There is only one way to derail Bidenomics and that is with a lengthy Government shut-down. Impeaching Biden is just there to throw mud to protect Trump in a "they all do it" false equivalency. This is not a strategy to elect a government. It is a strategy to create chaos so that authoritarianism can rise as the "salvation"--decision making by fiat, without the need for debate and compromise, to get the basics running.

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"It sounds like he was a one-man wrecking ball, aimed at our national security."

Thank you for the pitch-perfect description of Trump. Anyone who thinks he wasn't doing Putin's bidding on many fronts is either naive or a fool. And selling classified material to other countries, notably Saudi Arabia. I doubt we'll ever know the full extent of what he did to harm us but suspect much will eventually come to light. Don't think for a second that agencies like the CIA aren't on the case.

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You are absolutely correct. State Legislators go into Special Sessions when there remains work to be done. These So-called leaders are "raping" our country...they fail to do the job they were elected to do, get paid handsomely to do it and then blame everybody else especially those that did not cause the problem. They are a disgrace to their position and to our nation. They should be expelled ... but they won't even expel George Santos.

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So, once again, because of coincidence more than any personal merit on my part, I can speak about some of this based on vast experience. I was a planner for The Plan that Trump was waving around at Bedminster. All I can say is, if you are one of the hundreds of people who worked on that plan over the years, hold a TS/SCI clearance (that's what the plan is--with a name that you will never hear) you want this guy knee-capped forever and in jail (or, if you do not, YOU need to be in jail). Years, hundreds of people doing serious work for millions of hours. Trump's first SECDEF, James Mattis, must be BESIDE himself. All of the coverage can only scratch the surface of what an utter sh*t show this is. It's WORSE than what you might think. THAT bad.

Now, let me talk about ANOTHER thing in that bill the MAGAts in the House tried to get through yesterday. They tried to force the military to reinstate all of the servicemembers who were discharged for refusing the COVID vaccine. I don't know where to begin... wait, yes I do: I'd have discharged them in 8 seconds. I was in the military for 24 years. I estimate (it's hard to be sure, even with shot records) that I received AT LEAST 80 vaccines while in service. Eleven anthrax, alone. Was I happy about it? No. Anthrax made me feel like my arm was burning off, and it got worse each time. When I received the small pox vaccine in 2003 (while in the gulf), by body was so arthritic I could barely walk OR WRITE WITH A PEN. That bad. It was a strong, somewhat unusual BUT HEALTHY REACTION (I know because my boss was so concerned he called the aid station when I hit day 7 of this). I was getting this shot for a disease that's 100% contained but someone thought there might, maybe, sorta could be a chance of a chance that Saddam could have some. For that. So, I could then go off and fight in a war (I only got shot at by Scuds & Katushas a few times and once by friendly fire). But, guess what? I VOLUNTEERED to do it. So, no matter what level of stupidity and inanity (and believe me, there was more than I can quantify over the years), I CHOSE to do it (was I able to get an exemption for small pox 10 years later? Yes--based on my reaction. The fact it REALLY had no purpose by 2013 figured in my CHOICE as well). Choices though--97% of the time in the military, our choice is simple: do it or face discipline/leave the service. As George Harrison said, "That's the way it goes."

So, to hear those servicemembers WHINE about a shot they have to get (during an actual worldwide pandemic that killed 1.1 million people in America alone)? Fire them. ALL of them. It's a VOLUNTEER MILITARY. Oh, I forgot to mention--do you know how long they had to decide? EIGHTEEN MONTHS. It took 18 months for the military to discharge them, so they had PLENTY of time to contemplate their decision. And make no mistake, they DECIDED. As I said, I'd have discharged them immediately (and yes, over the years, I SAW people refuse shots, individually, and get discharged. I saw a major, in Korea in 2005 throw his entire career away because he decided his personal ethics forbade it. HE MADE A CHOICE).

So, now imagine telling the military, "Servicemembers can now disobey you AND be rewarded for it." That's exactly what the MAGAts tried to do yesterday--FORCE the military to reinstate servicemembers who ALREADY placed their personal whims (yes, they are whims) ahead of their OATH.

