Bring it, Joe. Bring it. The Republicans are like schoolyard blowhards. They talk tough but can't take a punch.

Seriously, though, it's long past time for the White House and Democrats in Congress to pushback against the constant stream of lies. Confront them with the truth.

Also, thank you for this enlightening history lesson.

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No 'semi' about it. They are fascists.

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Strongly approve of this more pointed rhetoric, as the USA fights the huge current threat to the survival of our constitution and our global standing as a citizenry that supports truth-telling versus lies. As a student of Nazi Germany and Hitler's bamboozlement of a nation with catastrophic consequences, I see many parallels in MAGA Republicans ' attempt to turn back the national clock to a regime of repression in education, free speech, sexuality and civil rights. Let the strong voices of multicultural America , from the age of 5 to 100, ring loud and clear! The whole world is waiting!

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So delighted to see this change of attitude! Go, Biden!

“President Biden’s Twitter account has recently been taken over by new White House's Deputy Director of Platforms Megan Coyne, who garnered attention when she ran the official New Jersey Twitter account with attitude, and it seems as if the administration is taking the new saltiness out for a spin. ‘All the talk about the deficit from the same folks that gave an unpaid-for $2 trillion tax cut to the wealthy and big corporations. It makes you laugh,’ the account said tonight. ‘Under my Administration, the deficit is on track to come down by more than $1 trillion this year.’”

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Heather's account of Representative Anson Burlingame's 1856 rebuke of a southern bully was inspirational. It's unfortunate, but it's come to this; a coarse, braying minority representing a would-be dictator has cowed too many folks that believe in civility. As we all know, the schoolyard bully is typically a coward. I live in an area with an over abundance of these people, frequently seen driving jacked up Dodge Ram pickup trucks flying multiple in-your-face flags and sporting disgusting bumper stickers. I wonder if these pot-bellied rednecks realize just how many of us "laptop liberals" quietly conceal a serious arsenal of our own. Good for Biden. Good for Garland and the DOJ. But if it should ever come down to it, good for those with the wisdom to "speak softly and carry a big stick".

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At long last Biden is sharpening his tounge! Bravo, Mr President.

Regarding the South's perpetual and very delusional sense of superiority – they seem to be content having the preponderance of folks below the poverty line and believe it to be a badge of honor. How sad for those who work night and day to just get by.


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Dear Heather,

You are such a huge gift to your readers. Thank you for every letter.

Robert Ogner

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AFAIC, it is long since high time for Biden and all the other Dems to start launching repeated punches to the throat and kicks to the crotch, call out the christo-fascists and seditious fomenters of domestic terrorism in plain terms for what they are and what they're doing. No more handwringing over how nasty the other side is playing, no more ceding the messaging terrain. Own the high ground _and_ the low ground. When they go low, kick 'em in the chops. Hard.

I hadn't known about Megan Coyne, but if she's coming out salty and with attitude, I say, "You go, girl!" Tell it, expose the treachery and BS for what it is, simply and straightforwardly and loudly, again and again and again, so that the uninformed and apathetic out there figure out that our country is at stake.

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Just a note: today is still Saturday for me and tomorrow in 1955 14 yr old Emmett Till was abducted and murdered by members of the KKK in Mississippi.

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Thank you, Professor Richardson, for another insightful Letter.

Some thoughts:

Personally, I’d rather we stop calling them MAGA Republicans and start calling them Trumpists because that is what they are.

Those who embrace and repeat the Lie should be called out as liars and challenged at every opportunity to prove otherwise.

Stephen Miller has somehow avoided much attention, although he has begun to rear his head recently. He and Bannon – to my mind – are two of the most insidious players of the bunch.

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So here is the huge difference between then and now in my mind.

The Southern politicians were, in one very important sense, honorable. They stood up and declared that they were slavers, which they were. They spoke the truth. They were proud of it. And their idea of civilization built on slavery had worked well (for them) for generations in the South, and had been a core part of most great empires of the past. Egyptian civilization, Hellenic civilization, and Roman civilization had all been built on the backs of slaves.

The Southern government is now seen as a moral abomination, but they were carrying on a tradition that had deep roots in tradition and history, but during a time of rapid change -- industrialization -- where slavery was simply losing its utility: it could not compete with machines. One can argue a moral case for "necessary slavery." There is absolutely NO moral argument for "unnecessary slavery."

