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To that committed Gen Z voter, thank you. This letter and poem are heartening, especially since I've not wanted to track election results until later tonight. Too much anxiety. But I heard a few snippets of very good news on NPR while running an errand, mainly dispelling the notion of a red tsunami and some likely key wins for Democrats running for the Senate in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

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My daughter is involved in the new PP Generation Action chapter at Murray State University. (Murray Kentucky). Planned Parenthood has 350 student chapters. Here's hoping

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Thank god for all those folks.

There is no red wave. In fact, there is a solid opportunity for Democrats to hold the House.

And it looks like there is an unexpected Democratic victory in Colorado, where Lauren Boebert is currently losing with 70$ of he vote tallied.

I posted this analysis at TAFM:

The Republicans have won the four seats they were expected to win in Florida - which were gerrymandered for a Republican victory, and they have defeated Elaine Luria in Virginia.

They have won five, and have to pick up five. These are they.

However, Democrats are picking off two Republican seats, and are unexpectedly beating Lauren Boebert in Colorado!

That means a Republican pickup of two so far. Close, but don’t light your cigars boys.

There are four seats in New York held by Democrats that look like they will stay Democratic following Hochul’s gubernatoria victory.

If the Democrats hold the seats they already have remaining, they hold the House.

There are four seats in California that are potential Democratic pickups, which would increase the majority back to what it was as of the2020 election.

If it does come down to those four seats, there will be no final decision for two weeks because California is the slowest-counting state of all (Hey, we’re #1 at everything, the good things, the bad things. We’re #1!!)

If Democrats hold Arizona and Nevada Senate seats, which appears likely, and Fetterman continues to stay in the lead, Democrats will hold the Senate 50-50 regardless of the outcome in Georgia.

If that happens and Georgia goes to runoff, there is a good possibility of Warnock winning because Republicans who were only supporting Walker to control the Senate may drop off when the runoff no longer decides senate control.

It’s going to be close all the way around, but the Republicans look to have come up short.

Things could change, but this now appears possible if not likely.

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No one in Oregon has to stand in line for 3 hours. I filled out my ballot on my dining room table and put it in the drop box on the way to the grocery store.

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Thanks for your constant care, Professor Heather. "At night a candle's brighter than the sun."

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Thank you, Heather! I needed a positive note tonight. My mood has gone down a dark tunnel. I am a gay woman in Houston TX. Need I say more?? I am very concerned...💙

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No question about it - the young people have to step up and when they do, what a difference they'll make! But - I have to report, from the very narrow perspective of being a Maryland election judge for two days of early voting and one day of general election today, the youth vote has yet to materialize. C'mon young people: don't leave the decision making to the same old geezers who have gotten us into the pickle we're in. VOTE!

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Didn’t get the Beto Democratic win we needed in Texas. Everyone already said he couldn’t win. So that tells you so much!

But my new son in law’s sister won a NY Senate seat today for Staten Island and part of Brooklyn! Very excited for her! Jessica Scarcella-Spanton! Very proud of her!

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Professor, I ALWAYS learn something from you!

Now I have read a Walt Whitman poem I never knew existed.

FYI - GenZ candidates have won seats! Maxwell Frost in Florida in particular.

CNN national House exit poll

R+13 65+

R+11 45-64

D+2 30-44

D+28 18-29

In Pennsylvania, the early youth vote is 318% compared to 2018,

the early Black vote is 1770% compared to 2018,

and the early women vote is 725% compared to 2018.

All of these stats I cite from Twitter.

The future may be young AND female.

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Yes to the young folks taking up the torch for democracy!

If I may suggest, have an interview with activist David Hogg. He is doing incredible work.

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With others, thank you. I, too, hopeful for those young ones who can vote and are doing it. I look to my granddaughter and her friends, who know where the future lies and take action. Just today her boyfriend witnessed the loss of life of a homeless person. Don’t tell me that doesn’t hit hard and call for action. Let’s stand and support all of us who will rise when needed and give to those who follow us all we can.

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Younger people are recognizing what's completely effed up about our democracy, and also putting in time to fix it. Go Them! They are voting in record numbers and I applaud them!

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Thank you Heather Cox Richardson for all that you are doing and will do in the future. Thanks to the Gen Z voter in Michigan (my home state). I hope that we have thousands like him in our state. May tomorrow bring better news for all of us who value our democracy.

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Thank you for sustaining us through these last years.

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I stood on the corner at 07:30 this morning with my VOTE sign, hoping. I stayed away from the news today. Vermont has overwhelmingly passed our Reproductive Liberty Amendment and now we wait. Thank you for your inspiring Letter tonight, Heather! Rest well.

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Bless you! Wonderful message. Perfect, in fact. Rest. Mmmmmmm💤💤💤

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