So yeah, I'm a little fired up.

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Regardless of whether the allegations hold up, this is nothing but the truth - that he is an astoundingly stupid, common criminal who managed to "win" an election to become President. We must not let him "win" again.

"If the allegations hold up, “the former president is a common criminal—and an uncommonly stupid one.”"

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Jul 28, 2023·edited Jul 28, 2023

'It sounds like he was a one-man wrecking ball, aimed at our national security.' (Letter)

How's that for a line about our former President? I see subscriber, Michael Bales, opened his comment with it, too. It's a line worth repeating!

Ruth Marcus, Associate Editor of the Washington Post, who HCR quoted in today's Letter had a few more things to say about him in her Opinion today, 'New indictment proves Trump never learned the first lesson of Watergate'.

'If the allegations in the latest indictment of Donald Trump hold up, the former president is a common criminal — and an uncommonly stupid one.'

'Everyone knows, as the Watergate scandal drove home: The coverup is always worse than the crime. Everyone, that is, but Trump.'

'According to the superseding indictment handed up late Thursday, even after Trump knew the FBI was onto his improper retention of classified information, and even after he knew they were seeking security camera footage from the Mar-a-Lago storage areas where the material was kept — in other words, when any reasonably adept criminal would have known to stop digging holes — Trump made matters infinitely worse.'

'The alleged conduct — yes, even after all these years of watching Trump flagrantly flout norms — is nothing short of jaw-dropping: Trump allegedly conspired with others to destroy evidence.

As set out in the indictment’s relentlessly damning timeline, Trump enlisted his personal aide, Waltine Nauta, and a Mar-a-Lago worker, Carlos De Oliveira, in a conspiracy to delete the subpoenaed footage.'

'Consider: According to the indictment, on June 22, 2022, the Justice Department emailed to a Trump lawyer a draft grand jury subpoena for security camera footage. The next day, the former president called De Oliveira — who has reportedly worked for Trump for almost two decades — “and they spoke for approximately 24 minutes.” Hard to imagine what that might have been about.'

'After that, the pace picked up. Nauta claiming a “family emergency,” changed plans to accompany Trump to Illinois and made a secret trip to Florida, where he met up with De Oliveira. On June 27, 2022, De Oliveira met with another Trump employee, and, after saying the conversation should “remain between the two of them,” asked how many days the server retained video footage — and advised him that “the boss” wanted the server deleted.' (WAPO) For a gifted link to Opinion is below.


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What about the 187 minutes?

Of all the egregious offenses Agent Orange has committed, I think the one where he sat in the white house, watching television, while the seat of government was being attacked, is by far the most damming and provable.

I do hope that a charge of dereliction of duty, specifically aimed at that 187 minutes, is high on the list of the upcoming Jan 6th indictments?

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"Trump allegedly conspired with others to destroy evidence.” If the allegations hold up, “the former president is a common criminal—and an uncommonly stupid one.” [Ruth Marcus] Oh, but tfg is 'innocent'. And he is still out there on the 'campaign' trail, with just too many people who don't have eyes or ears (or a brain for that matter) to see through this liar's schemes.

And then trying to impeach Biden - I'm shaking my head in disbelief.

Can someone please read out the Constitution of this country to all these traitors and uneducated airheads?

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Thanks Dr. Richardson fir spelling this out in layman’s terms . Easy to understand.

First, someone correct me if I am wrong, but, wasn’t today the anniversary of America finding out about Nixon being involved in the Breslin of Watergate , and we learned that many minutes of the White House tapes had been erased?

Second, Frumpy’s looking at about 450 years in prison on the original 31 counts of violating the Espionage Act. Now, with these extra charges it’s a possible additional 30 years. This isn’t counting the other charges in the Mar-a-Lago documents case already in the works. We still have indictments coming for his part of causing January 6th attempted coup. We still have indictments coming from Georgia. I’m also expecting indictments from Arizona and possibly New Jersey. He’s going to be in court for the rest of his life!

