I wrote this last night before going to bed … It feels apropos given today’s Letter.

At some point soon, either President Biden or Vice President Harris must confront the twin I-beams of insincerity and inaccuracy, supporting the Republican Party’s core arguments - the arguments they are using to pass legislation that makes it more difficult for people to vote and to convince people that President Biden was not the duly-elected; the efforts to frighten citizens into believing that the Democratic party is attempting to create a Socialist state; the efforts to portray the Democrats as having no intention of governing in a bi-partisan manner – and by such accusations, asserting they have in fact made sincere efforts at bi-partisanship over the last decade or more.

Whether the issue is immigration, education, infrastructure, equality justice, voting rights and the environment (among others) - the Republican party has abandoned principled argument and descended into a campaign of unmitigated fabrication and dissembling.

America needs a civics lesson – a clear, honest – warts and all – session of truth telling.

That’s what I’ll be telling my Representatives this week, along with a note to the President.

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Thank God we have a few Liz Cheney's out there. I don't like her, but I respect her position and am thankful for it.

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I think, sadly and fearfully, that things are going to get a lot worse in this country before they get better. And the better will probably come a generation after I'm gone. Sorry, feeling like a polar bear on a floating iceberg this day.

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I find myself reluctant to write a comment about 45; just want to totally forget him. However, I haven't heard anyone say 45 is insane lately and it needs to be said. 45 with his Narcissistic Personality Disorder is living in his own reality and dragging a lot of gaslit people with him plus a lot of Republican enablers who are trapped in his fog and his manipulation. The recent video of him on a patio at Mar-a-Logo with his slurred speech, deer in the headlights eyes, and stiff pacing around seemed to be someone under a lot of stress, maybe about to have a mental breakdown. The stress is about keeping up the lie in order for him not to have to admit the worse thing his father ever thought of him -- that he is a loser. That it brought in money was just a fortuitous accident. The way he deals with his insecurities is by projection. Psychological projection is a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings. He also projects his shame on others which is why he seems to have no shame.

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WHY are the repercussions of the freaking insurrection taking so long? I just don’t understand. I know the wheels of justice and all but holy cow I feel like I’ve imagined it. Which is likely the plan.

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Thank you Heather.

As I look at this recount in Arizona, I can't help but think, if President Obama was conducting a recount with an unauthorized company lead by an insurrectionist what would the Republicans do? They would have his head on a stick and we all know it. Why are the Democrats letting this happen? Why has this sham company given the opportunity to sully the certified ballots without intervention?

I am more concerned by the non combat position the Democrats have taken from top to bottom on this and other issues. As the GOP builds forces, where is the opposition?

Be safe, be well.

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Liz Cheney must have the support of her father in this fight against Trumpism. It is alarming to suddenly realize that one of our last Republican allies is Dick Cheney, a sinister politician who seemed to embody the police state as much as anyone in the US.

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I actually know there is zero to laugh about but....is it just me or is there something a bit hilarious that the daughter of Dick Cheney, the pusher of propaganda such as phantom weapons of mass distraction is now the chief defender of the truth? We are caught in the Twilight Zone! Talk about not being able to imagine someone lying about something so important.

If most people weren't gullible there would be no lotteries or slot machines and only farmers and construction workers would own F150s.

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1) Am I the only one who thinks that it’s just a matter of time before more people are killed by or because of Trump’s Big Lie? There is no way that the January 6th insurrection was the end of it.

2) I don’t like Liz Cheney’s politics. At all. But, I absolutely respect her integrity and willingness to stand up to the Orange Asscactus and his bullying, sycophantic supporters.

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When I read Dr R’s words, “his refusal to recognize the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s election”, it brought to mind that 45 refused to recognize the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s presidency as well. I think of birtherism as the First Big Lie. Those who believed it were all too happy to accept the rest of Tя☭mp’s 30,000 (at least!) lies.

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I think we need public service dittys (ditties?). Songs!

How’d we beat polio: vaccinate, vaccinate!

How’d we stop the plague? Vaccinate vaccinate.

We need a new school house rock but for adults, with songs about how elections work. Every time I read about the percentage of republicans who believe the Big Lie, I think about all the Republican election workers who are part of voting places, keeping ballots secure, and counting the votes. It would be so insulting. Is Michael Moore working on a documentary about the Big Lie? Someone could make one and really show Trump foe the buffoon he is.

Art is the answer. Songs, film, comedy.

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In Arizona it feels like most of us are just standing around watching the GOP bring the roof down on top of us. Very sad.

