On this day before, my heart yearns for the day when Ukraine too will be able to celebrate a Thanksgiving for a triumphant rejection of - and deliverance from - the evil that resides in the Kremlin today. May we as a nation and civilization dedicated to the principles of equality and justice never flag in our support of their struggle to secure these fundamental values for themselves.

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Thank you, Professor.

I was looking for your Letter this morning, it has become something of a signal at this time of year, a reminder, a guidepost to both memory and hope.

With gratitude for all you do.

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In 1861, Americans went to war to keep a cabal from taking control of the government and turning it into an oligarchy. The fight against that rebellion seemed at first to be too much for the nation to survive. But Americans rallied and threw their hearts into the cause on the battlefields even as they continued to work on the home front to create a government that defended democracy and equality before the law.

And they won.

May it be so again.

Thank you for your writing.

And to all a happy and thankful holiday.

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Thank you Heather for all you do to educate us…..you make learning easy and interesting. 🙏wishing everyone a day of peace……

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Heather, all the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving and a wish for peace for all of this group and their loved ones.

Abraham Lincoln believed that the citizens would come together to do what is right—to acknowledge that all persons are created equal. We may periodically need a kick in the rear to get our attention, but I believe that the last three elections have shown that we will take steps to preserve our democracy when we feel that it is in danger.

Thank you so much for not only opening our eyes to the sources of the peril, but also for creating a space where we can meet and exchange ideas on how to participate.

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Thank you for the history lesson on Thanksgiving, Heather. What struck me is that history is rhyming with the present where we again have a group set on destroying the United States as a country based on democracy and becoming a group of oligarchs who believe they have the right to rule over others and take away their freedoms. We must focus on getting money and its corruption out of our politics. It is imperative! We,the People, all of us this time.

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The Union Army won the war but the nation is still fighting the battle for equality and the rule of law.

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Imagine my surprise and thankfulness when I discovered an academic who had the genius to bring her findings to the general public. Moreover, this is on going and helps me cope with my fears for this amazing country. I especially like that you made a forum to invite questions from your listeners and to give us a place to share our take on issues. Professor Richardson you are a hero. Thanks.

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Nov 24, 2022·edited Nov 24, 2022

Heather, in response to your opening paragraph, I would like to say this: I sincerely hope that our government recognizes the loosely-knit but intentional "conspiracy" of mass shootings. Not only are the shooters "mentally ill," they are almost always young white males who are isolated but inspired by dark media.

The repeated stereotype and the use of semi-automatic weapons must end. Prohibit such weapons and dismantle the information technology that encourages these loose cannons. No more excuses.

In a sense, it is our generation's civil war inasmuch as the fascist right wing encourages racism, misogyny, antisemitism, and homophobia. Then, the young perpetrators die by suicide after their fantasy of belonging is accomplished by murder.

I too am thankful for so much. But in recognition of the bleak holiday for survivors of this week's carnage, we have to make amends and strong legislation.

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I’m so happy and grateful to be a part of Professor Richardson’s night classes!

Each year at Thanksgiving I’m reminded that this is when I ‘found’ Letters from an American! Such a joy to read and learn and feel included in the enlightenment that so many of us write about as we read Heather’s “Letters”.

Be well dear friends.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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May you have a wonderful first Thanksgiving as a married couple.

To paraphrase “Desiderata”, for all the heartache, tragedy and frightening events, it is still a beautiful world. I’m grateful to be part of this world and this community.

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Tanya and I and Lucky are in Regina. He traveled well and was happy and friendly to everyone on his trip.

He was overjoyed to see us of course but he was just as overjoyed after being shut in the kitchen of our bnb for 10 minutes while we hauled his crate and our bags to the street two days ago. Dogs!!!

Stay safe please.

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Heather, our family is very thankful for you in our lives.

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Our Dr Richardson is one of the finest.

Keep safe and well, everybody. Hold your dear ones close. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

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We can always use a good reminder of what Lincoln held steadfast to and what others, like ourselves, did to hold the country together. Please 39,808 people in your thoughts when you gather with loved ones. That figure is the amount of people who have died by gun violence in our country this year. https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/

Many thanks, Heather, for your continuous caring to educate truth.

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