Once again, you put this incredible news together like no one else manages to do. While the pundits and experts I’ve listened to today have been good, none lay it out as compellingly and clearly as you have done. Why I’m here. Thank you.

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With the Russians crawling all over Mar-a-Lago and probably Bedminster, I’d be more surprised if classified documents DIDN’T fall into enemy hands.

And you can’t discount the possibility that Trump sold them for cash.

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I applaud Mr. Smith's decision to bring the case in the Southern District of Florida, despite what I understand were options to bring the matter to the D.C. Circuit. Instead, he's taken the case into the heart of a MAGA/DeSantis stronghold, showing that there are still enough honest people in Florida to staff a grand jury. Let any civil disturbances be DeSantis' problem. Let the people of Florida see, in their own Miami courtroom, exactly what their most famous resident did to them and their country.

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"Legal scholar Joyce White Vance noted that it was 'extremely sad for our country that this isn’t a bipartisan statement being made by leaders from both parties.'"

Which is reality: two "parties" or "one party and a criminal cartel gang posing as a party-- sponsored by the most ruthless segment of the ruling class?"

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This is a ghastly level of criminality, even for Trump. I also like that Jack Smith reminded everyone that Trump wasn't indicted by Biden or Garland, but by a grand jury in Trump Florida. Given the details and evidence listed in the indictment papers--I read them before posting here--his goose is cooked so badly that prison cooks will serve it l'orange.

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“At the very least, it is an unfortunate coincidence that the Central Intelligence Agency in October 2021 reported an unusually high rate of capture or death for foreign informants recruited to spy for the United States.”

If these deaths can be directly connected to tfg’s panhandling with top secret documents, could he be tried for murder in the third degree?

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Jun 10·edited Jun 10

To say we're in unchartered territory is a cliché but one that perfectly describes the situation. First, I applaud Jack Smith's thoroughness, speed, clarity, and nothing-but-the-facts approach. And kudos to Merrick Garland for appointing him.

Questions: Will the inept and partisan Judge Cannon end up trying the case and seek, at the very least, to slow it down enough to delay the trial until after the election, as some legal experts have speculated? Will we ever learn if some of the most sensitive documents ended up the hands of adversaries, and if so did Trump profit from the transfer?

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I recall that Kid Rock tweeted that Trumps son showed him classified documents, then he quickly took the post down. The Trump team started to gaslight people who were calling attention to it. Saying you can’t believe everything of social media. This has probably already been vetted by the prosecutors, there has been no further word about it. They are focused on the “Rat” which by the way, I learned that was the mob bosses nick name in his peer group.

I read the indictment immediately.

It is shocking. Worse when all of his efforts are told in print. The public should read the indictment it is easy to understand and lays out the case against him.

I hope the judge recuses herself and the rat goes to jail for the rest of his life.

It is a sad day that the American people elected the cheating lying rat traitor insurrectionist who risked the safety and security of our country and Allies.

As much as i thought I would rejoice with the news of some accountability I realized reading the brief that we are in a terrible way in this country. We still have the radical authoritarians in the house and senate to expel. This is our long-term threat.

Joy Reid also spelled out the radicalization in Florida and the threat the fascists pose in the months ahead.

No we cannot celebrate, we must be vigilant.

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Excellent summary and why HCR's letters should be required reading! Waiting for this letter (sleepless in Massachusetts) I was perusing the first "Letters" from November 2019. I have credited HCR (and contributions from the Substack community) with saving my sanity while providing an unprecedented education. I listened to Fox for 10 intolerable minutes (30 seconds once or twice a year has been my max!) on Thursday night (yes, I now need a brain transfusion!) and still could not believe what was being spewed. That there are people out there who think Fox is the gospel continues to blow my mind.

When trump first appeared on the political scene, my brothers and I noted that he seemed ripe to become a puppet of putin and perhaps was already a bona fide Russian agent. As the years have gone by, little doubt in our minds that he is in fact an enemy agent selling out to the the largest bidders.

What he (and his minions) has done to the security of this country is beyond the pale with a great deal of it irreparable damage on a global basis. I do have confidence that Special Counsel, Jack Smith will nail his hind end to the wall!

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Thank you for the excellent summary, Heather. I pray for our country and that people will open their eyes to what is happening.

