Reading this & having watched the news reports as the summit progressed, I was once again so grateful to have a competent captain, co-captain & crew piloting this ship of state.

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This is such a clear and concise summation of the last few political years in China. I feel enlightened and even hopeful. Thank you!!!

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Let's see the otherwise-unemployables of the DC Press Corpse take note of what just happened in San Francisco in the meeting with Xi. Isn't it strange how an old guy who can't talk straight could engage in at that level?

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How can we demand truth and accountability from media corporations? How can we get Rupert and Fox and the other misinformation entities turned off and declared enemies of our country? Until we end the propaganda, I fear for the future of our Republic. Living in Florida and witnessing the political landscape here (drove past a home with a sign on their lawn stating that trump won...depressing, to say the least-and it is EVERYWHERE), how can we shine light on the truth of the Biden administration? How do we combat the willful ignorance of oh so many fellow citizens???

I truly love these letters and the truth expressed here and in this group gives me hope-but then I go out my front door and I’m confronted by the typhoon of misinformation, ugliness, lack of compassion and kindness, and intentional ignorance of so many. The weltschmerz is REAL. How do we get the dems to improve messaging??? The need is beyond urgent. The call is imperative. The GOP will murder democracy if given the chance.

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Poor little George. Probably wise not to run for re-election. (Did he, in the first place? and is his name really George? I wonder where "home" is, to go back to?) Another one bites the dust... Are we allowed to smile?

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I have a modest proposal for dealing with the lack of Biden coverage in mainstream media.

We are a week out from Thanksgiving, that once-a-year opportunity for family and friends of all political persuasions to gather together in small spaces for long periods of time with good food.

Make this year special. Take some time ahead of the festivities to learn about one issue that would make your staunchly Republican Uncle Charlie’s life better under a Democratic Congress and President. Or your son-in-law Frank’s or your cousin Frieda’s. Show your concern with kindness and empathy for their situation. You aren’t there to win an argument. You are there to combat disinformation. You are there to start a conversation and plant a seed.

Why am I suggesting this? The mainstream media simply aren’t doing their job of reporting the news. The important issues and accomplishments of the Biden administration go unheard under the daily ageist drumbeat. It’s all gone to clickbait and horse race polling.

Where to start? There is a list of the White House responses to the various appropriations bills at the site below. Pick the one response you think most likely relates to Uncle Charlie, and read it. Then, pick the one issue that you think would make the most impact on Uncle Charlie’s life. Do one Google search to find out a little more.

Then be ready to talk at the table.


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Thanks as ever, Professor!

The Biden/Harris administration continued to do actual WORK.

If tfg had won reelection, his "America First" would have proven to be "America Alone."

Ukraine never would have stood a chance, NATO (and possibly the UN) would disband,

and the economy would be "toast," the dollar no longer the global standard,

tariffs result in "taxes" on the average person,

millions more would STILL be dying of Covid,

and racial/ethnic hatreds would be even more rampant.

You continue connecting the dots on IMPORTANT issues,

not the impotent circus that makes up the House GOP.

What irony - George Santos is announcing he will not run for reelection,

when those who have taken over the GOP label are using running for office as their strategy to attempt to avoid the consequences of their criminal actions.

Please keep educating the public

for the MEDIA has chosen to pursue "clicks' instead of provide facts.

Media outlets have been bought up by near monopolies,

and appear to be sticking to the 'reality TV game show" option,

rather than debunk conspiracies or point out false equivalencies.

tfg lost nearly one billion dollars in a single year,

which allowed him to cook the books and avoid nearly a decade of taxes.

Well, Elon Musk took the "hold my beer" challenge and has destroyed what could have been a public resource when Twitter became X.

Here's hoping for better news through the end of this year

and that we will still have elections in November 2024.

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Wonder of wonders...Santos cannot become another Donald Trump... lies upon lies ... it’s harder than it looks...A chuckle slipped out in the silence of this late night.. a smile remains

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...could we make sure Santos gets no pension or benefit!

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“Wolf warrior” is just another term for “bully.” Biden has managed to accomplish much by not being one. How astute, competent and foresighted. If only the MSM would notice. He is our wise elder statesman, one who deserves the title, not because of his longevity but because he is astute, competent and foresighted. Zelensky is another wise and able statesman, not elder but a fighter for justice and his country. I cannot imagine living with such chaos every day. My hope is that my “safe haven” becomes theirs, and that their war zone does not become mine. Go Joe, you have my gratitude and my admiration.

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It is truly a shame that about half the country is so maliciously informed and complete unaware of factual information and great journalism like this. These poor folks have been brainwashed into refusing to partake of any real news outlets and haven't heard of HCR or Substack. So everyone, be sure to share this with your friends and family, though some may initially consider it in the same league as poison ivy. Perhaps, eventually, a light bulb will go off when faced with facts. Fun times for family holiday gatherings!

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Much appreciated Professor ⭐

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After reading your wonderful news about our strengthened relationship with China (and Russia being distanced) I can sleep at night.

Just think during Trump’s “reign of terror”, we were worried about war with China. Milley had to reassure China.

Trump was such so devastating to our country. We should all spread your good news so Trump never reigns again!!

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Thank you very much.

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🎶 Lot of water under the Bridge & a Lotta other Stuff too ... Things Have Changed 🎶

Hat tip Robert Zimmerman. Hibbing, MN.

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Perhaps because so much lately has been so disturbing, and your report was so comparatively positive that I was feeling a release of tension, when I read the last words, that Santos announced he won't run again, I laughed. It only makes sense, and it may or may not be true.

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