I am so proud of President Biden. We’re so lucky to have him. 🌷🙏

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"Capitalism without competition is exploitation." - Pres. Joe Biden

For an American president in 2022 to associate 'capitalism' and 'exploitation', even at the distance of a qualifier, is remarkable. The Biden administration is redefining the dangers of monopolies in a way which further repudiates the Chicago school of economics' creed of 'greed is good.'

Businesses are responsible for more than profit making. Who knew? The Sandy Hook victims have proven that in court. For the victims of gun violence to win a case against a gun manufacturer, is I think unprecedented.

There is hope. And a lot of hard work ahead.

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“The U.S., NATO, and Ukraine are not a threat to Russia, [Biden] said, and we have no beef with Russian citizens.”

An open, democratic Ukraine is no threat to Russia. An open, democratic Ukraine is a threat to Vladimir Putin, because it might well lead to an open, democratic Russia.

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What an excellent summary of the news today, Dr. HCR; thank you for your reporting.

My heart is broken for the Sandy Hook families; their statements following the verdict kept me in tears. The devastation they must feel is beyond comprehension.

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Biden is doing a great job drawing this country out of the abyss Trump dragged us into. And as. HCR so brilliantly points out (again!) he is leading us back to true prosperity by putting the people and the workers at the focus of his restoration politics. Onward!!!

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"In all the chaos surrounding the former president, the actions today of the current president, Democrat Joe Biden, seem to be getting short shrift. This is unfortunate because they say a lot about his reorientation of the U.S. government.”

For this, I mostly blame the White House, leadership of the Democratic Party and all allies, for they apparently know nothing of the importance of framing. One of the key ingredients to frame issues is to always stay on the offensive with one's overarching frame. I don’t even seen a consistent frame from any Democratic Party leader! This is 1/2 heartbreaking and 1/2 agonizing to me.

This frame could be “Competency and compassion in leadership.” For example. Repeat again and again, and have every Democratic leader speak to competence. "Competency translates as maintaining steadfast attention and consistency to purpose, as in maintaining one’s vision on the end result,” Pres Biden could say. Have Senators repeat a similar refrain....

"Every successful person knows the value of steadfastness in their work and in relationships. Here, I remain steadfast to reach agreement with Mr Putin on what is best for Americans, and all Russians and people throughout the world. You can count on my steadfastness, to build a fresh, lasting relationship with Mr Putin.”

I would then expect Sen King to finally say something worthwhile, as simple as, “Jut like previous examples of airlifting safely more than 100,000 people out of Afghanistan and getting NATO to recently respond in unison, the President shows maturity and steadfastness ....”

In this case, compassion and competency along with related language must be a continuing thread SPOKEN BY LIBERALS AND ALLIES (were this the frame the Biden people and Dems wish to use) ..........

Is there anyone else on this board who understands the significance of framing, other than practically every conservative, and thankfully there are not many on this board ....

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Very informative column. While the situation surrounding Ukraine & Russia continues to be tense, I have less stress than I would if the previous WH occupant were still in office. What we are watching (with more international players) reminds me of the JFK/Khrushchev tense standoff over the Cuban missile crisis. I also appreciate the straight-forward presentation of information by Biden. Again, so different than it would be if the other one were still in office.

As a side note, I just hope that anyone complaining about inflation is reminded of how not one Republican on the committee showed up today to vote on the 4 Biden nominees to the Federal Reserve - the place that could start addressing the inflation. Another day of The McConnell Two-Step Shuffle.

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Good things keep rolling in and media focuses on telling us about Biden’s polls. Polls can be skewed in many directions. We don’t hear how broad the samples, how many loaded questions, how many pre-determined answers, etc., etc., etc.

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Feb 16, 2022·edited Feb 16, 2022

What a great deal of news there was today! Thank you, Heather, for sorting it all out for us with such meticulous attention and clarity.

