And in 60-plus days, they get to play the same game of "chicken" again. Just do a CR that lasts till January 10, 2025 (give them a week for the new congressional Democrat majority to fix things) and then forget about anything else. Go campaign against these permanent pre-pubescents of the Trump Party and get rid of them.

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Thank you for setting the record straight. President Biden has made significant progress on issues with the economy, the environment, and in talks with Xi Jinping.

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I watched President Biden’s press conference after his meeting with China’s President Xi. Biden spoke of how long they had known each other... dating back to when both were Vice Presidents. And while he made the resulting understanding they have of each other a plus, he never mentioned what would happen if Trump were to win the 2024 election ... breaking that bond and injecting instead his particular brand of craziness into this key global relationship.

At the same time, none of the reporters asked how Biden explained the current dysfunction in the House to Xi... assuming Xi raised that subject in the context of saying democracy is not as effective as the system of government used in China.

There are so many things that will happen if the MAGA GOP is not banished to the political wilderness in 2024. I find myself losing sleep thinking about that possibility... that Trump could win... which at times it appears The New York Times would like to see happen.

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Nov 16·edited Nov 16

Frankly, a long daisy chain of gimmicky status quo CRs suits me just fine. Neutrality beats damage and is the best we can hope for from this sorry House. I hope they keep having to pick a new Speaker every few months, only to end up in the same spot on the carousel. Maybe the next leader-in-waiting will just be one of those Jesus nightlights. 'Tis the season.

On the other hand, how about we add THESE things to the federal budget?

Guaranteed affordable childcare

Expanded home care and eldercare

Dental, vision, and hearing for Medicare

Negotiated prescription drug costs for *everyone*

Paid family and medical leave

Expanded child tax credit

Universal preschool and community college

Student loan debt relief

A million affordable housing units

Clean Energy Performance Program

...and pay for it by raising corporate and high-income taxes

Oh, wait, I didn't come up with all that. I just described the Build Back Better Act, which came one Senate vote away from being our reality. ONE. Thanks a lot, Joe Mansion. Don't let the poop deck of your stupid houseboat hit your coal-dusted ass on your way out.

I dont know about you, but I'm refusing to be dragged into Worryville by the punditry-addicted media. Not gonna go there, not on my time. Instead, I am raring to go talk to my fellow Americans in whatever capacity I can, in order to make this dream of a more helpful government and better quality of life for working people into belated reality in *checks calendar* 15 months. Who is with me?

P.S. Nice to see some good news coverage about San Francisco. My birthplace, and a beautiful city of lovely people and irreplaceable character, it has fallen on some real challenges since the pandemic. I hope it gets more opportunities soon to show off to the world the spirit of friendship it is capable of bringing out in people.

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Although Obama's presidency may have aroused a significant amount of racism in this country, it itself was a "shot across the bow" that the world is different now. Fundamental change has to occur regarding climate, equal rights, protection of women, and the spread of wealth in the United States across much more of a demographic range. The republicans somehow have to catch up to this reality before they destroy us, bombing us back into the Stone Age.

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Hmm... Maybe a few Republicans are thinking about crossing the aisle:

In a passionate plea, Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) challenged his Republican colleagues to provide a tangible accomplishment they can campaign on. Meanwhile, the Democrats, despite their slim majority, have achieved remarkable progress in the last Congress. They celebrated the second anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, a $1.2 trillion investment in critical areas like roads, water systems, electrical grids, broadband, and bridges, resulting in over 37,000 projects nationwide and the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Democrats emphasize their commitment to improving people's lives, highlighting instances where Republicans who initially opposed the act later touted its benefits to their constituents.

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Democrats have all the messaging they need but the top one is the end of democracy if Trump becomes president. They need to be louder than they are and repeat, repeat, repeat!!! Thanks Heather, Biden is incredible!

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I don't understand much about why the REPUBLICAN'T on the street still professes unquestioned loyalty to DJT and the most outrageous thing you hear from those downtrodden constituents is "I like him because he's one of us". WTF!!!!! One of you. He's never been one of you and has no comprehension of what life is like in the real world. Or did I get it wrong. Mr. Everybody, Joe the plumber, etc. was handed $14 million when they were 4 years old. You think he has a bottle of Clorox under his kitchen sink? He doesn't even have a kitchen sink. Everything is delivered to him by servants.,One of you. I don't think so. If

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Thank-you for hosting several hundred last night at Books a Million in South Portland. It was such an honor to get to see and hear you in person. I came home, posted two photos to social media and almost immediately I had 70 jealous friends, mostly from South Portland to The County, saying some version of “Damn! I wish I’d known about this!” I hope you’ll consider another talk in the Portland-Midcoast area, this time somewhere with a large auditorium that could handle a crowd. (Bowdoin College’s Pickard theatre would be perfect.) Please!

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Hard-line mis-labelled Republicans aka Totalitarianists want to defend the police, the justice dept and Tuberville wants to de fund the Defense Dept. How do any democrats lose to these people? FoxNewsHypnosis can't explain it all. Poor education? National dementia? If crime pays, guess what? There must be consequences. Imho.

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Thank you Heather.

Biden and his administration have, from the start, rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work - helping US to recover from the Pandemic and from Trump. That they keep their eyes on the prize - irrespective of the constant bad will of the freaking fringe - is a testament to tenacity, to grace and to love of God and country.

I mention God because the freaking fringe - no matter their rhetoric - are clearly aligned with the devil - as is evident in their character. Like Maya Angelou said, “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.”

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Many of the republicans who object the most were part of the body who did not want Biden to be president and did not support him and I am waiting for them to be held accountable for not upholding their oath to USA and our Constitution. Justice sometimes moves too slowly.

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China and the U.S. should be in a race to combat climate change because much of the world is comatose in regard to the rapidly unfolding horror. (Again, the media if failing us.) So Xi's commitment to coal may help China's economy in the short run, but not its people or every other human on the planet.

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They have no idea just how unpopular they and their ideas are, do they?

I mean, there’s a reason why the Democrats were able to enact sweeping legislation with a slim majority and the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight, can’t. Could it be that they’re too busy shooting themselves in the feet? Could it be that their positions are unpopular? Could it be that they’re simply incapable of governing? Could it be that they’re massively incompetent?

Could it be all of the above?

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Re-Trump trials: just because people dismiss as hearsay the remark in the Georgia case That Trump was not leaving the White House despite election failure doesn’t mean that it cannot be used in the trial. Because “we are not leaving” is admissible as circumstantial evidence of state of mind, including motive intent etc. Secondly, regarding the 13th amendment litigation there’s a need to think from back to front. The amendment says the disability can be cured by a 2/3 vote of the Congress. That doesn’t mean it’s decided by USSC. It means Trump can be disqualified from taking OfficeIn any preceding disqualifying event

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Thank you for repeating this:

The strongest tools we have to meet this era’s challenges, he said, are “connection, cooperation, collective action, and common purpose. That’s why we’re all here.”

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