Thank you Heather. Never in my post-Dick Cheney lifetime did I expect to admire anyone from the Cheney family. While I disagree with many of the positions Liz Cheney has or would advocate, I applaud her courage in placing the Constitution above ‘GOP-power-before-country’ which is commonplace among post-Eisenhower Republicans.

‘Cheney wrote of how she and then–House speaker Nancy Pelosi came to respect each other over their common defense of the Constitution, a nonpartisan stance that foreshadows her conclusion that Trump is dangerous to the country. “Every one of us—Republican, Democrat, Independent—must work and vote together to ensure that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled, and collaborated with him are defeated,” she writes. “This is the cause of our time.”’

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This is *totally off topic*. But I can't help but share. I'm joining the St. Paul Civic Symphony on tuba! I just wanted to share the joy! Matt.

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"What an epic humiliation for our colleagues and what a frank confession that they are simply not interested in the facts and have no confidence in their own case or the ability of their own Members to pursue it."

A great martial arts move. Use the very force of the opponents attack against them.

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From Israel, to Gaza, to Hunter Biden and now Nikki Haley...Fake 45’s goose is cooked. Koch wants Christian”values” to be the main topic so he takes money from the rapist and gives it to the female white nationalist. It’s a very bad joke and we can only rely on our sacrifices and graces to make certain Joe stays and the others go off into a fiery sunset.

Bless the hostages who have returned. Keep the ones who haven’t in your hearts. Also, the innocent Palestinians deserve our embrace, as well.

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I woke up at 3am today with a nightmare that Trump was going to win. I got up and read today"s Letter from Heather and was able to feel reconnected with the good work so many are actively doing each day to protect our Democracy. Thank you Heather and my great respect for our leaders and individuals that are speaking truth and decency!

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Thank you Professor for this important information, actual news which doesn’t seem to make it into the headlines. Could you please explain how tfg can be called the front runner when there have been no primary elections held, only polls of relatively few people and a couple of debates tfg did not attend? To me, his front runner status is smoke and mirrors aided by the media’s fascination with him, similar to its coverage of a horrific traffic accident.

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I believe that Nikki “Tell-The-People-What-They-Want-To-Hear” Haley is almost as dangerous as Donald ”Say-The-Quiet-Stuff-Out-Loud” Trump. Though she doesn’t exhibit the significant mental illness of Malignant Narcissism that Trump has. I’m surprised that has been placed on a back burner.

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"NikkiHaley is a presidential candidate who would not ruin our democracy…." Way to the contrary. She is far more dangerous, agreeing to implement Project 25 - to disembowel our national government. Let's not start down the 'lesser of two evils' road because it's actually not true. This is a serious proposition the Koch brothers are funding - a way to gut all the accomplishments that have made us a healthier economy and social support network, leader of nations,

for 80 years. They shouldn't get to play around with that basic construction no matter what Nikki Haley says to fool us.

Also - beware the appeal of supporting her because of 'wanting a woman in the White House'.

Any woman? No matter what she stands for? That sort of tokenism would get us a Government Wrecker regardless of sex. Definitely not worth it.

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Yes, it really was. What was even worse was that both Republicans who served on the Committee were driven out of office by their fellow Republicans. And for what? Donald Trump? Jim Jordan? MTG? Basically for nothing.

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The most important part of Dr. Richardson's summary was at the end--The endorsement of Nikki Hailey by the Koch network Americans for Prosperity Action. These are the big guns of dark money.

Every American who is interested in preserving our democracy needs to read the original documents




This is a direct repudiation of Trump and will fracture the Former Republican Party (FRG), the current unstable coalition, and cleave off the chaos caucus. You can more about how the pieces fit together at the links below.



DeSantis, in spite of being the Republican primary candidate most tightly aligned to the Koch agenda, blew it in the vast 6 million person polling effort by AFP Action. Compare that to the 3600 people interviewed in the recent infamous New York Times/Siena poll.


This is the true power of Citizens United and unlimited funding in political campaigns. They can spend as much money as they need to to find a candidate that advances their policy objectives and is most palatable to their base.

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Re: "weakening Trump so he is defeated in the general election would get rid of the MAGA base"

No, the base isn't going to just go away. It will change form, just as the Tea Party became MAGA. It's a certain strain of Americanism that has long been here and won't dissolve just because they lose an election or a candidate.

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Heather, I posted this question on FB - and wonder if you could address it in either a letter or a politics chat: Could you explain the disconnect between what Biden and Blinken have done and continue to do in Israel/Palestine and articles like this in the NY Times that describe anger and frustration at what is happening? https://www.nytimes.com/.../biden-israel-hamas-divisions...

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The Bible says; “ The light shines in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it.’ It also says; “The truth shall set you free.” The GOP haven’t read the Scriptures they claim to follow. There is nothing Christian about their fascistic attempts to destroy the Biden Administration, democracy, or our Constitution. That Pence needed to be reminded of his oath of office is sickening. That Speaker Johnson accepted Russian funds for his campaign is unAmerican. That Santos was not immediately removed from office by his colleagues is reprehensible. That the entire GOP bow to tfg is an abomination. That so many of our fellow citizens still want to vote for him is pure madness. How will it all end?

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Cheney Quote: " ... those that appeased, enabled & collaborated" in other words seditionists more specifically co-cpnspirators.

JACK SMITH need only prove tfg attacked through many overt acts the J6 certification.

Michael Pence will be called to the stand on direct after Judge Michael Luttig explains the historic truth of his multiple tweets on January 2, 2021.

Pre-trial conduct in the days and weeks ahead will likely require the Pre-trial incarceration of Donald J Trump.

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“Cheney wrote of how she and then–House speaker Nancy Pelosi came to respect each other over their common defense of the Constitution,”

EXACTLY how it was designed to work

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None of the momentous problems we face can be fully addressed with a divided government. Especially when one side is a purveyor of lies and false conspiracies. Limited government can only provide a limited response to those problems. We need a unified approach crafted by dedicated people anxious to solve the

problems. We don’t need anti government ideologues who set out to prevent governmental action. The GOP and Trump are dedicated to governmental inaction.

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