Thank you Heather. I really don’t know how you do it but so thankful that you do. You’re a light in the darkness.

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It’s pointless to try and engage right wing extremists like the SCOTUS six with historical facts. For the extreme right, truth is whatever advances their cause. They believe they have access to truths beyond mere evidence.

And because they grasp a truth that excuses countless lies, they feel entitled to do anything they see fit to anyone they want for any reason or no reason. And that makes them sworn enemies of democracy.

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Thank you, Heather, for making sense of the labyrinthine machinations of the events of Jan 6. You really help me separate “fact from fiction”. And keep sending those gorgeous photographs.

From Christopher in Dublin, Ireland

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“Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine”― Sun Tzu. SCOTUS being called out by historical associations I think important in that it is object facts contracted by experts yet relied upon by 6 Justices so it takes the debate out of the context of 'we SCOTUS are the experts on law' and puts where it belongs, 'we 6 Justices are disingenuous partisan hacks'.

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Jul 7, 2022·edited Jul 7, 2022

Imagine, even as a lark, if Fox News and its wannabe dispensers of 1984-esque truth were brought to their knees by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic lawsuits.

One can dream.

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Here’s a bit of encouragement:

In response to Scott MacFarlane’s tweet, Stephanie Peace wrote, I got news for Lindsey Graham. Fani Willis [the Fulton County District Attorney] is in it for the long haul! She’s not deterred by his antics, she’s methodical, tenacious & very seasoned. She won’t get the vapors, she’ll get the testimony. He ought to save his money & comply. Fani can play the long game too 😉

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Thank you to all the History professionals for their love and respect for history, especially Professor Heather Cox Richardson. We owe you so much❤️!

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No surprise Dr. Richardson, but you’ve done it once again.

Your usual stellar critique of today’s pertinent political news. Your skills and gift for lighting up the profound darkness that exists in our politics never ceases to amaze, and provide great relief. Your revelations soothe greater than any known narcotic!

Thank you,


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So it appears we have a huge conspiracy to overthrow the entire US government, involving the current majority of the Court, key members of the Senate, a portion of the House, the former President and much of his top staff, and several large media outlets, including the Fox Network.

It also appears the whole conspiracy is on fire.

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The nation and Republicans must undergo a transformation. That may result in impeachment of the Supreme Court Justices that lied to reach the bench. We know who they are. They must go.

The transformation by one man stands out.

One man spoke the truth after lying for TFG - President Donald John Trump - but he was not able to publish Trump’s transcripts. Those documents are hidden at three schools for a reason. They must be published.

The man that has undergone a transformation is honest, today.

He won’t take your call. He will read your txt or email.

Michael D. Cohen has educate the authorities.

His cell phone and email are -

(646) 853-0114


Michael Dean Cohen Esq., dob August 25, 1966, was incarcerated as an inmate - he speaks about this.

Michael D. Cohen/ Reg. #86067-054

Otisville Satellite Camp

Otisville NY 10963

United States

Heather is on target. More to come.

The 26 year old White House witness has flipped a few Trump loyalists. All will talk.

Giuliani will talk. He will be charged.

Trump will be charged. He is guilty of crime.

DOJ will act. As appropriate.

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Jul 7, 2022·edited Jul 7, 2022

Thank you Professor Richardson! You put it together! “The role of fact versus narrative is on display elsewhere in our government as well“ Isn’t it interesting that technology has played a role in the criminals’ attempts to hide the facts and bury the truth! And now that technology is still alive; data that is available long after facts reveal truth and lies TFG and his minions buried. “With extraordinary access to the family, Holder witnessed what the trailer portrays as the attempt of the Trump family to create an American dynasty, and its determination to hold onto power even if it meant the destruction of American democracy. “ How stupid and narcissistic can anyone be to invite a filmmaker into the house? The ultimate in Reality TV for he who loves to be the star. And then phone calls recorded for posterity. We heard them all the way from Georgia. And lawsuits by voting machine companies to recover their reputations. Each day, although late, the collaborators are waking up to the facts, from recorded phone conversations and texts and blatant misdeeds, extortion revealed, guilty and remorseful and in fear, they are getting the picture: there’s no place left to run. Now we hope for results: the criminals, including those at the very top, and all supporting the crimes, are prosecuted and pay the price. And we rid this country of elected officials who swear allegiance to power and not to the Constitution and their country. Justice.

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Jul 7, 2022·edited Jul 7, 2022

Why call violent coup participants rioters?

