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As a UDP delegate who voted in today’s Utah State Democratic Convention, I’m proud of my vote. I am an American, first. #TeamMcMullin

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Who is truly the majority in the US? Is it those who follow the GOP, the "GQP", Independents or Democrats? The only voices that get media attention are the ones that create the loudest noise, that get the most sound bites.

What I would love to see in the news? Thousands upon thousands of postcards arriving at the White House, with the the words "I SUPPORT DEMOCRACY" hand-written on them. Wouldn't that be a heartening news story? Wouldn't you love to see the news deliver bags upon bags of them?

I have read stories about various people reaching out for mail--kids with cancer, a story once about a lonely veteran, where thousands of cards arrive--could we make this go viral? Can you do it? Can you post it on your social media accounts? Got no postcard? Write it on the back of a sealed envelope.

The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500

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Wow, Heather’s angry. Great Letter! Grrreat Letter! Okay, on to my Twitter post of this one. And I must be running with the wrong crowd because I’m seeing tons of agitated voters who are fully aware of the danger we are in, and this LFAA and several other voices are making a huge difference. Keep spreading the word, folks! We can’t stay quiet for fear of annoying others.

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This has been the most hopeful bit of news I have read in a while. Now those that have been named must be held responsible for their crimes and capitulate to justice. No more hiding and denying and lying. Thank you Heather. I look forward to your posts every night. I feel comforted while under your watchful eye, your brilliant recitation and explanation of facts and your not giving in or up to the liars. Thank you.

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Thanks for this excellent piece. In my view, the primary driving force underlying Republican efforts to undermine democracy is the undeniable reality that our country will no longer be majority white. The Republican base cannot stand this and the base is willing to do everything it can, even at the expense of democracy, to prevent any exercise of power by non-whites. Racism is the historical curse infecting every aspect of our country's history and its present. The Republican base is now hysterical that, as the non-white numbers grow, a non-white majority is inevitable and will ultimately end white rule. To the base, America is and must always be white. In my view, all other issues are side-shows to the racial issue.

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Today’s Republican Party could also be named the Reactionary Party. Some in leadership and the loudly vocal contingent appear bent on changing US society to the “Good Old Days” when both POC and women knew their places in the scheme of things and homosexuals were scorned, if not attacked. Those who depended on the changes since the 1960’s to achieve the stature that they now enjoy seem to feel “I got mine; screw you!” The fear of “the other” is used to garner votes and contributions; the words from the 1950’s about communists targeting children are used now against homosexuals and teachers attempting to present factual history. The present doesn’t copy the past, but at times it sure seems that they have the same composer writing in a slightly different keys.

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Racist right wing religious extremists took a page from the Civil Rights Movement. They voted, ran for office at every level, united, and kept their eyes on the prize of the courts. Big money was happy to bankroll them. It's taken decades to get here.

Meanwhile, many outside that movement continued to blither about 'voting your conscience' and 'person not party.' To spout the fallacious rhetoric that: all politicians are the same; there is no difference between the parties; and my vote doesn't count. To promote third parties and follow Pied Pipers.

The only hope is that enough American citizens unite behind the Democratic party and vote for Democratic candidates. Nothing else matters in 2022. Lose the Democratic majority and Jan 6 gets rewritten rather than investigated.

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Filing this motion is a truly historic action on the part of the House Commitee.

It all just turned real.

Settle in and prepare for some high pitched shrieks from the guilty parties.

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I loved this letter because it's so accurate -- but it also made me despondent since the majority of Americans seem to have NO CLUE what the GOP is trying to accomplish in plain site. I fault the media for a great deal of the lack of understanding. It used to be if someone like Kevin McCarthy LIED as much as he LIED on Friday & today (Sat) ALL the media figures would call him out - he'd be finished. The American people would hear a similar story from all news sources since we seemed to have a similar sense of right & wrong across our population. Not so anymore - the largest cable news outlet won't even cover the McCarthy story, nor will it cover the 900 cases of voter intimidation that Heather references. I don't know where we go from here.

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Although most Americans would not trade our hard fought democracy for an autocratic dictator ship, the vast majority are unaware that it is taking place right under their noses.

Right wing news outlets like Fox News, One American News and many others are filling the airways and viewers ears and eyes with complete lies and misinformation about what is really going on in America today.

