The night democracy dispelled darkness.

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Full moon and a lighthouse. My evening is complete.

Thanks for taking a rest, and this photo is just exquisite.

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Fantastic shot on what is turning out to have been a fantastic night. Thanks for sharing it and it's good to see you taking an early evening every so often. Your letters are so appreciated, but it's the evenings you take a break that get the most likes, which tells me your readers (and I among them) recognize that you are a rare and precious gift which must be savored and protected.

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Heather, this has nothing to do with the wonderful full moon picture you sent.

I'd really like you to do a column on how many federal laws the Republicans have called "socialism" over the course of the last 90 years. Start with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security...the list is endless. Every time they say that, there is no Democratic response.

Republicans similarly waved the talisman of “socialism” at Democrats in an effort to block the enormous progress ordinary Americans had made under the administrations of President Roosevelt and President Truman. “Give ‘em hell, Harry,” speaking from the rear platform of an observation car, gave one of his greatest whistle stop speeches in response to Republican claims of “creeping socialism.”

“Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years. Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security…Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps almost all the people.”

I'd really like you to write a column that suggests that President Biden and the Democratic Party should stop cringing every time "socialism" is hurled at good progressive legislation the by the Rs. The list of progressive legislation over the course of the last 90 years that the Republicans have called "socialism" must be enormous. And it's all the law of the land now, and has been for decades.

As you will no doubt recall, Harry Truman won that 1948 election in an upset victory, maybe the greatest upset ever.

I think this would make a helluva column.

Thanks for your great work. Keep it up.

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It definitely has been quite a week…democracy prevailed! Thank you Professor!

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In addition to being such a delightful picture, it tells me that instead of voting on the schedules we now follow, we should schedule voting to coincide with full moons, whose forces pull us from the brink!~

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Welcome home, indeed! Thank your friend, Peter, for sharing the photo! Rest well, and thank you for your guidance as always!

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Beautiful shot. I look forward to your post every day.

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Stunning! Welcome home to all.

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Beautiful. And as it wanes, we have Pence's first interview since January 6 (on ABC) and long overdue public statement that TFG's words were "reckless." "It was clear he decided to be part of the problem."

To be clear, there is much to loathe Pence about, but buried under all that is actually a glimmer of hope as he says, "I turned to my daughter, who was standing nearby, and I said, 'It doesn't take courage to break the law. It takes courage to uphold the law.'"

Of course, he has a book coming out. What is with all these patriots, and I use the word sarcastically, who would reveal the disasters in our government in books months and years later, and only to the relative few who read them? Like Melania's jacket, it's like they just really don't care, nor do the journalists who should be breaking these stories to the public at large.

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Wow, that is a gorgeous picture. Thanks for sharing another of Peter's stunning images. Rest well, everyone, for tomorrow will be another busy day. 🌕🌌💛

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what a thrilling, evocative photo..brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting it.

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Precious photo, momentous date! Thank you, Peter Ralston! Ahhh...The man in the moon is smiling and I also see bunny dancing! Time to take out that book of moon legends of cultures around the world.

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I just love this photo! I will forever have this evocative photo to associate with Most of America coming home to Democracy!

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Sweet dreams and a celebration to the awesome Moon and back. And an “Election poem” for young people from Poets.org. Just a little political humor.

Exquisite Candidate

Denise Duhamel - 1960-

I can promise you this: food in the White House

will change! No more granola, only fried eggs

flipped the way we like them. And ham ham ham!

Americans need ham! Nothing airy like debate for me!

Pigs will become the new symbol of glee,

displacing smiley faces and "Have A Nice Day."

Car bumpers are my billboards, billboards my movie screens.

Nothing I can say can be used against me.

My life flashes in front of my face daily.

Here's a snapshot of me as a baby. Then

marrying. My kids drink all their milk which helps the dairy industry.

A vote for me is not only a pat on the back for America!

A vote for me, my fellow Americans, is a vote for everyone like me!

If I were the type who made promises

I'd probably begin by saying: America,

relax! Buy big cars and tease your hair

as high as the Empire State Building.

Inch by inch, we're buying the world's sorrow.

Yeah, the world's sorrow, that's it!

The other side will have a lot to say about pork

but don't believe it! Their graphs are sloppy coloring books.

We're just fine—look at the way

everyone wants to speak English and live here!

Whatever you think of borders,

I am the only candidate to canoe over Niagara Falls

and live to photograph the Canadian side.

I'm the only Julliard graduate—

I will exhale beauty all across this great land

of pork rinds and gas stations and scientists working for cures,

of satellite dishes over Sparky's Bar & Grill, the ease

of breakfast in the mornings, quiet peace of sleep at night.

From Exquisite Politics. Copyright © 1997 Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton. Reprinted by permission of Tia Chucha Press.


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Enough moonlight to navigate—like enough success to push us to keep striving to inspire others to be their better angels (and to pass laws to deter them from chaos and anarchy).

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