I was especially riveted by President Biden's words to the American people:

“'This is about more than just Russia and Ukraine,' [Biden] said. 'It’s about standing for what we believe in, for the future we want for our world, for liberty…the right of countless countries to choose their own destiny, and the right of people to determine their own futures, for the principle that a country can’t change its neighbor’s borders by force. That’s our vision. And toward that end, I’m confident that vision, that freedom will prevail.'"

And of particular note is your highlighting of the fact that he serves and answers to us -- to the people. It warms the heart to hear a president place such value on that role.

I worry so about Navalny -- he will never come out of prison alive. He should never have returned to Russia. His fate is sealed by Putin, poor man.

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It's an ironic twist of fate that this eastern-European geopolitical crisis is offering America a more compelling focus of attention than the sordid story unfolding around the 1/6/21 House Special Committee's work. It would be comforting to me to know that the committee is aiming it's investigation squarely at TFG and his immediate entourage in light of the implications for the mid-terms and 2024 election cycle. From my viewpoint, they can take all the time in the world to track down every minor player in the story in multiple states, or fail to complete that aspect of the investigation altogether in deference to exposing the behind-the-scenes White House story behind the elections fraud and interference with the business of the House in certifying the election. I care a lot more about seeing TFG "locked up", either literally or figuratively, by shining the blinding light of scrutiny on what happened at the top of the food chain to instigate and direct this sad chapter in our nation's political history. I can only hope that there is a wisdom behind the committee's current focus as well as the DOJ's relative silence on the topic with respect to the former president and his immediate advisors culpability surrounding the election and its aftermath. Please, please tell us it's something other than a failure of political courage to pursue them relentlessly to submit to the call to appear before the congress. I care not one iota for any "respect for the office of the presidency" in failing to chase this gangster right into a cell-block as soon as humanly possible. Possibly however, allowing him to continue hanging himself by inches with his own outbursts is part of the strategy instead of clamping a gag on him through indictment and closed-door depositions, hearings, pre-trial discovery activities, if he even can in fact be gagged by anything short of a dish-towel.

Biden's continued visibility on the world stage regarding a crisis with real implications for the entire world is a wonderful antidote to the garbage that has been manufactured as "news" about the effectiveness of his efforts at governance on the domestic side of his agenda. And, to think that we can thank Putin himself for that opportunity... go figure!..

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For President Trump, it’s all over but the shouting, and he’s going to jail… or should be, and most of that shouting will come from America’s self-anointed power brokers and the intellectual pygmies of today’s right, followed by our disgusting, illiterate white trash, the so-called Christian Right, the infamous white supremacists and misguided criminals and the millions of American Black hating fearful ignorant intolerant racists that decorate and warmly support today’s Republican Party, all 50 GOP members of the senate, in short, the unadulterated white scum of our deeply troubled racist nation.

Governor DeSantis and a few other racists and misguided political whores will slide into Trump’s loafers behind Gov. George C. Wallace, and they will rise to the top of the ugly brew that lubricates 70 million or so - as the 80 odd million Democrats fail to remember ugly George C. Wallace and the Dixiecrat fascists that were no better that today’s GOPAL… or far worse, as hanging was their method… and they got away with it for decades. President Biden, for his part, will continue to do his thing, and his energy is incredible… considering his multi-burden challenge and the vanishingly small Democrat majority and the polls on coming.

We are in trouble… as all know. Putin likes to keep us off balance, but we can do that all by ourselves.. we do not need Putin the lead our circus… or the freak show off the big tent.. where we spend ourselves waiting for the fat lady to sing, thinking we are at the opera when we are really just watching old reruns of The Lone Ranger … and The Shadow… on AM radio… on Sunday night… with Jack Benny and Rochester the only class… with Clark Kent in for relief.

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Also in the news, the judge and jury both dismissed Sarah Palin's case against the NY Times for statements that were apparently incorrect and that Palin felt were damaging to her. The Times had corrected their report immediately, before Palin had complained. The court decided she had not proven intentional malignment by the Times.

