A former president facing probable legal peril commenting on two geriatric fighters slugging it out on pay TV on the somber anniversary of perhaps the saddest day in our history, and last time the nation was united about anything.


The metaphors scream at you.

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I was heartened this evening by Rachel Maddow's interview with Laurence Tribe on how the Texas Vigilante Abortion bill could be stopped in the courts by case precedents that would apply to this horrendous law especially on dealing with the vigilante ploy that needs to be stopped here and now forever and ever.

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I love it when El Jefe del Mar-A-Lardo goes out of his way to demonstrate what a conscienceless, talentless, brainless bucket of dreck he really is. He really must be sweating the nickels and dimes and quarters to do *that* on September 11. Of course, it's sort of a replay of what he was doing 20 years ago, which wasn't worrying about all his "friends" who died in the towers, since he's never had an actual friend in his life.

Don't know how many watched Rachel tonight, but Professor Tribe and she went over a case he represented to the Supreme Court in 1982, the Grendel's Den case, in which the court ruled that the state may not delegate any enforcement powers to a private, unaccountable entity. which is pretty much the spear someone's going to spit Abbott with and then slow roast him over a nice political fire with a Trump roadapple in his mouth.

I really suggest people re-watch "The Return of the King."

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I wonder how "Gym" Jordan (R-OH) missed signing that letter of yahoos to Yahoo. He is always pushing himself forward into places he doesn't belong, but that would have been a perfect fit for him.

So now a very GQP state is rationing healthcare. If I remember correctly that is what the GQP said would happen under Obamacare led by Democrats. Hold onto your grannies the GQP is setting up "death panels".

So the reality TV huckster just can't resist showing his true colors. Maybe he should trying selling pillows for the "My Pillow" loser too.

It appalls me that everyday I still deal with people that refuse to mask let alone get the shot. I don't think we will ever reach herd immunity, but we are close to achieving herd stupidity.

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Heather, you have provided a terrifying rap sheet on what used to be the Republican Party. It has echoes of Hitler’s spin master, Joseph Goebbels: IF YOU TELL A BIG ENOUGH LIE LONG ENOUGH, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT. Do I hear the Trump drum beat of ‘false facts?” Don’t believe what you see or hear, only believe me. What so-called January 6th insurrection? It seemed like a typical tourist day at the Capitol Building.

I hear the chorus of George Orwell’s 1984: POWER IS IN TEARING HUMAN MINDS TO PIECES AND PUTTING THEM BACK TOGETHER AGAIN IN NEW SHAPES OF OUR OWN CHOOSING. A majority of Americans favor legal abortion in some ‘reasonable’ manner. Attack this image and ‘reshape’ it. Ditto with ‘reasonable’ gun laws. There is no evidence of any significant fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Balderdash! Go with the BIG LIE and, state-by-state, take control of the electoral process and restrict the right to vote for those who are not part of your ‘bund.’

WHERE’S THE BEEF? For the first time in my modern memory, in 2020 the ‘Republican Party’ chose not to include a policy segment in their party platform. What, no stated policies? That’s right. It would be policy by Trump tweet. I can discern no positive policies for this current Trumpian amalgam.Instead, I see rampant negativism, highlighted by the steadfast rejection of federal voting rules and a sensible investment in shaping a human and physical infrastructure suitable for a dynamic and diverse America. “Climate change’ was abolished in official documents during the Trump administration.

If there are not enough Americans that reject this horse shit, then I fear for our country.

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While Republicans continue to hammer their abortion button with the Texas law, they feverishly try to abort our democracy. While they offer bounties to "Brown Shirts" to spy and accuse and sue their neighbors and community health clinics, they refuse and threaten those who set up and comply with legal law and order investigations when no bounties are offered.

When they claimed the Affordable Care Act was setting up "death panels" to ration healthcare, they have been rationing healthcare with their anti masking and anti vaccination campaigns. This did not just start in Idaho. It has been going on since Republican initiatives to hoax us on covid19 and the necessary preventions, increasing and expanding the infection, overloading our healthcare systems, and causing Americans to miss and delay the primary, descretionary and acute care that were need to maintain healthy lives.

