Is anyone else super impressed with Antony Blinken, and the job he is doing? Selecting great people for the various jobs in the administration is probably the most important thing a president can do, along with the willingness to rely on them! A stark contrast to Trump!

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The mainstream media definitely needs to start promoting all the good that is happening in our economy and on the world stage and stop making fun of Pres Biden’s age.

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Someone must be earning a whole lotta money off the Israel-Gaza conflict… I’m wondering who it is. Netanyahu himself? War isn’t about religion, it’s about money; religion is only an excuse (as is skin colour, language, or favourite soccer club).

Also please, can somebody put a sock in Gym Jordan? His “cases” are worse than the worst of reality-tv shows. It’s getting really old hat now, and I can’t believe that anyone would believe anything of those charades…

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Hoping no one notices...

“House speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) joined members of the Florida congressional delegation today to view an expansion project at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law although Johnson voted against it.”

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I suppose we could all be shocked and amazed as the nation swings into primary season, but it seems to me that the lines are becoming more clearly drawn on both candidates AND policy proposals for 2024. We have a Democratic president eager to build on momentum established in the first half of his first term and a Republican candidate and former president likely to get the nod from the GOP who is unfit by any definition to return to office, whose platform is increasingly to tear down any number of institutions upon which we have relied to provide stable governance over the last 50+ years in the US and around the world. I believe the status quo will probably prevail for the next 12 months. Biden will continue to do the difficult and thankless work of the presidency, particularly in the international arena and will be battered at every possible point by the opposing party and a disgraced national media that continues to insist that the election is a horse race between legitimate parties and candidates. TFFG will continue to spit every manner of venom as loudly as he can, whether or not he lands behind bars. I'm convinced he'll lose in a general election, but we'll all suffer serious heartburn until it's finally over. Other minor party candidates for the office will generate a little smoke, but no fire. The real drama will occur amongst the 1/3 of senators and 100% of the House whose positions are on the ballot. That portion of the election will tell us whether the electorate is really paying attention and whether a majority of voters who are NOT MAGAts will make themselves heard at the election.

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Hasn’t TFG sang this song before? About Obamacare? I seem to recall a lot of noise about a ‘big, beautiful healthcare plan’ that would be better than Obamacare and the ‘best healthcare plan ever.’

Well? We’re still waiting. You know why we’re still waiting, of course. There ain’t no such thing. He has yet to pull it out of his ass.

Once a liar and a fraud, always a liar and a fraud.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 28, 2023

I have always thought that a two-state solution was the only thing that made sense, and I see Blinken is quoted, “…and a pathway to Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in states of their own….” The elephant in the room is that Israel has done just about everything to hobble any two-state pathway. The proliferation of Israeli settlements and the concentration-camp-like setting that is Gaza make it hard to believe that Israel considers a two-state outcome a viable option.

I would like to see some kind of linkage between any weapons the US provides with some concrete demonstration that the Geneva Conventions still apply.

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Weapons of war are a commodity needing no hedge. No fair market controls for them. Always a bull market it seems. Just endless manufacture and endless buying. Why oh why is it ok to make, not only profit, but unlimited profit on weapons of war? Shouldn’t it be shameful? Yes, money is the incentive for the Israel-Gaza and Russia-Ukraine wars. No doubt. The only time it is de rigueur to be pro life is apparently when it keeps women in their place, denying them power over their bodies. After humans have been born it is acceptable to sacrifice them to generate wealth and corner the market on privilege. It is mind boggling.

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Today's piece continues to make it clear. Joe Biden and his administration continues to focus on governing well (fixing the supply chain, constructing roads and bridges) while demonstrating that good governing is also good politics.

Applying this vision to the conflict in Gaza is harder. Blinken's guidelines:

1. no forcible displacement of Palestinians

2. No use of Gaza as a platform for terrorism

3. No reoccupation of Gaza

4. No attempt to blockade or besiege Gaza.

5. No reduction in the territory of Gaza.

6. no terrorist threats ... from the West Bank.

7. Gaza unified with the West Bank

8. Palestinian-led government under the Palestinian Authority

9. Sustained mechanism for reconstruction

10. A pathway for 2 states, with security, freedom opportunity, and dignity in each,

Is it conceivable that an American-led international effort could impose? could ensure? could elicit? such a circumstance. Would the US participate in the cost (financial and political) of achieving these goals which ultimately would make Palestine and Israel into normal neighbors. Would the international community be willing to share in the cost? Would American Republicans cooperate in such an effort?

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Thank you for this update. Great news about the supply chain. Meanwhile, I’m watching Caddo Parish Louisiana for the one-vote win by the Democrats in the Sheriff’s race. House Speaker Mike Johnson must have his knickers in a twist watching it also.

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Thank you Heather.

I would love to know the percentage of MAGA's that have their health insurance covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Be safe. Be well.

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I love how, near the end, Heather Cox Richardson notes "Trump is playing hard to his base."

While she might have meant his riling up his guaranteed voters (millions, who love being riled up), she might rather intend, or allow also to stand, how the vulgarian in him plays hard to a vulgarity as base as any in American history.

Brazen he is in this vulgarity, exulting in the stochastic violence his hatreds and divisiveness incur.

Meanwhile, the U.S. billionaire classes assiduously seek more for themselves -- at the expense of the tens of millions of the former working classes all poisoned since the billionaires offshored the millions of working-class jobs.

It's as if the worst of Putin, his worst priests and oligarchs, the most greedy of Chinese communist cadres, the most murderous of Saudi royals, and the most rancorous of Modi, Netanyahu, Erdogan, Duterte, Bolsonaro, and Orban nationalists all combine in one base U.S. thug.

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Left vs Right... governance vs grievance... rationality vs irrationality... sanity vs insanity... truth vs lies... superego vs id... democracy vs authoritarianism... pluralism vs racism... women's rights vs patriarchy... peace vs violence... wisdom vs ignorance... the common good vs the 1%... "It is the foundation of Western Civilization to face facts. If the facts inconvenience the beliefs, too bad for the beliefs."

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As i read this evenings Letter and your reminder that “since 2021, when Biden took office”..... i said to myself, Biden has done so much, created so many initiatives/committees/bills etc that I can hardly believe its just since 2021. I think of the daily torment of Trump preCovid and postCovid and I shudder. Its a nightmare. And Blinken.... truly a most gallant Sec of State. Very proud of this administration. They are unstoppable. TY HCR for your inclusion of the CO judges ruling or position. That was lost in todays MSMs coverage.

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Damn, this post is long on Biden and short on chump. Maybe because Biden has been working his arse off to get stuff done. Big stuff. And short on chump because he wants to kill the actual ACA and rename it the “trump Miracle Act.” Tell the tale MSM.

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Yeah, this infrastructure and supply chain efforts are a 'really big deal' . The school I work with has an elevator out of service for lack of parts. I'm glad to hear Biden continues to work on this because it's still a problem. Biden and his Administration are actually doing work. The MAGA Repubs continue to Showboat. I'm not saying all Repubs are bad and it's good to hear some are actually calling Trump out by name. And yes, I'm glad Biden and Bernie et al, are pushing for a two state solution while giving aid to innocent Palestinians.

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