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Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) and member of the January 6th committee was on Rachel Maddow's show last night to highlight his "Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy".

It has been just one year since the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent happened to his family - the loss of a child. His beloved 25 year old son, Tommy, committed suicide on New Year's Eve. The funeral was January 5th. That alone was an unimaginable and tragic situation. On January 6th he, one of his daughters, and his son-in-law were in the Capitol building. His description of the moments when the building was breeched and they all were being moved was gut and heart wrenching on all levels.

Raskin was appointed lead House manager of the 2nd impeachment of trump on January 12th and he is a member of the January 6th investigative committee. This man's strength, fortitude, conviction, and physical/mental ability to get up every day to fight on a personal level and for this country is simply awe inspiring. I, as so many others are, am so grateful for who he is, what he stands for, and that which he has accomplished. IMO, Representative Jamie Raskin stands out as an American hero.

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I want to know more about right wing religious extremist activist Ginni (Mrs. Justice Clarence) Thomas' role as a Trump advisor. From the beginning, she met regularly with Trump, to draw up an 'enemies list' of Executive Branch officials serving in positions she wanted filled by like minded Trump loyalists. And at the end she was on social media promoting the Jan 6 rally. In between, the Thomases dined at the White House. The phrase 'Thick as Thieves' comes to mind.

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It is not possible that the threat of major networks boycotting a live speech by trump Jan.6 2022 sucked all the power from it? He should have to use his vast fortune from donations to buy air time. When he ran against Hillary he was like coke up the nostrils of all of the media, and he was wily enough to keep just enough rage and crudity in hie “performances” to bring him millions of dollars worth of free airtime. Free campaign TV that Hillary never got. If a tree falls alone in the forest and there was no one to hear it, did it fall? If we can stop being curious about him, he will not be able to have enough oxygen to survive. It will take legions of us to tell news outlets that we refuse to see or listen to him.

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It's early, lots of family (unpolitical) stressors right now and probably crabby because it is day 5 of dieting, but:

I am SO FREAKING SICK of the entire group of anti-vaxxers!! THIS BLIZZARD is EXACTLY what we feared would happen, thanks to all of them. I am tired of hearing "I'm doing my own research" and if you say, really? What is your source for your abstracts? Is it peer reviewed? Double blind? What is the hypothesis? ANY OF THAT and you get a blank stare, F-no you are NOT doing any "research"!! What you are doing is running a needle in a flame and taking out a splinter in your pinky finger and comparing yourself to a heart transplant surgeon. No comparison. PERIOD.

I have also tried the approach of logic, saying, you know how you get an antibiotic and the doctor says to take the ENTIRE prescription? It's because if you cut off early, you don't eliminate all the bacteria and they can get stronger then. THIS is why we want to get as many people vaxxed so there aren't people left to catch and be a living petri dish to incubate mutating viruses!! (And I do a face palm when I hear that they take it till they feel better than save it for the NEXT time they have an infection. These type seem to get a LOT of infections.)

HOW many people have to die till this gets through these thick skulls? The ONLY part of this that is worthy to me is that the GQP is decimating their own! However, having family/friends who are immunocompromised and vulnerable makes me ..........good grief there aren't words.

Be you Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan............any person who has belief in a higher power of some kind, lets all take a moment this morning to appeal to that power to get this pandemic under control!

Apologies for the capitalizations and the overall rant, and I know, preaching to the choir. :(

I encourage you to use my analogies here if you find them suitable. Disseminate them like dandelion seeds and perhaps they will take root.

Have a good day all.

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I cringe when I see the name Hannity, just as I shudder when TFG is mentioned day after day! How any WH would want to have someone like Hannity as an advisor is beyond me. But, of course, the former WH was not just "any" WH! Evil binds itself to more evil, greed to greed, and thus, gains momentum.

"Hannity is apparently being represented in this matter by Jay Sekulow, a lawyer on Trump’s legal team, rather than lawyers from the Fox News Channel. While Sekulow has indicated he will object to the committee’s invitation on First Amendment grounds, the fact that the Fox News Channel seems to be standing back suggests that the corporation does not see the committee’s invitation as a First Amendment case involving freedom of the press and in fact might well be concerned that one of its lead personalities is connected to an event that should have been reported to the FBI." HCR

How I hope that Hannity will get his knickers in a twist and spill the beans, but my optimism is probably ill-founded in this case. Thank goodness that TFG will not be speaking on the 6th -- more than his name, I can't abide his voice!