One last thing before I call it a night. President Biden had put this country back on an economic path that is beginning to look upward. The stock market has had better days this week, the last two days, since the latest economic report came out, than it has had since 1977, they reported. A solar company is going to open a fifth factory, with an investment of over $280 million, I think they reported. This will be even more jobs. Things are beginning to look up.

The House of Representatives are doing nothing. All they are focused on is finding dirt on President Biden. They are focused on nothing else. No bills are being passed. No budget is behind passed, let alone disbudding anything. The Trumpublicans that have taken charge of the House of Representatives are going to try to destroy Bidenomics, the economy, everything. That’s their big plan. Sit on their asses and do nothing but hunt dirt on our President that isn’t there.

If we don’t vote BLUE 💙💙💙💙 in 2024, and give the House of Representatives, and the Senate a “Super Majority”, and keep it that way in 2026, and 2028, we are making the biggest mistake of our lives. We also need to put Biden/Harris back in the White House in 2024.

I can assure you. If the Republicans take the White House, and keep majority in the House, plus gain it in the Senate next year, we will be voting our last time. There will not be another election in this country. The Trumpublicans will compete destroying our democracy, our Constitution, and our free way of life.

We will then be under a Dictatorship.

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Trump depended on the loyalty of his fellow criminals to keep his secrets. Loyalty to him. He forgot (never knew?) the old maxim: there is no honor among thieves, as the secrets are slowly dripping out. The enormity of Trump’s disloyalty to our country and our Constitution couldn’t be plainer. And the GOP extremists want to burn it all to the ground to prevent accountability and in toddler fashion push their agenda? More traitors. Every. One. Of. Them. Yes, they must be voted out but also must be held accountable-every one. Is there a Constitutional end run that decent folks in Congress can pursue to circumvent the traitors? They cannot be allowed to derail the successes achieved by Bidenomics.

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I enjoy reading your posts; very excellent Letters from An Outstanding American! I'm sorry for adding to the title. I sometimes have to say certain things! You have covered the things from today that have been on my mind and brought some others to my attention. My attention is stretched these days.

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A good day. Republicans in disarray, and an increasing likelihood of justice being done vis a vis DJT.

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It’s becoming more apparent by the day that Biden and the Democrats are grownups in the room, and the Republicans are the petulant children throwing one tantrum after another.

The evidence also mounts that TFG was well aware that his retention of government documents was illegal. People who believe in their innocence don’t hide or attempt to destroy evidence. That’s what guilty people do.

Mitch McConnell seems to be deteriorating; physically and mentally. I’m hoping someone can convince him, and Diane Feinstein, that it’s time to step away.


Find a cool place to stay today. It’s going to be a scorcher.

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I know the future of America is important and today’s letter is filled with economic and political news, but I’m almost speechless, yet not surprised by news of the “discovery”: tfg’s and his accomplice’s latest crimes. Our Justice Department deserves recognition for staying with this case. TFG is so sure of himself and because he has escaped prosecution or punishment like a mob boss, he must be surprised or not, that his crimes and punishments are catching up with him. And he even has a Mar-a-lago employee who is honest. “In the Washington Post, legal columnist Ruth Marcus wrote, “The alleged conduct—yes, even after all these years of watching Trump flagrantly flout norms—is nothing short of jaw-dropping: Trump allegedly conspired with others to destroy evidence.” If the allegations hold up, “the former president is a common criminal—and an uncommonly stupid one.” We will stay tuned and follow this case as it moves forward, but for now, I’m more than thrilled for our country. Because Justice and Truth may prevail. Now, if the repubs could possibly transform and do the job they promised to do for the American people, wouldn’t that be a bonus!

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Thank you yet again for zeroing in on, analyzing and elucidating, the most pertinent news of the day and focusing our attention on what is most essential. All the noise that is put out in various news sources too often masks what is most important. Reading you makes me better informed, clearer and smarter. You give us the full picture like no one else. I am grateful.

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"Trump plotted to delete video from security cameras"

We elders will be reminded of the "Rose Mary Stretch"

Google it.

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