It does not seem logical nor correct to call them mere ‘rioters’. Doing so minimizes the existential threat to democracy. Yes, a riot took place, but the word is not adequate to describe Jan 6th. They are seditious perpetrators of political violence, a premeditated conspiracy with intent and behavior to destroy property, breaking and entering, violent intimidation, threaten, injure, and commit murder, in order to prevent the peaceful transfer of power outside of and inside a government building. Is ‘coupist’ a word? Would it be more correct to call them what they are in deeds and fact?

A riot is something different. A riot is an out of control mob, hell bent on mayhem, violence, destruction, sometimes for no reason, and other times as a social response, triggered by an unacceptable and grievous event, a response to something so outrageous it causes a violent reaction by many in the streets or inside a large gathering place.

Jan 6th was more than a riot. It was a violent coup based on a lie, a lie so big, coup participants could not tell the difference between reality and fiction. Believing the lie so intensely they would destroy property, disobey Police orders, break in and enter, injure, maim, assault police, and commit murder upon the innocent, with a goal of disrupting the peaceful transfer of power.

Why give willing participants in a coup another frame to deny, downplay, and dismiss the reality of their pre planing and violent assault on the Capital Police, our elected representatives, and within the halls of democracy?

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Asha Rangappa was interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Hayes this evening, about the strategy of possible Federal prosecution of tfg under18 U.S. Code Section 2383. Section 2383 is readily understandable to anyone who saw the Jan 6th attack on TV or is reliving that attack now in granular detail. Ms. Rangappa is a former Associate Dean at the Yale School of Law, a former FBI Agent.& current Senior Lecturer at Yale's Jackson Institute. Section 2383 spells out that "whoever incites, sets foot on, assists OR engages in any rebellion OR insurrection against the authority of the United States OR the laws thereof OR gives aid & comfort thereto shall be fined ... imprisoned not more than 10 years & SHALL BE INCAPABLE OF HOLDING ANY OFFICE UNDER THE UNITED STATES i.e. disqualified to run for President. I would advise further that it would be easy to write that Verdict Form. There are some Georgia Peach state options as well.

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Heather, good morning from India. There is a lot to unpack in your, as usual, brilliant assessment of what’s going on in our country. It is dizzying just to see the number of subpoenas and to whom they are being issued! “Justice” moves slowly as we know, so we await the results of these efforts to bring those behind the overthrow of our government to real justice. Thank you!

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Wow wow wow! You continually surpass the idea of “news” with your deep understanding of history that you graciously share with us all. That last bit on the Roe decision is a spotlight to the recent dark decisions of the Supreme Court. Hopefully the Republican Party will be so decimated by this,(politically) they will join Democrats in Congress to right this horrible decision by passing federal laws that overrule Dobbs. Looks like De Santis is already squirming.

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Thank you to the Organization of American Historians and the American Historical Association for stepping up to the US Supreme Court. History must be recorded and used properly in accordance with the facts.

I have read several good books on the Civil War, as well as many other good history books by renowned authors, including Heather's books.

However, the most important history book to me is "Race and Reunion". Its important because it addresses how over time the former Confederates rewrote history until much of the US bought into this romantic fiction that they had been valiant, courageous, caring of their slaves, giving them homes, health and civilization, that blacks were inferior and needed close supervision and support from the superior white masters which the slaves returned with loving, loyalty, and justifiably hard work, and that the South was victimized by the industrial, communist North who destroyed the South's gentile civilized culture and life. Of course this fiction is against a backdrop of buying, selling and separating husbands, wives, babies and children, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles many many times throughout a slave's lifetime. Ten, twenty, thirty years and to this day after emancipation, black Americans have searched for their closest relatives. While the South created this new romantic American memory, they were disenfranchising blacks, terrorizing them, lynching them, segregating them, withholding resources from them, all while using them in their censuses, taking their money in taxes and fees, charging them high usury amounts, and destroying any accumulation of wealth and progress. This constant racial abuse both in the South and in the North was concealed, minimalized or justified by the false history created by the South over more than 50 years. We are still living with the damage today that the Confederates created before and after the Civil War. Their examples and patterns live on.

This is what the US Supreme Court is doing in it's current rulings and abuse of history. This what the Big Lie is all about. This is what the Republican Party is today. Attempting to create an American memory disconnected from American and World history, science, medicine, arts and culture. Indoctrination in place of education. This is why the January 6th House Committee investigation is so important. This is why Heather's letters are so important. This is why we must all be ministers of historical accuracy and facts against narratives of political propaganda and indoctrination.

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