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I feel that I am living in a ‘bipolar’ America.

Heather describes in exquisite detail what President Biden and his team are accomplishing to support a large majority of Americans and to invest in America’s physical and social infrastructure.

The Trumpublicans are lockstep opposed to these accomplishments (while some Republican members of Congress locally shamelessly claim credit for legislative benefits that they had opposed.)

Internationally President Biden has restored American leadership in Europe especially through NATO and the ‘Western’ coalition that has forthrightly supported Ukrainian sovereignty against Putin’s sustained brutality against Ukraine and its courageous citizens. In the Pacific, the Biden administration has effectively worked with Asian countries to counter the aggressive inroads of an expansionist China.

The Trumpublicans have not disavowed Trump’s bromance with Putin and even now some of Trump’s Mafiosos are questioning a sustained American commitment to combatting Putin’s megalomania in invading Ukraine and seeking to extend Russian hegemony in much of Eastern Europe.

In Asia Trumpublicans are still wallowing in the Trump trough of loving Kim and playing ineffective and costly beggar-my-neighbor tariff wars with China.

The Biden administration, the Department of Justice, and many federal [excluding the Supreme] and state courts are pursuing justice and legal accountability in accordance with the Constitution.

Trumpublicans are making a mockery of justice, law, and order and are pursuing a steadfast program to make the right to vote a Trumpublicans privilege and the 2024 presidential election one in which state legislatures and state secretaries of state can ‘massage’ the votes cast.

At 89 I have experienced some downs and far more ups in the stutter steps towards a more inclusive America that endeavors to enhance both a great majority of its citizens as well as the American soul.

I am aghast that the party of Lincoln has abandoned his maxim that government is ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people.’

I fear that ‘my America’ is in peril.

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A lot to unpack. I hope 45’s knowledge of his crime manipulating the outcome of the 2020 election will get him indicted asap. Vladimir Putin is out of control, obviously. It is heartrending to see to what lengths he will go to win an unjust assault on Ukraine.

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I often dream of bashing Trump's brains out. But then I wake up and remember doing so would be a physical impossibility.

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Oh man. It is as though the wonderment of the Biden administration is drowned out by the insanity slurped up by the deplorables. Someone wrote this - I think it was on Twitter. If here I apologize.

¨The best thing trump and MAGA did for this country was expose just how many racists, antisemites, misogynists, bigots and fascists live among us masquerading as "christians." If there are more of them than us....

Also this article in Yesterday's Guardian regarding the bizarre yet terrifying vision of Bannon.


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...awakened to your incoming morning LFAA. Thank you Dear One, Dr. Richardson for careful assembly and reflection on current events. I am a grateful reader. You are remarkable.

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CPR for antitrust is long overdue and the DOJ has a long row to hoe. How many major companies that were sales leaders 50 years ago have been hoovered up into super-massive conglomerates? How many ostensibly "competing" brands are owned by the same corporation? How many products, especially foods, have been shrunk and reformulated with cheaper ingredients while prices rise? Completion of value for the dollar is supposed to regulate prices, but not when when approaching monopolistic control of markets. That's what "regulation" that Republicans portrayed as sabotaging the economy, not protecting the public, was about. But compare three eras, the "Gilded Age", the mid 20th Century, and now, in terms of the stranglehold of corporations and concentrated wealth on the customer, the worker, economic stability, and corruption of government, you might wonder if a little regulation was not such a bad idea after all.

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Morning, all!! Morning, Dr. R!!

Democracy Docket Updates:

"The parties in Moore v. Harper — the case out of North Carolina attempting to advance the fringe independent state legislature theory — have filed briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court ahead of oral argument on Dec. 7. Here’s a breakdown of what each side is arguing:"


Polling locations were restored in Bexar County, Texas.


