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the times we are in...I am gapemouthed, drop jawed, flabbergasted, and pissed off. The rise of the radical christian right (lower case c on purpose) as evidenced by our purely evil speaker of the house, is beyond the pale. Their sanctimoniously fake piety is worn as the emperor's new clothes, transparent for all to clearly see...and yet. This mf is 3rd in line to the most powerful position on the planet...which, by the way it may not be for long, if these jokers continue to undermine our ability here at home and abroad. There are so few repubes that are worth a damn, that every last one of them needs to be expunged from public life, and any hope of political power and influence. This of course, is pure fantasy...but one can vent. Thank you Dr. Richardson, for keeping us abreast of the times we are in...and continuing to serve as a beacon of light through these darkening and foreboding times.

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Is anyone in the world surprised that the head of the Florida Republican Party stands accused of rape and that his Moms for "Liberty" wife is an outrageous hypocrite? This is the Republican M.O.

And the Rs are going to be way more concerned about the threesome than the rape.

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I am old enough to remember when Franklin Roosevelt, in an isolationist America, crafted a remarkable Lend Lease program to support Winston Churchill’s England survivAL against a Hitler-occupied Europe.

I recall how the United States spearheaded the creation of NATO (and the sharing of our ‘national sovereignty’) to form an international military coalition to confront Stalin in Europe.

I applaud President Biden for orchestrating the global riposte to Putin’s brutal initiative against the sovereign state of Ukraine, as he sought to create a Greater Russia.

This commitment to preserve sovereign Ukraine has a two-forked objective:

1) to prevent Putin’s creeping into sovereign countries that border Russia; and

2) demonstrate to China that the ‘free world’ is galvanized to prevent Chinese territorial creep, especially as it relates to Taiwan.

Regarding Ukraine, the citizens have been fighting a courageous and deadly war against a much larger Russian military for close to two years. The United States and others, especially European countries, have been providing imperative military and financial support to the Ukrainian boots on the ground.

Initially it seemed routine to obtain essential funding to provide continued support to Ukraine. A recent request to Congress was for an additional $60 billion, with another $14 billion for Israel, and further billions for the immigration imbroglio.

Initially House Joker Johnson ignored the Ukrainian funding and sought to link the Israeli $14 billion to a financial offset of reducing the previous funding commitment to enhance the IRS by a similar amount. This ridiculous Trumpublican initiative swiftly evaporated.

Now the Trumpublicans have launched a more dangerous ‘hostage-taking’ initiative. As the funds to support Ukraine’s desperate battle for survival are running out, these Trumpublicans—including ‘pro-Ukraine’ Mitch-the-Switch McConnell— are demanding that there be a major initiative on ‘border immigration’ before Ukrainian funding could be considered. PSHAW!

Immigration has been an ongoing American historical issue for many generations. In recent decades it has been exacerbated by the swelling desire of foreigners to seek safety and a new life in the United States. This is not simply an American problem. In Europe millions of foreigners desperately seek an European refuge. Many thousands have died in their desperate efforts to obtain a new life.

Linking desperate Ukrainian funding to some immediate ‘resolution’ of the intractable immigration issue is an unconscionable Trumpublican blackmail. These two issues are totally disconnected.

Our national commitment to Ukraine harkens back to the creation of NATO in 1949. This is directly related to protecting the sovereignty of Ukraine against a Putin (Stalinist) Russia. If America’s leadership of the coalition supporting Ukraine crumbles, this would greatly weaken the global pro-Ukraine advocates.

By contrast, the ‘immigration border’ issue is an ongoing imbroglio that has not been greatly ameliorated by Republican or Democratic administrations.

Certainly some ameliorations of the current situation are possible. This would require a bipartisan commitment to address real-world issues AND to work with a willingness to consider common sense compromises. For many years the Republicans have not been willing to engage in such bipartisanship. More recently, the Trumpublicans have chosen to bloviate rather than negotiate.

Congress will soon leave on its extended Christmas vacation. Currently there seems to be scant possibility that additional imperative Ukrainian funding is a priority for Trumpublicans, as they use ‘immigration’ as their nonsensical hostage.


In my 90 years I have seldom seen anything as unAmerican.


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As ever, every Republican accusation is a confession.

