Exactly, and the response from key Republican figures in next 24 hours will reflect whether we have embarked upon our Second Civil War, or whether a young democracy dedicated to the proposition (however imperfectly executed) that all are created equal can survive the recent treason and tumult.

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I am comparing yesterday's LFAA about John Brown and the speed of his fate to today's quotes from TFG and all that he has done. Is it not long overdue for a perp walk in cuffs? Why is this traitor a free man?

Will I live to see justice for America?

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Thank you Heather.

I don't even know where to start.

If I got up on a soapbox and said I wanted to overturn an election from 2 years ago, place myself as the Leader and burn the Constitution, I would be summarily taken to an insane asylum. Rightfully so.

Trump has taken his playbook to an entirely new level.

Your turn GOP, what is your response?

Be safe. Be well.

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You would think everybody would have a night off, it’s Saturday, yet the most traitorous statement yet, it just gets worse. All republicans who do not speak up are complicit. Germany 1932, history repeats itself.

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That guy's brain is seriously disturbed. That those who still back him don't recognize that makes one question the functioning of their brains too.

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If this statement doesn’t bring Republicans to understand DT’s intentions and what they would mean to the country, it’s time to confront individual Republican members of House and Senate. Given the ignorance of many of them, I am terrified of the result. We can only hope that Rev Warnock wins and that President Biden can communicate the importance of democratic values.

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Well, he has said the quiet part outloud now. He has fully identified himself as a domestic terrorist bent on inciting a violent insurrection against the United States government so as to be installed as a dictator. His reasons are obvious: he feels entitled. The consequences are potentially very dangerous and undefined.

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Sounds like treason to me.

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It’s funny though that the GOP loves that 2nd Amendment to this Constitution Trump suggests be overthrown. Bit of contradictory pickle, there.

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Truth be told, I'm not concerned about Trump's ranting about the Constitution. No one is going to act on that and the lack of reaction from Republicans doesn't surprise me. No, I am much more concerned about what is real, and that is the antisemitism that is being ignored by Republicans in Congress.

And I am concerned about the normalization of the views of Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes, and Alex Jones and their ilk. I am scared for my safety, for the safety of my family, for the safety of my religious community! This is real.

Trump is realizing that too many legal problems have coalesced at the same time for him to bat away one or two. The law is coming for him and he knows it. Of all the cases against him, at least one is going to get him and he is terrified. My only concern is that I can't imagine what a terrified Trump will do to try and safe his skin!

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It is now time to recognize this as not only criminal but serious mental illness.

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Words fail me. How is tfg even relevant after everything he's said and done publicly; how can the Repugs continue to support him with all the revelations of misdeeds and evil over the years? I know, they cannot see the truth and the facts in front of them, and this phenomenon is truly astounding to me. It boggles my mind that, in the early days I tried to ascribe it to people being gullible, but now I reluctantly believe that many many people are just not capable of critical thought. I can only hope that intelligence and perseverance from non-Repugs including the next generation will save our democracy, as clearly the Repugs don't care. More important than ever, we must help as many people as possible exercise their right to vote. I feel mentally exhausted.

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what's new about this scenario? nothing. O.K., he's found a way to dive a bit deeper, attacking the constitution as well. There's viral, and then there's VIRAL. I'm beyond being scandalized, but not beyond being supremely annoyed when this guy keeps capturing the attention of news-makers. I'd prefer hearing more about lobsters, sugar maples, almost anything other than the king of MAGAots.

Interestingly enough, the silence of the GOP is actually a good example for the rest of us. Let's all just not respond, rather than dishing out the affirming scandalized responses that keep more of this garbage coming. I'm not participating on "Truth Social"...nor Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or any of the lesser known social media sites. The only way I know about this is that the press has parroted it as news. I think we all need some form of detox therapy, so we can finally turn our eyes away and stop giving tfg the attention he doesn't deserve.

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Earth shattering, says Heather Cox Richardson! Yes. Yes, Indeed. The latest noise from twice impeached, now multiply threatened former President Donald John Trump is EARTH SHATTERING. Trump wishes to destroy our basis of government - and he makes this clear - as his actions have made clear ALL HIS LIFE.

Fascism is ugly. Trump is a fascist. Republican silence is supportive of his fascism. Over 70 million Americans support Trump Fascism.

Trump Republican fascism was clear in the blatant racism spewed by Trump in plain view throughout his life. Racism is the Cardinal Sin of America from its colonial days and colonial roots.

All parts of America have been racist. Most still are. White historians blind to Sundown Towns today are racist. White campuses and white newspapers blind to racial discrimination are effectively if not deliberately fascist.

Tonight’s writing by HCR is outstanding. Where it leads is another question.

It’s pointless to feature the sin of American life since The Mayflower and ignore today’s problems.

Daily mass killings in our nation are a tell. These killings are so common we no longer read about them unless the reach to Uvalde or Buffalo or New Town or Columbine or Aurora or ....

Whites are the killers. George Floyd was killed by white police. Such killing is common. Republicans do not care.

Not one campus in America has spoken out. Not one. Why? Of what is each afraid?

Tonight’s HCR writing connects some dots, ignores others. Substack writers are increasingly important.

Yale History Professor Snyder and Steve Schmidt and all important MSNBC segments share my thoughts and feelings and fears. Each struggles to connect the dots. Ari Melber’s words last night spelled it out. MSNBC is attacking Tucker Carson. MSNBC is attacking FOX.

Campuses are silent. No exception. Mass killings are terrifying campuses. Racism cuts deeply those that are and those that aren’t racist. Racism spares no one.

Silence on campuses about campus racism is racism itself. Fascism and racism and Republican racism and Republican extremism and hatred are campus topics ignored on campuses.

Suicidal tendencies, suicide by cop, group violence and slaughter of many by one is feared. Silence will not address this threat.

Tonight’s HCR Substack arrived early. December is the end of a dreadful year. Perhaps killings will motivate.

Denial does not work.

Trump will be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced. He will be a convicted criminal. He cannot walk down Fifth Avenue and shoot people with out being arrested and charged and convicted and sentenced.

Trump will be sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life.

Sadly, over 70 million American citizens and quisling Republicans now fascists will still vote.

Democracy is about demos. The mob.

And mob rule and the party system were most feared by the Founders.

The Founders and their followers were not able to address slavery and oppression by intolerance and Salem Witch Trials and the KKK. FDR feared admitting Jews. We fear admitting some persecuted people from Ukraine today.

Who are we? Who are you and I.

And what are we going to do about it?

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I’ll archive this summary overview for posterity. I’m appalled at the behaviors of most Republicans who still defend or hide. There are people who had good reputations, seemingly clear moral compasses, and trusted influence that are ruining their own lives and legacies ... and for what? Is there something else going on in the background we just can’t see, haven’t exposed yet?

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