I didn't think I'd be quoting a Republican for one of the more salient comments about both Trump's and the GOP's general insanity, but Ben Sasse was on point: "Adults don’t point a loaded gun at the heart of legitimate self-government.”

However, it's distressing that they've waited until the 11th hour for him or Romney or anyone else too speak out. It suggests that, although there's fewer than 3 weeks to go, they too feared any potential effects of a Trump lashback on their tenures.

DId the dangers of Trump's actions only now dawn on them? What, after 4 years, was the last straw whereupon they now feared "an assault on our democracy that, if it succeeds, would make Trump a dictator and remove all their power?"

Forgive my cynicism but this reeks of pure opportunitism whereby some can claim to have disassociated with Trump, because it suggests that until now, they've implicitly thought Trump was on the up and up about immigration, climate change, racism, xenophobia, and cruelty to his own citizenry. Sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this. It's much too little much too late.

On another note, it appears that seditious and/or threatening attacks are de rigeur. Noted nutcase Lin Wood (who bizarrely predicted that Vice President Mike Pence could “face execution by firing squad” for “treason.”) is not the only prominent example. Steve Bannon ("put their heads on pikes"), Michael Flynn (suggesting imposing martial law), lawyer Joe diGenova (Chris Krebs should be drawn and quartered and shot at dawn), and 17 attorneys general and 126 GOP congressional representatives (who signed on to Texas's law suit attempting to nullify votes in four states where Biden won the election).

When did the US lose the will or ability to mitigate overt antidemocratic behavior? Where is the DOJ? Where is law enforcement? Where are the voices of Sasse and Romney and others condemning these actions? In the "old days" someone like Lin Wood making such statements might have been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric or penal institution for some electroshock "therapy." It was in a recent HCR column that we learned 11 or 13 Congresspeople weren't reseated after failing to condemn the South's secession prior to the Civil War.

Lastly, this Congress and this Administration have missed a textbook opportunity expressly suited to invoking the 25th Amendment. Trump has done so many things that are antidemocratic, anti-American, and outrightly criminal during his term. Suffering no consequences, he's taken a new tack: "It seems clear that, with no chance of proving this election fraudulent, Trump is now trying to incite violence."

And yet, none of this was enough to justify his removal. I'm assuming people believe it's not worth the effort with days left before January 20th. However, failing to consider this remedy brings me back to my earlier conclusion that it's just political opportunitism so that some can claim to have disassociated with Trump, but that until now, they've implicitly thought Trump was "just being Trump" or "telling it like it is."

Sorry, this just doesn't cut it. If nothing else, Trump's Administration has proven the Constitution and our model of representative government to have few, if any, teeth. If we're serious about continuing to pursue "American ideals" we need to be willing to draw the line between free speech and seditious speech, between "no person is above the law" and "being above the law is purely situational depending on how much money or power one has." We need to be more discerning about accepting "laws" that limit our Constitutional rights to vote, assemble, demand transparency, and expect the powers of Articles I, II, and III not to be used against our well being.

In short, we need to be ready and willing to say "Fuck, no, we're not going to take it."

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Any attempt to incite violence against the government is sedition: Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state. Accordingly, trump should be charged and arrested if violence erupts as a result of his references to seeing his supporters January 06.

What concerns me is whether any of his favorite strongmen (e.g. Putin) will support his continuing attempt at this coup. The US is so vulnerable right now, with political division, our hospitals overrun by victims of the virus and no federal leadership except for the limited demonstration thereof Biden/Harris are able to play.

In prior inaugurations, I’d almost chuckle when a reporter would note that a peaceful transition of power was completed, thinking ‘well, why wouldn’t it be peaceful?’ What a luxury that was, one that can’t be taken for granted ever again.

Never has a countdown seemed so slow!

To Professor HCR, and to my fellow HCR fans, blessings for peace, health and prosperity in this new year! 😊

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18 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes, 9 seconds

until Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 12:00:00 noon (Washington DC, District of Columbia time)

To me the new year 2021 starts on January 21st.

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With passage of the NDAA, I am happy to be starting this new year with anti-corruption law passed bipartisanly and look forward to corrupt abusers being held accountable.

I am relieved to have a stronger divide between trumpists and our military.

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I have never understood the word Conservative as it applies to the politicians who call themselves Republican and am not excited about Romney and others call the "Republican Party to the true conservatism it abandoned a generation ago" Seems to me that over the past Century+ it's been conserve their individual wealth and power not conserve our democracy or our natural resources... Conserve the white male dominated institutions not the idea of justice for all.

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Baseball Hall of Famer and 20th Century philosopher Yogi Berra said “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” but just when will this be over. It should have been over when Pennsylvania declared Biden the winner of its electoral votes, but it wasn’t. It should have been over on December 14, when the Electoral College certified the election results, confirming Biden as the next President, 306 votes to 232. But it wasn’t. Even after a disastrous string of lawsuits seeking to overturn the election results, losing or having tossed out of court 60 of 61 challenges, it should have been over. But it wasn’t. Anyone but a masochist, or Trump, would have faced the inevitable reality that it was over. But it still isn’t. Now we face the political theater of January 6, when the ceremonial task of accepting the outcome of the Electoral College vote should declare this election over. But it probably won’t. Finally, at noon on January 20, when Biden is sworn in, it should be over. But I fear it won’t. With Trump seditiously encouraging violence by his supporters, this may not be over until Trump is locked away, either for tax fraud in New York State, or committed to a psychiatric facility as a threat the nation. I am SO looking forward to having adults back in charge of the nation.