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President Biden: “Make no mistake: Today’s vote is going to be long remembered. And history is going to judge harshly those who turn their back on freedom’s cause.” Everyday we are losing our two party system and watching the repubs compromise our Democracy. Today’s letter is another collection of repubs’ choice of control and destruction over governing. Read it carefully and share with friends, neighbors, colleagues who aren’t paying attention or are weary of the continuing conflicts. Some people say they are tired of the games repubs are playing. We better all get serious because destroying our Democracy is not a game.

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Putin runs Trump and Trump runs the GOP. The GOP since WWII and before have been rabid anti soviet communists,

Now they work and support the Soviets and like Joe Biden says can engage us ultimately into a war and the great potential for a Nuclear Holocaust. We may be talking about the death of democracy and possibly the world as we know it. Vote, Vote, Vote!!!! Thanks Heather.

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And so the Americans who fell at Omaha beach and Gettysburg and Lexington died for nothing. The modern Republican Party would gladly trade what cost so much in blood and treasure to promote autocrats everywhere, and especially to elevate a criminal psychopath as the first American dictator.

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Make no mistake. Joe isn't bluffing. And yet the Republicans seem to think they are playing Russian roulette.

Seriously, what's the difference between a Republican, a Trump Republican, and a MAGA Republican? I know some will say 'when they've got a gun to your head, what's the difference?'. But still I wonder.

Lindsey is full of crap as usual. Have you ever seen Trump joke? I don't think he's capable of it. When he tells you the truth, believe him.

Mike Johnson, Holy Moses! Does he think he's fighting a religious war?

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Thank you Heather.

I just finished reading tonight's Robert Hubbells Substack article regarding Trump not hiding his intent to become Dictator.

Heather's Letter is pretty much putting icing on the cake for the plans we never dreamt were possible for the Country I grew up in.

Where did we go so horribly wrong, so fast?

Be safe. Be well.

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"Johnson apparently believed he was speaking privately. He told the audience that the Lord called him to be “a new Moses.”"

There are few things more dangerous than a human being who claims to be the voice of God.

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Just the idea of betraying the Ukraine weakens the USA, much less actually plunging into that abyss.

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Republicans just repeat making fools of themselves.

But they also play games beyond risky.

Tommy football brain Tuberville risked U.S. military security. The high-placed Florida Republicans playing sex trio games risked only underlining their public posturing morality hypocrisies. And Senate Republicans risk much, much more by playing their games at the expense of Ukraine aid, as Heather Cox Richardson well quotes the adult Biden on the cost of continuous Republican foolishness.

She further puts it all in proper context by noting the high-placed Republicans either quitting now, or announcing they're so fed up they won't run for more time in their fools' offices.

This leaves their orange clown-in-chief making the biggest charades of all, underlining what fools, dolts, hypocrites, and football brains at best remain in the clown show.

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“ Republicans in Congress…are willing to give [Russian president Vladimir] Putin the greatest gift he could hope for”

Well, there you have it. Could it be any clearer? Maybe Biden should just spell it out for the common people to understand: the Republicans are paid by Putin and his associates to deliver America to him.

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Where are the Democratic voices loudly criticizing the Speaker of the House for blurring faces of Jan 6 protestors before making the films public? All those unidentified protestors won’t be recognized by friends and family— he is covering up their crimes. We were all witnesses to Jan 6 including him. Some like Jim Jordan even planned it. Why is this tolerated?? The Senate Democrats have a majority right now. Why don’t they use it instead of wringing their hands and asking for money? Kamala Harris has cast over 50 votes in the Senate to break a tie so thank goodness for that. It cannot be emphasized enough that voting in the primaries is vital. The usual 20% turnout will not stop the bullies.

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We keep saying that they are going to destroy democracy. What democracy? Where’s majority rule? THAT’S democracy. This 60-vote ‘bovine scatology’ should end. Because of it, we have unlimited guns on the street--majority does not want; women have lost a right--majority does not want; money drowning the political system--majority does not want! There needs to be profound adjustments to our political system to return it to majority rule. And by the way, get rid of the freakin’ Electoral College! Anyone thinking that massive voting by the left in 2024 is going to result in a non-chaotic adjustment to the left, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale for you.

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"“Make no mistake: Today’s vote is going to be long remembered. And history is going to judge harshly those who turn their back on freedom’s cause.”"

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