The modern Republicans are entirely different. They hide their intentions behind lies. They cloak their actions in secrecy. They engage in Orwell's Doublespeak, continuously and exclusively. They promote, not an honorable duel or war, but instead covertly stoke civil unrest, sedition, betrayal, terrorism, and collapse.

The system of government they pursue is both a moral and functional abomination. They are not shooting for a grand civilization, like the Egyptian, that had slaves and lasted for nearly 3000 years. They seem to be shooting for, at best, a model like Nazi Germany, which lasted a whole 12 years. Or maybe the Soviet dictatorship/oligarchy, which is what, maybe 30 years old and already dying?

But I'm not sure they have even that much foresight. I think it's entirely possible they have completely swallowed zero-sum economic darwinism, and are just bouncing around in a pinball machine hoping to hit a personal "jackpot" slot and maybe bang a few times on the "own the libs" ego-boost bumper.

The modern Republican Party is entirely dishonorable, shameless, craven, and banal.

The Civil War ended with the South being accepted back into the Union, with a vow of upholding the Constitution. It was a different time and culture, and perhaps this trust was not as misplaced as it seems now. The South ventured and lost. They surrendered and gave their word.

We don't have that luxury with the Republicans.

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How is it that I had never heard of Burlingame’s speech? Thanks as always for the history lesson. :-)

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We have to call fascists fascists. Since I was 17 (I’m originally from Florida) I have had a lot to do with German people, some of whom were drafted into Hitler’s war when they were 15 and 16 to be sent to the Russian front. So many of the women who witnessed their sons and brothers being sent off into that war told me: “we should have spoken up early on. We weren’t aware of what was coming, but there was a brief time when we could have resisted Hitler, and then, almost overnight, doing so could cost you your life.”

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Way to go, Joe! I have been very frustrated with the Democratic marketing of their progress and standing up to the loud idiots on the other side of the aisle.Love to see all the Republicans backpedaling on their anti-abortion propagada as they realize it is so unpopular. They are so out of touch with what most Americans want and care about. Time to have a Congress that actually represents the people instead of bowing to the special interest groups that pay them. Will it happen?? Have to hope that it will at some point. Fantastic if it were November.

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I believe in calling things what they are. Direct is clear! Biden needs to be clear. Although I guess Republicans are only "semi"Fascist at this point because they do not have the power to be full on fascists. If given the chance they clearly would be. Look at their state elections and voting policies. The Republican policies under Trump are clearly authoritarian and unAmerican. Why not name it? I have not trusted one single Republican President in my lifetime. Why should I? When I was a child my mom was talking about Nixon like he was as racist as a Nazi. In addition to his Watergate involvement that would have had him impeached if he had not resigned, he and Kissinger were having a covert war on Cambodia that was treacherous and sickening. He was replaced by Ford, who pardoned Nixon, and showed that presidents get away with being treasonous crooks. Ford was not well regarded for that, especially since he was not elected into his presidency. Reagan's new deal reversed our prosperity. In fact, his destruction of our social welfare program was just plain racist! Even if more White people were benefitting at that time from social programs, he pretended that his reason for pulling the rug out from the American people, was to prevent Black welfare queens from scamming the government. Now Americans are so stressed from their lives that many have become mentally ill which is evidenced by the huge number taking opiates and embracing conspiracy theories. Enter QAnon! He certainly helped set the stage for Trump. Under Reagan the national debt soared and the wealth concentrated in the top 10 percent with the lions share in the top 1 percent. It is crazy and unhealthy. https://www.jibei.org/media/1264/our-think-tanks-white-paper-on-income-inequality-in-america.pdf


Trump is now the most clear fascist of them all. Those who follow him belong to the party of Trump. Trump has been a Democrat, now he claims to be a Republican, but really he is just for the Party of Trump. He is not an American in spirit. He is for sale to the highest bidder and imagines himself friends with Despots around the globe. The more fascist the more he admires them. If Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Genghis Khan, or King Leopold II were still alive he would be telling us about their good qualities and trying to make friends with them. Duarte is out so he has to be satisfied with Putin, Jong-un, Erdogan, Jinping, el Sissi, Bolsonaro, and al-Assad. That is that he admires people who have power and exercise it in bad ways. Something does not tick right in him, which is why it is so disturbing that millions follow him and see him as the Chosen one. What is wrong with them?


Biden is right about MAGA Republicans being a threat to our economic security, but also to our national security. Who is going to trust the USA at this point? Who will be our allies? Anyone who we can trust? We will have to do a lot to overcome the dirty that Donald Trump has done. Let Biden tell it like it is!

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We love Joe!

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