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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 13, 2022

Dr. Richardson:

When I was in third grade all us boys were chasing all the girls around the playground with them screaming as if they were about to be caught by huge monsters.

When and IF we did catch them, becuause, some were pretty fast, we laughed and had a second of an awkward moment, then, went back to the chase.

Sadie Hawkins day cinched the deal for all us boys when (probably forced by the teachers) all of us were selected by one girl for the day to be "theirs".

Now, don't get me wrong, I will be happy to let any adult make the choices they want to make for their private lives. Very seriously.

But, there is absolutely no reason at all, none, to introduce ANY topic of a sexual nature in K-4 grades.

So, I still think the laws are stupid because: NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT SEX in any way in ANY Classroom in America in K-4. I never heard a peep about that stuff from any kid or any teacher.

This stuff is all just a fake by the Republicans to distract Americans from being robbed by and shafted by Republicans as they pass laws to place pipelines across our front yards.

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