This is a frightening situation, and yet, President Biden quietly moves forward with his agenda. He reminds me of you, dear Prof. HCR, in his determination and candor. We need that steady hand at the helm.

Those fascist lies that have been blazing across US headlines for the past five years give such pause for concern, but let's not lose hope. Trump did not win, Biden did! Covid numbers are looking so much better and so many of us have been vaccinated. A long ignored genocide has, at last, been recognized. We're back on the international stage in a humanitarian role. Some things are looking up. We mustn't become complacent, and careful vigilance is de rigueur, but at least we have a competent human being as POTUS.

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While the Repubs are interested in letting Rome burn, it is masterful that Biden and his admin are quietly but effectively, going about their business at hand. To call out the Armenian genocide is huge and bravo to Biden in doing so. Merrick Garland is looking into police departments for systemic killings by officers against people of color. So very badly needed! Twenty seconds was all of a video that was provided to the Brown family in Wilmington, NC. Eight police officers converged on Brown, shot and killed him while all were wearing cameras and the department allowed only 20 seconds of this atrocious act of violence to be seen. They know it is awful. They know they will be sued. They should know that Merrick Garland will be coming after them.

In the meantime, we are still waiting to hear about when Trump and Company will be brought to trial by SDNY. When and if Roger Stone and Michael Flynn will be charged again. When DeJoy will be removed and charged with tampering, from the Post Office. When Marjorie Taylor Greene and Borbert will be ousted. When The Sedition Gang will be punished and charged with inciting a deadly riot. Exhausting!

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Tucker Carlson is mentally unstable and should be committed to a hospital for psychiatric observation and treatment.

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How are these comments by meathead T Carlson even legal? Confront people that are wearing a mask? Making a child wear a mask is considered child abuse? Does he live under a lily pad? We cannot unstupid Tucker Carlson. Talk about mental health (and as someone who struggles with episodic depression, I take MH SERIOUSLY) - he needs some serious help. Simply equivocating mask wearing with child abuse greatly distracts and undermines the very serious issue of child abuse. What a disgrace. How are advertisers still supporting his show with this nonsense? I’m baffled by him and the network that supports him . . . I suppose I should grab my popcorn and watch him crash and burn.

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Yes, we’re in dangerous territory. History suggests, but historians must connect the dots.

Fascism has raised its ugly head, US fascism is riding US and foreign racism, with Trump Republicans race baiting and white Americans largely silent.

Our Silent Majority of Nixon, Mitchell, Haldeman, Erlichman and Zeigler was akin in spirit to Trump claiming crowd size lies and Obama’s birthright. It’s all there in DeSantis, Abbott and Arizona now. 40 state governments are gagging Blacks at the polls coming.

White supremacy is the cornerstone, hatred is the glue, the cement.

Silence supports, silence is the quiet of Germany when Hitler was considered a clown, and England was talking about peace.

Churchill rose when all else failed. We have Biden and our GOP has Trump - Trump calling signals in his Florida mansion as AG Garland starts the judicial process to put his supporters in jail.

Our civil cold war may lead to hot both here and in Europe. Ukraine is real. Navalny is dying.

Turkey has imprisoned many journalists. Russia kills them. Trump called them fake news.

Heather writes History suggests we’re in dangerous territory.

We don’t need history. We need newspapers and a body politic that rips what’s going on in Arizona - where abortion is now all but impossible.

All the signals and signs are there. The census may flip Texas for a decade or more.

LBJ found his conscience as JFK was assassinated. Great Society was his term.

We were never great. Greatness comes when our leaders and academics tell us the whole truth and nothing else.

Thank God for Joe Knows Us. Whip James Clyburn’s words brought Black Women to the polls.

Let’s see if white women can match Black.

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“...Carlson called for his audience to start direct action. He told them to confront people wearing masks, which he says are signs of “political obedience.”

This leaves me speechless.

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The business with outrageous lying is what I started calling "The Republican Drive-By".

Someone will drop some kind of howler that's glaringly false, but which serves as red meat for the base. The press amplifies it, and the public goes nuts. Two days later some minor functionary will quietly issue a retraction, but the damage will have been done. A couple of days is all it takes.

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At what point do we stop saying that Tucker Carlson is exercising his right to free speech and start saying that he is inciting public unrest? The old adage that you can't shout "fire" in a crowded public theatre is applicable here.

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HRC, Thank you for the summary of all of this. I can’t seem to wrap my head around what seems like madness, sheer madness! Could you address the current Arizona and now also Michigan audits of the 2020 election by the states Republicans? I am very worried as the company they are using is not independent in the least and not at all transparent.

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If I have lunch with my siblings (6) and we get into a tiff, we can be arrested for rioting. Got it.

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I really hope some white male Trump dumbfuck follows Carlson's orders and comes up to me sometime while I'm wearing my mask. Mashing him face first into a brick wall would be sooooo satisfying. Sadly, in my corner of Los Angeles, it's illegal to be a Republican (thank goodness) so I won't get the privilege.

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Desantis should start with his pal trump. "Holding those who incite violence accountable "

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Thank you Heather.

The Big Lie continues and becomes that much more tremendous. It makes me think of watching the path of a hurricane, in that it is unrelenting and unpredictable. Like all hurricanes, it will fizzle out eventually. Until then, I feel the loss of our Democracy is higher now than it was during the 4 years of Trump. Was he just the precursor, the warm up act to what we are handed today?

My fear is completely on par with my disgust to what FOX Entertainment and the GOP are pushing.

Make no mistake, this Country is firmly divided between regrowth and re-establishing and the absolute destruction by the GOP.

We are not, "One Nation", but 2 distinct Countries under one umbrella.

Be safe, be well.

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Well, that's great that they have "outed" Turkey. ((https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide#Executions.), now, perhaps they might address Israel (and perhaps throw in Saudi Arabia into the mix .. the list goes on.

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Thankful that the Armenian Genocide has been recognized and named by a president.

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Once again, Tucker Carlson’s White Power Hour crosses over the lines of truth, decency, and humanity. His daily rants continue to illustrate there is no limit to the depths to which he and those on the far right will sink.

Biden and his administration demonstrate a commitment to truth, decency, history, and a more just and democratic future. Republicans have adopted the politics of grievance but without answers to society's ills. They seek only to attempt to blame liberals for whatever fears they can stoke, both real and imagined fears.

Attempting to make the imagined tragedies of disappearing hamburgers from American diets and Dr Seuss from bookshelves as more threatening than the existential threat of climate change, economic inequality, or racism and activism is not a winning strategy. Ultimately people identify the most critical issues that affect their lives and react rationally.

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