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HCR, it sounds like Sasse is reading your daily letters! His tactics have changed significantly in the last few months, to using source citations and academic style in order to present himself as the "rational Republican." As a resident of Missouri, I can attest that Hawley is deeply, deeply stupid and suffers excessively from Whiney White Man Syndrome as well. There are some who are trying to present him as the new "intellectual" in the Not-the-Party-of-Lincoln but, as in the attempt to cast Gingrich as anything other than a sleazeball goniff in the 1990s, he fails every test for maturity, intellect, and rationality. This is a blatant and cynical ploy to capture some of the more deranged of the Cheeto supporters. In Missouri, this population is made up of rural residents who are characterized by extreme levels of opioid addiction and death, gun violence--especially domestic violence against women and children--and extreme racism. These are the people he wants as his "base." He is a pathetic and revolting specimen of the "new" GOP.

Dems could make this really fun by challenging electoral college votes for Trump in the states where he "won." I know they won't but I don't understand why there are no pundits around who are suggesting this. They could also challenge the legitimacy of the election of "Republican" senators and congresspeople in the states where Biden-Harris won. I would enjoy that.

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Although I love/rely/depend on your Letters for their invaluable perspectives, I have to admit that there have been days (or the wee small hours of the morning) that I have had to steel myself to read them. Those were the days when the exhaustion of the fight were overwhelming, and I just didn't want any more confirmation of the fact that Trump was only an evil pawn of a figurehead for an evil and constant force arrayed against the shining light of democracy that is our country. But read them I must, and read them I did.

Ah, but today, a sense of satisfaction! The action of the veto override and the acceptance of the processes of our election PROVE your underlying message that elected representatives bow to our influence as voters. And, to our influence as participants in the process of government.

I do not think this represents a wave of democratic realization. Their actions are too little, too late, and too self-serving. Our participation, for the most part, has been at the end of the game, at the ballot box, instead of at the beginnings in focus groups, party participation at the local level, and contact with our elected officials. But it is still a clear and recognizable milestone to be celebrated and built upon.

In the words of the recently published profile of you, your schedule is "unsustainable," and your gifts to us have been at great personal cost. We need to find a way to continue the information flow beyond your expected "retirement" 100 days into the Biden Administration. Perhaps a Think Tank could be established and writings prepared for your review prior to publication? Perhaps a consortium of scholars who could supplement your expertise in the Reconstruction of the South with concentration on other periods of American History? Perhaps your writings could be collected in a text book with discussion questions for local community groups and/or high schools, since our current civics education is so lacking? I, for one, would gladly join and financially support such a group and/or effort.

Thank you, again, Professor Richardson.

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So some republicans found some backbone, but only because at this point they have nothing to fear from trump. They should not be applauded for doing their jobs, but questioned as to why they have refused for four years to reign in their monster and put a bit in his mouth. Sadly the republicans that have stood up in support of overturning the election will not even face even public censure let alone being denied their seats and charged with seditious acts by the democratic leadership which has shown itself to be equally toothless and cowardly.

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Please enjoy a touching review of 2020 by the Birmingham Choir as they sing “Auld Lang Syne:”


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I am old. I am a registered Republican and shall remain so, if only to vote for the most sensible or perhaps the least looney in the primaries.

I have seen the deterioration of my party, and would love to see it return to what it was, or at least evolve to something better than it is.

Perhaps it will. I hope so.

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Jan 5th and 6th are going to be 'lit' in Washington, DC. Trump's Hotel upped the cost per night to over $5K, as his grift never ends; he's going to fleece his suckers for all they can afford. The Proud Boy types are yakking on social media about all the planned violence in DC, which not incidentally is a city that has a lot of proud Black Communities. Meanwhile, on the antifa social media, seems like everyone is warning "stay away, because you will just play into their hands if you show up". I think that is very wise, and hope the younger hotheads listen. My prediction: any 'antifa' types who do show up will turn out to be imposters, who will do damage as show for the cameras. Media needs to carefully do their research and figure out what is really going on. This is all street theatre. Except when it is not, and people get hurt.

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Happy New Year and thank you, HCR, for a pithy distillation of the NDAA. I never could have waded through it.

'Tis a pity the Republicans now abandoning Trump couldn't have found their ethical mojo sooner. (Romney excepted, sort of.) Gotta go where the wind blows, right? Even the Conservative store window display of personal responsibility, integrity, etc. isn't worth the effort any more. Everybody knows it was only for show so what's the point.

So now we have the congressional endorsement of the Electoral College vote, the Georgia Senate election, and Inauguration with President Biden sitting in the Oval Office to get through, and it's finally done.

We can start to clean up the mess.

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Why do I still have a sense of insecurity even though Romney and Sasse spoke out against their colleagues? Yes, I am very glad about the passage of NDAA but I can’t help but have a sneaking suspicion that there is something further up the GOP’s sleeves.

Why is it that I got kicked off of Twitter for saying things about Fake 45 but he incites violence and murder and gets a slap on his wrist?

Four more days until the Georgia runoff is determined. I await with bated breath.

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Yay. I’m first on the First. “Thank you, Heather,” does not begin to convey my gratitude for your intelligence and eloquence. Cheers from Texas.

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It is clear to what voters Josh Hawley is aiming his Trumpian positions. Remember, in 2019, Hawley easily defeated Missouri's Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. And just look at the margin by which Mitch McConnell defeated Amy McGrath. It is those voters about whom Americans should be concerned. They are not going away.

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