"Pennsylvania Judge Denies GOP Request to Limit Drop Boxes in Lehigh County"


"Yesterday, nine Republican U.S. House members sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding information and transparency about President Joe Biden’s pro-voting executive order issued in March:"


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We need to talk about Marjorie Taylor Greene. How is a person who hasn't been sworn into her first term as a member of Congress organizing efforts to interrupt the J6 vote? The Dec 20 meeting at the White House was bad enough but the Dec 3 effort makes her involvement all the more baffling. There's something very nefarious going on with that woman.

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While the news of Chump's continual corruption of the past dominates events now being uncovered, the ones literally happening right now are worth a read and look, particularly this close to a major election. Understanding it was too late for inclusion in HCR's always-inclusive post, CNN's blatant ongoing attempts to use TFG's desperation for clickbait is worth a read as seen though the eyes of Bill Palmer's still-under covered website. CNN needs to be called out again-and-again for their abuse of web space masquerading as "journalism".


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"...seven directors of corporate boards recently resigned when the DOJ expressed concern that they were violating the prohibition on directors and officers serving simultaneously on the boards of competitors. Congress outlawed this practice under Section 8 of the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914" . I didn't know about this. What working stiff knows about this kinda thing going on everyday? Even I can understand how this can manipulate competition which works to the benefit of the common man.

I hope the repubs respond to the debt relief for our nations farmers. They're probably in the backrooms spinning now. The bottom line is that it is good for the farmers and thereby good for our country.

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Pardon my skepticism, but are any of those "struggling farmers" getting debt relief listed on a stock exchange spmewhere and named Con Agra, Del Monte, Dole, or Cargill? I realize the amounts noted by HCR, $52k to $172k, is chump-change to Big Agra, but too often have I seen the rugged, individual "American farmer" recieving one kind or another of government benefit turn out to be a large corporation.

Full disclosure; the tenth generation of my family farms a 275+ yr old, 260 acre farmstead in Connecticut. To my knowledge, they are not in need of the debt-relief program.

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The 100 Year Corporate Plan

Is anyone here thinking about how the prerevolutionary serf/owner system in Russia compared to the farmer/bank sys.tem in the US today, and how interlocking directorates place so much arable land in the hands of so few owners? Or does that require too much leap of imagination?

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There is no sound so sweet first thing in the morn as the sound of the falling dominoes of fate and justice, Thanks for this!

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Though Lawyer Eastman has been fighting hard against the revelation of the facts and the truth, it appears his snake-oil gambit is finally being stripped for parts. I hope he, his co-conspirators and even Mr. Trump are finally brought to justice.

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Off Topic

re: 'google Leonard Leo=Corrupt Courts' chalk message project.

A member of the Bar Harbor Town Council suggested that although she respects First Amendment rights, if lines are crossed then there are the remedies of lawsuits. This in response to my asking: why the Town Manager conducted a campaign of threats, misinformation in the press, and actual erasure, how he diverted town resources, and how much it cost. Questions which Councilors have denounced but not answered. They can't refute the evidence myself and others have presented. It seems constitutionalist and crusader for limiting the reach of government has spawned Cottage (Street)* Industry of government officials who want to suppress First Amendment rights. With some evidence suggesting, at the initial instigation of Leonard Leo.

The leadership of the BH Police Department has openly defended my project as protected by the First Amendment and compliant with Maine law; they defended me from Leonard Leo and the BH Town Manager agitating for my arrest. Now Town Councilors (none identifying as right wing) seem to be looking at civil rather than criminal charges. Not getting in the way of GOTV!

*Town Hall is on Cottage Street

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We are just returning from a trip visiting dear friends in Australia. They are very aware of US politics, but I was surprised when a few of them mentioned how President Biden is old and doddery. I blame this view on the media and tried to explain all he has done for our country, and how much he has done to restore security worldwide. I was also saddened when they told me that they used to look up to the United States, but that is no longer the case. It made me sad, but I told them I understand completely. I only hope that we can hang on to our democracy in the upcoming midterms, and maybe one day again be a country that others look up to.

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