“When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn and bomb, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love. Where evil men seek to perpetrate an unjust ‘status quo’, good men must seek to bring into being a real order of justice.“

– Coretta Scott KIng from ‘The Words of Martin Luther King’ (London Collins Found, 1985, p.51)

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Sean Hannity: college flunkout who Roger Ailes famously said was a "loser with a talk show about to be canceled when I plucked him from obscurity because I knew he'd do what I told him."

That the collection of clunks around Trump, and the head clunk himself, are such an obvious collection of losers and morons, it's downright embarrassing that these people are the major threat to the republic that they are. It's like being run over by the Energizer Bunny.

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How do Hannity, Meadows, Jordon and the rest of them justify their subversion of our republic? They are traitors.

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Doesn't it sound like a good day to UnFox your Cable Box? Robert Hubbell has the links:

"One of the reasons Hannity is immune from pressure by advertisers is that Fox News receives a share of the “basic cable” fees paid by cable subscribers like you and me. Even if you don’t watch Fox News, if you have cable that carries Fox News, you unintentionally support Sean Hannity’s dual roles as Trump confidant and news-provocateur. One way to pierce Hannity’s immunity is to join a campaign to have Fox News removed from your basic cable package. Details are at UnFox My Cable Box."


While we're at it, let's brush up on who's who among corporations donating to the Sedition Caucus (the "GOP objectors," the 147 Republican members of Congress who voted on 1/6/2021 to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election) and those refusing to. Judd Legum's list of corporations refusing to donate to the Sedition Caucus: Airbnb, BASF, Eversource Energy, Lyft, Microsoft, Dow, American Express



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Hannity's messages aren't "advising" the president so much as openly discussing that Trump isn't trustworthy and needs to be manipulated to mitigate inherent danger to the party.

Creepy to think all involved saw this kind of relationship as necessary means to their desired ends!

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It's hard to not feel schadenfreude on reading the closing line. Just like it's hard to not have the last Christmas cookie.

Oh, what the hell....

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Hannity says "I never claimed to be a journalist." The very next sentence reads "Treading carefully to reassure Americans that the members of the committee are not interested in undermining the independence of the press..." Does everyone see the non sequitur? Why is the Committee preserving the fiction that Hannity is a journalist when these texts (not to mention a decade of partisan commentary on air) prove otherwise? Hannity, and Faux News, are as independent of Donald Trump and the Republican party as Pravda was from the Politburo.

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`I never claimed to be a jornalist"; thay's right, Hannity is a consigliore to a crime Boss, Co-consprator No:1.

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FOX is consistently in bed with right wing extremism. When Sean Hanity says “I never claimed to be a journalist”, he is giving notice that his job at FOX is not journalism though the FOX format presents him a journalist commentator providing views and information based on facts secured through journalistic activities. No doubt FOX would use Freedom of the Press to protect themselves against lawsuits aimed at them and their political commentators.

When the Holmes verdict came out, FOX published a report focused on President Biden's contacts with Holmes, claiming that Biden gave Holmes and Theranos credibility. No where did FOX mention that Murdoch, their owner, along with many other very wealthy recognizable and high tech investors had invested in Theranos. Their "news" is all about their promotion and political support for the most extreme right wing agenda.

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First! And praise the goddess. The logjam is loosening.

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Slight critique: Has Hannity EVER even been a “news reader”? He’s an opinionater, a bloviator.

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(regarding Hannity) "the committee are not interested in undermining the independence of the press"

Honestly, this sounds like a Saturday Night Live joke.

When did Hannity become part of the "press"?

Rather, he is a (well paid) member of a right wing propaganda generation organization and mostly does advertising for money. He has nothing to do with press or news or facts of any kind.

He is a long time Charlatan that makes money harming people.

For example, Hannity has never smoked in his life, but, he routinely advertised Juul electronic cigarrettes as helping him quit with a "healthy" alternative. Two lies in one sentence. He never quit smoking because he never smoked and Juul is hardly a healthy alternative AND Hannity has never used Juul.

In fact, Juul got their start and grew their business with Hannity's lies.

He is just a crank who wants money and when he smelled power, well, that smelled good too.

If we had any kind of FCC Hannity would have been shut down long ago, BUT, the FCC is probably paid off by Fox now so Hannity is all good.

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