We, the People of Georgia, have spoken.

It should never have been that squeaky close, but a win is a win and is to be celebrated.

I must say that I am disappointed that newly reelected Senator Warnock in his speech tonight did not also thank all the get out the vote groups like Red Wine & Blue; and Jessica Craven’s Chop Wood, Carry Water; and The Union, and Indivisible, and Substack authors like Robert Hubbell and you, Heather, who kept up our spirits and urged us to action.

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Show time tonight was in Georgia. Not in Arizona. President Trump was trashed in Atlanta, Georgia by Black women, just as the Black women decided to elect President Joseph Biden when James Clyburn uttered the three words that made history and flipped the nation: Joe knows us.

Chips and jobs and jobs and jobs are most important, but the Senate is more important. Rev. Warnock’s victory in Georgia ends Sen. Mitch McConnell’s reign in the senate and likely his career and all senate committees will have Democratic leaders and Democratic majorities. All Democratic senators will worship Sen. Warnock.

Modest President Biden’s record matches FDR’s in 1932. Historians take note. President Biden is a master of the Senate and he is quietly changing American and the world.

Joe knows us, too, and we whites can learn from the Blacks in Georgia - about tolerance and the wisdom of President Biden.

Cause for optimism? Not yet, but it’s a huge improvement. Georgia’s Black voters saved us all by voting, by passive resistance, by voting for the Democratic candidate that may now lead the Senate as the preacher that he is.

May God bless Black women. They performed when the chips were down, smiling.

And Joe does know us - all.

Arizona joined the union in 1912. Arizona just elected an honest governor. Newscaster Lake is toast. TV promotor Trump is slow meeting Justice and will be charged, tried and convicted. He will be sentenced to home detention. He will be our first president jailed for life with consecutive sentences.

The Big Lie is going to jail in his big tent.

Jack Smith will now roll.

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Amid all the extraordinarily good news today, I missed the president's visit to Arizona and his update on the economy and big boost for manufacturing. What a great day for America!

Trump, of course, deflected blame for his company's huge loss in court, which portends him likely facing charges for financial crimes — both state and federal.

I hope someone points out to Trump, whose loser status is approaching legendary status, that Joe Bidden keeps on winning. This is the first midterm election since 1934 when a Democrat held the White House that no Democratic Senate seats were lost.

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Today was full of excellent news. Life IS good.

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Cheers for the Democrats and the United States of America! More good news about the Biden Agenda and the DOJ doing it’s job. And still in our country, with an understanding how racism and antisemitism can escalate into a War: “I do not see this just as a Jewish issue,” Emhoff said. “This is an issue for all of us. Because we’ve seen this before. This is how it started 70 years ago. So I don’t want it to feel normal. I don’t want people to think, ‘Well it’s just words, it’s just Kanye.’ No. This matters.”

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I am so giddy tonight! Trying to find my tap shoes. I want to make noise as if it’s New Year’s! 🎉🎉 It has been an absolutely incredible highly tense day. A Warnock win is exactly how democracy was saved, for all of us, by the voters in Georgia. So much legislation can now be accomplished without a knife driven in by Mitch McConnell and his evil ilk. If I am right, Biden can fill judges and nominees to benches, even quicker than he’s already done. Also, we might even see him expand SCOTUS. I sure hope so! I want to take just a breath right now.

Trump Org is guilty which means Weisselberg ain’t the only one who should be held responsible.

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I will no longer tolerate people on Facebook running down Democrats on my posts. The people who do it are mostly not MAGA. They are lefties who hate Democrats. There is enough of that in the news as the media seems determined to keep this president from getting his due.

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Dec 7, 2022·edited Dec 7, 2022

Trump Corporation CFO Allen Weisselberg has found out how he was repaid for not turning on TFG and his family ( by telling who directed him to break the law.). Now he’s being thrown under the bus and described as a rogue employee who came up with the scheme, even though there’s a memo with TFG’s initials on it. It seems that TFG is able to convince his minions that, although he’s turned on past loyalists, that they know how to keep him from turning on them—until he does. His past is littered with people who were very successful until they worked for him: Rex Tillerson (global head of Exxon); Michael Flynn (lieutenant general), etc.

I hope, as the projects are completed and people get good jobs, that the American public realizes that Biden and the Democrats are who has their best interests at heart.


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Republicans make no effort to govern, only to destroy.

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Now that the D's have that slim majority do the committee assignments change? Will D's be chairmen, particularly the judicial committee? More judges appointed?

Ps we owe the voters in Georgia a huge thank you 👍

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Excellent news.

I didn't know what a felony conviction of an organization meant, but apparently according to Michael Eppner it means that banks can claw back their loans (refinance is gonna be a challenge with higher interest rates) and the govt can break any contracts they have with the felon organizations (think super high cost whole floor at trump tower forced on the Secret Service and extremely expensive digs at Maralago, for 2. Not guaranteed, but given that this is just the fiddly tax evasion stuff and there are more prosecutions to come, bashing Weiselberg seems unwise.

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Yeah! What a fine day for Democracy! ...Also Ukrainian drones struck deep inside Russia hitting targets at three Russian Air Force bases. Now, only if the FBI could find the Proud Boys who shot up that North Carolina electricity substation causing a black out for over 40,000 people.

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Dec 7, 2022·edited Dec 7, 2022

To reinforce the legal news part of today's essay, here's how Joyce Vance put it: "The legal system is in high gear."

Continued thanks, Heather, for your good and important work. I wrote the following to Vance and would like you to see it too:

If there were a nutrition label for my daily information diet, three of the most important ingredients would be

Joyce Vance

Heather Cox Richardson

Robert Hubbell

What a trio! For proper nourishment I make sure to get my RDA (Recommended Democracy Allowance?!) of these thoughtful and thorough servants of truth and the rule of law.

GA: I phonebanked and wrote letters to GOTV for Warnock. Phew!!

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My satisfaction with Raphael Warnock's reelection was muted by my disquiet that his margin of victory over Herschel Walker was by only a single percentage point. Walker' candidacy was so atrociously bad that to call Warnock's victory 'progress' drains the word of all meaning. Walker's voters, and by extension, Trump voters, have so disrespected our country that they have forfeited any claim to our trust to preserve whatever is good and praiseworthy in our country. I see them as the functional equivalent of the most irresponsible people in our society --- serial abusers, drug addicts, con artists and scammers. You don't give the keys to the car or your house to people who demonstrate such poor judgment as an act of defiance. In my lifetime, I cannot recall any candidate for public office whose who was so fundamentally unqualified for the office they were seeking, including the former president, Donald Trump, although each of them is a close correlative of the other. Stunning.

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Today was a fine day, a very fine day! Congratulations Georgia on your Senator Warnock win! Thank you for your record-breaking voter turnout. Fabulous news, too, that the tRump Organization was found guilty on all 17 counts. I hear the footprints of Jack Smith coming closer down the halls of justice. And gas and food prices are coming down. If this is what getting back to normal is like, I want it to continue! The snub of McConnell and McCarthy was the cherry on top of a scrumptious day.

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