Treasonous commentators like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson continually spew complete lies and unfortunately, these outlets have many viewers who unwittingly believe the garbage being continuously spewed by them.

All of them are protected by the first amendment and freedom of speech, afforded by it, which they would eliminate after they have overthrown our democracy, but for the time being they are using first amendment protection to be able to disseminate their treasonous lies!

One would think the common decency and the desire to make America a better place would stop them from their destructive, treasonous broadcasts, But common decency doesn’t seem to exist amongst outlets like Fox News and one American news and others!

Many Americans back treasonous, fascist leaders like Donald Trump simply because he seems to have the most media attention and that makes him believable. Even though he is a pathological liar with a history of narcissistic, misogynistic behavior, he is still favored due to the extreme views of right wing religious organizations and their ignorant approach to everything from a woman’s right to determine what happens to her own body, to respecting people in the LGBTQ community.

Republican’s represent 40% of the voters in the United States today and one would think that they would lose every election based on being the minority party. Through 400 voter suppression laws passed since Joe Biden became president, Republicans can virtually shut out any opposition to their treasonous anti-democratic intentions. They simply take away the right of the average American to cast and on his ballot through unconstitutional laws that suppress their votes. it is the only way Republicans can win elections today. It’s called suppress the vote.

Until the American people wake up and find the truth by avoiding news organizations that are incapable of broadcasting it, the battle is going to be impossible to win.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Treasonous leaders like Donald Trump and his co-conspirators in Congress are attempting to remain in power by robbing you of your right to be an American by robbing you of your right to cast an honest ballot.

if you don’t rise up and stop them, democracy will just be another word in the history books and will have failed in America because of them.


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I do not understand why the White House is not trying harder to distribute the good news about what they've been doing. And talk more about how the Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and raise taxes. I believe there are a lot of people who focus on the negative, rather than the positive, and the Dems need to talk about jobs, lowering the deficit, poverty, etc.

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“To what end did they seek to overthrow our democracy?”

To retain, at all costs, the society of whites-in-charge, men-in-charge, heterosexuals-in-charge, and wealth first and Christians first.

“So, to put its vision into place, the Republican Party has now abandoned democracy.”

“It appears that elected officials of the Republican Party are willing to overturn a legitimate Democratic victory in order to guarantee that only a Republican can hold office. . . [a]nd the last 59 days in Ukraine have illustrated exactly what that kind of a system means.”

No scruples anymore.

The Republican Party is the coalition of people with the extremist commitment to their society of white, male, straight, moneyed, and Christian hegemony, whatever it takes.

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This is a must read and as so many have said and I repeat, these "Letters" should be read at the beginning of every evening news program, syndicated in the WSJ, NYT's, WaPo, LA Times, every large city publication (conservative and liberal) across the country, linked to every twitter and social media feed possible. The Biden administration and elected democratic officials (national, state, local) must extol the accomplishments of democratic policies as often and visibly as possible.

The forces of evil must be buried with truth, facts, and resolve for good people to regain and retain the democratic form of government and rule of law, or life here is going to become very bleak indeed. We barely lived made it through one reign of terror with trump and the criminal cabal. He and his minions must be relegated to the bottom the historical pit. We have urgent issues in this country and world that need immediate attention/action and these narcissistic fools are in the way and are destructive.

This is the continuing lesson that democracy does not just happen, it takes an attentive electorate to vote for people with sound, honest judgement and who understand how an elected government works, who have a moral/ethical compass, and who respect their oath of office and the people they represent. Last but certainly not least, we have a legal system of justice to deal with criminal activity that we should not shy away from.

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Senator Orrin Hatch R-Utah-passed away today. He Retired in 2018 after 43 yrs. 88yrs old. In his last speech to the Senate He was pleading and warning them that what had been going on was not in the best interest of our Country, it’s people or democracy. To not be divided, work together, find solutions. Seek within us our better Angels. Rest In Peace Senator. I truly hope words will be written, expressed due to your passing that might refresh their memories why they were known to be ‘Grand’.

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The best news is in the last paragraph. I found very few names on the Congressional "list" working to support Trump's coup that I didn't already know. Their constituents should do some serious soul and morality checks before voting to return those individuals back to the governing body of our country. They've already shown their loyalty is not to American citizens. I sure am looking forward to the Jan. 6 Committee Prime Time Public Hearings to show us more of what they have discovered.

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