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The "Big Lie" is hardly something new in American political life. Just look at the successive "founding myths" that have not just accompanied the country's development but have often driven it. The original myth that the land "discovered" by by Columbus was in itself an lie as Eric the Red and countless other fishermen had been there before him. That the "New World" was a pristine, uninhabited natural paradise was another Big Lie as the North and South Continents were inhabited with possibly up to 100 million people was inhabited. Thereafter we have the successive "Big Lies" about the American Natives....Indians as Columbus thought he had hit Asia...that they were "murderous savages" when they were simply trying to stop someone stealing their land, destroying their environment and massacring their people.

Once the latter "Big Lie" had successfully destroyed evidence of its iniquitous origins, we turn to the myth of the West as a land of opportunity for pioneer farmers. Heaven on earth for surplus Eastern, bankrupt small holding farmers who were destroyed by land speculators and who were told that the drought would be conquered by the plough...and that rain followed the plow! That Big Lie is subsiding as the reality of the water scarcity on the plains becomes undeniable and its economic consequences clear.

Moving along, we could jump to the 20th Century and to Vietnam and the "domino theory of world communism" which destroyed the lives of many a young man and his family thereafter, poisoning society for almost half a century. Thereafter we have Nixon's Southern Strategy recycling the myth of the Democrat's fronting a transfer of wealth to the Black Community and this noxious serpent is still dominating the USA.

Time to bring a little light into the picture and start laying out, cogently and forcefully, the reality of the world rather than fantasies that serve only to divert and confuse for the considerable financial benefit of the few. This has never been about the Racism. It has always been about maintaining the power and wealth of the few and assuring the division and antagonism of the "people" so that they cannot oppose that dominance.

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Since Goebbels is mentioned, came across this lecture by Malcom Nance. He explains tactics and motivations of the orange ass-clownogarch similar to Goebbels and also popular tactics by fellow globalgarghs & kleptocrats.


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THE BIG LIE: "a lie told to garner power, a lie that is so big, so monstrous, and so outrageous that people believe it because they cannot imagine someone lying about something so important." (HCR)

At first, when I read that 45 had coopted the Big Lie with a meaning to suit his own power-grabbing purposes, my nose went out of joint, but then, laughter kicked in. I reread HCR's definition of the Big Lie and had a eureka moment: that's him, that's 45 to a "T" (no pun intended)!

The BIG LIE is his very being! From his youth onward Donny Boy moulded himself into what he was not: into the image and likeness of god, a golden calf with golden thrones as loos, a highly intelligent entrepreneur come millionaire (?), Liar-in-chief, builder of the BEST walls, Traitor-in-chief, POTUS seditionist, and on and on. And what for? Money and power.

The sad and frightful tale of the 45th POTUS is that his existence encompasses the BIG LIE, big time: "a lie told to garner power, a lie that is so big, so monstrous, and so outrageous that people believe it because they cannot imagine someone lying about something so important."

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I'm apologizing right up front for straying from today's topic and for the length of the letter I'm about to post. My blood pressure is way up after another partisan "newsletter" from my congressman, Gus Bilirakis. First, if you live in Florida, you can check the party registration for your congressional district. Mine is District 12. This site will give you the registration details. Then add up the Dems, Independents and NPAs. In my case, they outnumber the registered Republicans. https://fldoswebumbracoprod.blob.core.windows.net/media/703599/5-party-by-congressional-district.pdf

Then you can use my letter if you'd like as a sample: Dear Congressman Bilirakis

I am a constituent and I continue to receive your “newsletters”. I remain sorely disappointed in the way in which these newsletters are written, stoking the flame of partisanship. You claim President Biden has pushed an extremely partisan and radical and agenda which is actually not true. His policies garner major support from Democrats AND Republicans. It is only the Republican elected officials who are not in support of many of the proposals. You claim he has failed to unite the country when you continue to try to divide us with the language in this newsletter. You claim he refuses to work with Republicans to find common ground, yet it is the Republicans who have presented such inadequate counter-proposals that they cannot be taken seriously. You claim his immigration policies have caused a “crisis” at the border, but it is the failed policies of the Trump administration that birthed this crisis.

Please stop this inflammatory language. Although you are elected from a Republican congressional district, you also have 345,032 Democrats, Independents and NPA voters in your district as well. This is actually larger than the number of registered Republicans. (Taken from book closing of October 2020).

Please remember that you were elected to represent ALL voters in your district, not just the Republicans and work with all of us without stoking partisan division.

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