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This is not simply a well put together case against a known liar, this is a blockbuster. It is amazing that Jack Smith and his team have assembles all these puzzle pieces, but they have gleaned incredible detail and depth as well. I am once again proud to be a citizen of a country that can decide to cooperate so fully in such an important case fraught with polarization of viewpoint and opinion. The Truth Shall Set You Free...

Having just learned of the judge assigned to the case, my enthusiasm has been dampened, but not defeated...

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Today's Letter mirrored the sobriety, commitment to our country and the rule of law expressed by Special Counsel Jack Smith in his statement to the nation about the recently unsealed indictment charging former president Donald J. Trump on 37 counts of violating national security laws as well as participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

There is a deep sense of relief and pride as our country faces down the recklessness, lack of respect and harm to the US done by the former president and those with similar inclinations. We are standing up for democracy and the wellbeing of the people.

Thank you Heather Cox Richardson of apprising us of the indictment and our role as citizens, which includes respect and care for one another.

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Jack Smith is also investigating the possibility of wire fraud for all the money he's received after leaving office. It's a relief that the indictment has finally arrived, but there's still so much more to make right the egregious disregard for the rule of law by the ex president. I'm still appalled at the number of people in power (congress and the courts) who won't accept reality. It will be interesting to see how the judge handles this - who was appointed by Trump and who has ruled ridiculously in the past being overturned by the 7th (?)District Court. Sigh. Thank you for the reporting.

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I disbelieve in coincidences, and had already heard this bit of news before -

"At the very least, it is an unfortunate coincidence that the Central Intelligence Agency in October 2021 reported an unusually high rate of capture or death for foreign informants recruited to spy for the United States."

Horrifying to speculate what other information from all of those documents TFG might have already sold out to hostile countries - and going forward, how can other countries ever trust us again, that we allowed this very unstable not-genius to simply walk out of the WH with boxes and boxes of documents that should have been better safeguarded?

As for the indictments, it has been very satisfying news to hear today, and we can only hope that despite the loose Cannon judge, the jury will be his peers but more intelligent as well as capable of critical thinking, and justice will FINALLY be served. We the People can hope..... because Jack Smith sounds exceedingly thorough and meticulous.

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Double whammy of chickens coming home to roost today, with the UK's odious Boris Johnson preemptively resigning as MP once he got a look at the "Partygate" report. I am stunned, horrified, sickened - but not at all surprised that tfg was hoarding nuclear and military secrets. OF COURSE HE DID. That's who he is. Did he sell them to Putin yet? Or a higher bidder?

I am also stunned, horrified, sickened - but not at all surprised that "Judge" Cannon is on the case. That is one powerful BUT... to this story.

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Be ready, everyone. Between now and November 2024, be ready. Sadly, probably after too, but especially until then.

As I read Heather's piece, I was struck again by the utter narcissism of the man; and a reminder of something I said to a friend only a week ago: Trump will not stop until he is in jail...or perhaps even only when dead. I don't say that to monger violence, or imply a specific threat. I say it because I believe it to factually be the case. The man cannot, ever, be told no, and he now embodies a movement of too many people who simply cannot be told no. When reality no longer allows what they want; they decide, shades of 1921 Tulsa, to just threaten, destroy, burn or kill that reality. I fear that, even in jail, Trump could serve as some evil Nelson Mandela figure for the darkness that is growing. And it IS growing.

I support a nascent, but highly-effective group that works against extremist groups; we had a discreet meeting online a week ago. We only deal in facts; we are cold rationalists who also happen to love our country, but do so outside of politics. The fact is, despite our efforts and those of many others, yes, extremist group membership is growing in our country.

So, BE READY, folks. Be vigilant, not dismissive. WATCH and READ what is going on (yes, you're here now--but that includes reading things you don't agree with or like as well), don't do the "oh, there's so much negativity I don't want to see that," thing. Yes, our darling media have been bathing us in daily excitement (AKA negativity sells!) for so long, they've been unwitting agents helping a REAL bad guy ascend to power like it's no big deal. They've been turning up the heat, except WE are the frog in the boiling pot telling them to do it. Nope, we can't do it anymore. If people think "leaders" like Higgins, Jim Jordan et al can't/won't stoke widespread violence... Ask Heather about the things that went on during Reconstruction.

Oh, forgot to mention: one of the more revealing bits of data brought up in our meeting: know who "dog whistles" more than just about anyone? DeSantis, lest anyone have any doubt. Clearly, frequently, for intended purpose.

To paraphrase David Ortiz in 2013: it's OUR f***ing country.

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