The work of the January 6th committee that shows who supported for the insurrection and overturning the 2020 election should include FOX. This plus the obvious and continuing support given by FOX to the insurrectionists, to lies about the election being stolen, to the misinformation of those opposing all public health measures addressing covid19, to the blockade in Canada affecting our commerce, all demonstrates a pattern of knowable damage to our nation that far exceeds anything that can ce justified as free speech without malice towards our nation, the American people. FOX has been a knowing perpetrator of false, misleading and intentionally seditious material, far more destructive and damaging than anything printed or aired against any one person. We should find ways to seek damages against FOX just like Sandy Hook parents pursued against Remington.

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Thanks to Democratic voters, Biden is president, and four years of abuse from TFG should have come to an end. But the dangerous buffoon has kept it up, as if anyone can stand to hear any more. He even recently boasted about the size of the crowd at the insurrection. Yet very soon, he will be put under oath and deposed in connection with civil lawsuits, and he will have to emerge from the comfort of his habitual lying.

His businesses are in the first stages of utter collapse. Which goes to show, if he had sold off his holdings when he became president - as he should have, to avoid conflicts of interest -- he wouldn't have to sell assets at fire sale prices now. A delicious irony.

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He's both angry and afraid. Standing there in front of Trump Tower, he's suddenly realized a shadow has fallen over him, and he's looked up to see the grand piano of karma that got pushed off the roof and is hurtling down straight at him.

Forget imprisoning him, just leave him moneyless and publicly exposed as a fraud, and let him just stand there... with any luck, the massive fatal myocardial infarction would happen within 30 minutes.

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Feb 16, 2022·edited Feb 16, 2022

Biden's speech hit just the right notes. Clear, candid, and reassuring about America's intentions. Imagine for a moment what would be happening if Trump was in office. There would be no unified NATO front, no U.S. arms and other support for Ukraine, no threat of devastating sanctions against Russia, and Putin would have a green light to destroy the country and kill tens of thousands of its citizens. Trump would watch news reports with perhaps the same glee he watched the Jan. 6 insurrectionists storm the Capitol. And Europe would be left with a chilling question: how far west will Russian tanks and troops go?

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It’s over at FOX FIX.

Even CNN will get it.

With the effective Lanny Davis Esq., looking on, the impressive young Representative AOC questioned Michael Dean Cohen, Esq., and he answered quickly, succinctly and honestly and buried his former client - a massively obese mafia boss with a bloated orange face and yellow hair.

The circus clown is done…

MAGA is busted.

Though connected at the waist, The New York Times was never wired… where the wiring was needed… till the brilliant Suzanne Craig received what came in the mail from the honest niece, and did the math… the inquiry will now move to the bankruptcy department.

Michael Dean Cohen’s was the first step -

AG’s James’ is close to the last.

Commercial bank loans will now be called… certain death to Trump - it’s a bit like what happened to Al Capone with his taxes… in Chicago. That went quickly… and the syndicated boss went to jail… with old Joe Kennedy watching.

Mozars USA - decision to dump Trump terminates the willingness in established accounting from certifying Trump numbers. No respectable firm will pick up this account.

For any bank… that terminates loans…

Loans in real estate have a clause that requires the CPA to approve an audit… and to certify that federal, state and local taxes and are up to snuff….

Mozars has just stated that years of audits and taxes are questionable. This is certain death to Trump et al.

No real estate concern can exist without huge footings, huge borrowed money… and the infamous willing complicit corrupt German bank will be swept into this whirlpool - and the whole damn mess will be sucked under… and drown… in liquidation.

This is a certainty. And it will happen quickly… with other banks calling in loans to the leading Trump banks…. Initiating a circular collapse and bankruptcies of subsidiaries… with the expected impact on family members… as those that serve this bastard jump ship.

Properties all over the Trump orbit will come on the market…

Trump Inc… is in liquidation. The mafia boss will have no friends.

This emperor has no clothes.

Kushner is kaput… and that marriage will dissolve.

Congratulations to Ed Pilkington and The Guardian.

Donald Trump’s legal woes threaten to engulf him as accountants abandon ship


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