank you Heather It was so special to see you speaking Tuesday nite up close in front row😊💐🥁

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" "Frankly, one has to wonder whether the House is governable at all," Representative Dusty Johnson (R-SD) told Andrew Solender of Axios." Dusty Johnson could make the House instantly governable. He needs to gather ten or twenty of his colleagues who would stand behind him as he announces for Speaker. If he were prepared, European style, to create a written agreement for a kind of coalition government, he could be elected Speaker with Democratic votes and, for the year plus that remains, govern the House like the Moderate Republican he is.

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Every single member of that renegade caucus has ties to J6. Where is justice for that? Did the DOJ just assume they would be voted out? Without considering the how the government would function in the meantime? WTH? I get that they’re busy... so, now what? If it’s sink or swim, it looks like we’ll sink.

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“It is an unfortunate time for the U.S. to back away from Ukraine funding, and legislators are urging the House to pass that funding quickly.”

How can the House do anything quickly when there is no speaker? And how long will it take to get one in place? And if it is one of the 2 that are running, I have no confidence that they will do anything other than shut down the government just before the holidays.

I was really upset when the CR did not include funding for Ukraine. I never trusted McCarthy’s assurances that a vote for funds for Ukraine would be forth coming. Now I am really upset and worried. Whatever Sacrificial Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing that gets to be speaker next will have to earn our trust. I am skeptical.

You may remember what Republican assurances have been worth in the past.

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The one thing that Repugs still are clinging to, maybe in an effort to seem sane, are their 3 talking points: they will secure the border, rein in spending, deregulate to unleash business and promote prosperity. They sometimes throw in investigate the Biden crime family, or replace an incoherent aging Biden, lower taxes, etc. They continue to insist that this is what the American people want. Sadly, MSM keeps giving Repugs interviews that end up being free advertising for their talking points. They are not fact checked in real time, so MSM is almost as bad as Faux News by failing to give better understanding of what is really transpiring and why. Right now, MSM reinforces discontent. Just look at Heather's sources for her letter tonight, and for analysis. Mostly not mainstream media. The voting public needs better information at this critical time. They can't hold their representatives accountable without fuller and better understanding.

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Quiverin' Qevin McQarthy, the empty suit who stood for nothing, believed in nothing. Like a famous "Hollywood Legend" once advised me, "If you don't give a shit about what you're doing, why should anyone else?"

Too bad five of the unvaxxed collection of creeps can't catch COVID and become members of the "excess deaths" statistics.

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"Today news broke that Ukrainian attacks have forced Russia to withdraw most of its Black Sea Fleet from occupied Crimea. This is a serious blow to Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. It is an unfortunate time for the U.S. to back away from Ukraine funding, and legislators are urging the House to pass that funding quickly."

This "unfortunate" timing for cutting aid to Ukraine is no coincidence: Follow the money from Putin to Republican obstructionists. We must vote the remaining insurrectionists out.

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Heather Cox Richardson it seems once again the Republican model of the few ruling the many has ended in disasterous result with this chaos. With no "adults" in the room they continue to do, be and have nothing.

Your letter is appreciated Professor ⭐

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