I used to hold off until morning on reading the Letters because so many bad things were always happening in that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I tackled tonight’s Letter just fine and was right to do so. I can sleep just fine knowing things are finally on the right path. Wow. What a time to be alive and aware enough to really appreciate this History we are going through. I was so in the dark during the Nixon years and started to catch on during the Reagan years, but without someone like Dr. Richardson giving us all this background and context ... well, I am simply so grateful. Thank you!

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There’s a huge difference between cooperation and obstruction or withholding classified documents that don’t belong to you.

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What Attorney General Garland arguably lacks in forceful personality, he more than makes up for as a litigation tactician of the first magnitude.

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Whilst we are talking about justice, please note that Jim Jordan (and others) refused to obey a subpoena for the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol investigation and now he will be in control of the judiciary committee. The arc of injustice moves very quickly. https://judiciary.house.gov/committee/chairman

Inmates running the asylum ?

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Jan 13·edited Jan 13

The Republicans just can't deal with government officials doing the right thing, which Garland has done. I have no doubt the special counsel will learn the truth and be guided by the law. Still, I'm troubled that Biden didn't launch a review of his files after the Trump scandal broke. He's inadvertently handed the extremists a gift.

Meanwhile, after reading more of Trump's intensifying nut-job blather about Jack Smith, I'm struck how he is slowly but surely falling to pieces. He's going to take the Humpty Dumpty route when he's finally indicted.

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Trump’s mental decline and emotional breakdown is clearly getting worse by the day, and he may be in a straight jacket before the authorities have time to put him in an orange jumpsuit. Also, I heard people in the media criticizing the DOJ for not revealing sooner that documents marked classified were found at the Penn Center and Biden’s home. They seem to lose sight of the fact that the search executed at the Mar-a-Lago residence was meant to be kept secret, as the FBI agents appeared in plain clothes. It was Trump himself who blasted off his big mouth and revealed it to the world. It seems to me the DOJ did the right thing to not make it public until this info somehow leaked out and they had to address it.

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Are any politicians actually concerned with running the country or just remaining in a state of constant turmoil ?

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Professor Richardson, thanks for reminding us what a brilliant AG Garland is and his team seems to be top notch as well. May the PBs go down and take DT down with them!

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I agree, if you investigate one you must the other and see where chips fall!

But the bigger picture for me is, is there no accounting system for removal of classified documents (by whom, when, where and date returned, etc?)? Then if not returned by specified date, some sort of follow up be done? Maybe have an extension but all documented!?? For me, if there was a good accountability system, neither one would be in this predicament!??

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Two people get into car accidents.

One stops. Makes sure no one is hurt and exchanges insurance information with the other driver.

The other drives away without stopping. Later when the police come to his home he tells them the dent in his fender happened when he backed into a hedge of roses. When they continue to interrogate him, he calls them racist names.

Which one is Donald J. Trump?

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At first I was dismayed at the DOJ for appointing a special counsel to investigate the discovery of classified documents in Biden's quarters after he and his aides followed the rules and immediately notified the National Archives and returned them--the direct opposite of trump's behavior of refusing to comply. I have now come to see it as a God-send. When trump-appointed special counsel Hur declares there's nothing there to prosecute, we just might hear a deafening silence from the other side that gleefully compared Biden's actions to trump's. There is a quiet sense of satisfaction of what goes around comes around...let's see!

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Music to my ears...from a guy positioned to hear the music: Trump posted "Smith is known as 'an unfair Savage'"..."Jack Smith hates me". Sounds like Trump needs a change of underwear!

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Thank you again ,Heather, for illuminating what we should know going forward.That he who unleashed the mob is still free and walking about fomenting hatred lo 2 long years ago when he and his mob tried to overthrow our government and tried to negate my legally caste ballot is troubling.I am not a conspiracy theorist but I find it quite odd and intriguing that this document “find” comes right at the heels of Jack Smith amping up his investigation and hiring several new prosecutors.

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I hope folks don’t take this the wrong way. And, after I say what I have to say, I’ll try my best to explain why I say this. But, “here goes nothin” as they say.

I have some reservations about these “classified documents” being located in President Biden’s old office he had after leaving the Vice Presidency. And then another document located in his home I’m Maryland, beside his Corvette.

First. Why are these documents all of a sudden showing up at locations affiliated with President Biden?

Second. I’m very cautious of the comparison to the documents which Trump had located. At his home in Mar-a-Lago, and in a “locked public storage shed”. Seems very suspicious to me that this is ideally about the same as President Biden documents being found.

Third. Just exactly what is the level of this “classification” of all these so-called documents?

Now, let’s look at these documents cases side be side.

Trump was asked to return all his documents to the National Archives. He supposedly returned some and said that was all he had. The National Archives disagreed and requested all documents be returned. Trump refused, which inevitably led to the Federal Search Warrant being served and his home searched. Here “hundreds” of “highly classified”, “top secret”, and “classified” documents were located, most being in Trumps office. Others scattered about the home in different locations, all of which had access by just about anyone. Oh, I must EMT further the ones also located in a “storage area” of the home. Again, accessible by just about anyone.

A short time later, more of Trumps “highly classified”, “top secret” documents are located at a PUBLIC STORAGE LOCKER in West Palm Beach! Now, folks, if you know anything about these storage facilities, they are truly constructed to be able to house “top secret” “highly classified” documents. These facilities are so secure that a 20 year old could walk into one of them, if he so desired.

Now, here we have documents found in Trumps office and in his home in Mar-a-Lago. In comparison classified documents are located in Biden’s office he worked out of after his service as Vice President.

Documents are located in a public storage facility which Trump had. In comparison, a document is located “beside President Biden’s Corvette in a locked garage at his home in Maryland.

Something stinks about this whole thing to me. This is way to much identical comparison for me.

Now, you have Trump screaming about his documents were taken from his home, his office, and his storage facility, and he’s being “persecuted” because of it. Trump immediately screams that Biden should get the same treatment as he’s receiving from the DOJ.

Really, Donny baby?

He reminds me of a “Don” that had evidence “planted” to get attention from him to someone else. And this is exactly what this looks like to me.

How many years has it been since President Biden was Vice President?

Don’t you believe that if there were “classified”, “top secret”, “highly classified” documents missing from the National Archives that Biden had, the Archives would have acted before now to get them back? Exactly as they did with Trump?

I hope what I have here makes sense to you, but as a retired law enforcement officer, I’m extremely “suspicious” of this all of a sudden showing up “on Biden’s doorstep” so to speak. I have a lot of questions I’d like answered, and I’m afraid the people I need to ask would claim “the 5th” and not answer anything.

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At times the intrigue is so clever and at other times it seems so poorly written. I thought it was all unbelievable when 45 was changing the leaders of every conceivable cabinet, post and department almost on a monthly basis. Trying to put the why’s in place with all the historical facts and data that Heather shares with us pretty much daily is now so helpful! It’s made this American wonder at times if anyone was in charge of the asylum after November 2016. No one could’ve written a more unbelievable story and yet the perpetrator of it all is acting even crazier and he’s still not in jail. Pretty incredible

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Factually, there’s a huge difference, and people of good faith would accept that that but politically, especially these days, if you’re explaining, you’re losing.

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