My MD daughter tells me that she has seen patients die both from covid19 and inattention to their existing or developing conditions like diabetes and cancer. Their deaths are attributed to covid19, but their real causes of hospitalization and death are their underlying health conditions that aren't being diagnosed or sufficiently cared for. Americans are affected by the difficulty of getting appointments and their fear of going to covid19 affected healthcare facilities. The fact that even healthcare workers are resisting vaccinations and fight vaccination mandates, encouraged by Republicans, is cause for worry about going for needed healthcare services. So yes, Republicans have wielded the most oppressive politically motivated "death panel" in American history. And Americans have died in greater numbers and proportions than most nations, in spite of our substantial healthcare system because of Republican disinformation campaigns.

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What was Nero doing while Rome burned? Calling a boxing match?

Gratitude, Dear HCR, for your fearless documentation of the events of the day. Sanity in a world of insanity.

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Women are coming for Texas Republicans and the women are pissed off. Be ready for the Oct. 2 Women’s March organizing rallies for that day everywhere across the U.S. Women and men will take to the streets that day in support of Reproductive Freedom. Put on your masks and get ready to march. We can do this.

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I’m a day late here but yesterday’s letter referenced the Republicans concern in the present and historically with “Socialism”. I don’t think that I have heard any Republicans call for the elimination of that intrusive government entity that we know as FEMA.

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Thank you, Heather, for pointing out that the Republican Party's approach to regaining power is becoming less and less popular with the American public, which quite possibly will be their downfall. They have shown that voting against the wishes of their constituents in favor of political expediency may very well turn against them. Republican attempts to outlaw mask mandates in the name of personal freedom while more and more people are infected and many die is wrong and criminal. Their supporters are beginning to understand that their leaders are willing kill to capture a legislative majority. Many are, pardon the pun, just plain sick of it.

What is interesting is that the Republican Party's game plan offers few ideas on how to run the country. They witnessed and are slowly absorbing, hopefully, the wrong thinking of a right wing GOP President: Suppression of the truth about Covid, a massive tax cut that helped no one except the 1% and corporations which did not plow added revenues into R and D and hiring as hoped, but continued to line their own pockets instead. Turning its back on international cooperation by exiting the WHO and the Paris Climate Accord. And finally, institutionalizing partisan extremism.

Now, desperate Republicans have resorted to cheating through voter suppression laws. It's pathetic. Their fuel tanks are swiftly headed toward empty while the Democratic Party works to improve the lives of working Americans, children and the elderly. The mid-terms are the GOP's to lose. Hopefully the ammunition they have been using shoots themselves in the foot.

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I have written this before, about the ambient insanity that has taken over the U.S. but there seems no end to it. It is cult behavior, reminiscent of Jim Jones 900 who drank the cyanide.

I was appalled on Nov. 8, 2016 when the ignorant cultists foisted an unqualified, mentally defective POSer president on us, and it had steadily grown worse in those 4 years. His opponent in that election, Hillary Clinton, even said on Aug 8, 2016, “Just imagine Donald Trump in the Oval Office facing a real crisis. We can’t afford that kind of risk.” And, sure enuf, his malice & ineptitude during the crisis of a new viral pandemic contributed to the more than a half-million deaths in the U.S.

And now, even after health professionals have shown the effectiveness of prevention by wearing masks & distancing and even after scientists have gotten life-saving vaccines in record time, his cult followers, leaders in the Repugnant Party still oppose both those rational measures as the deaths continue among the unvaccinated.

As a critical thinking person I cannot wrap my head around such mass insanity. Jim Jones’ 900+ is no longer the astonishing cult killing in one day, nor even the 3,000+ who were murdered on Sep. 11, 2001. That daily number of deaths happened on many days over the past year due to the disease, exacerbated by the insanity of the science & precaution denying cult leadership and their followers.

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I'm surprised the Trump tag team didn't invite someone from the royal Saudi family to join them for the "gamecast".

As for the continued surge of the Republicans to the hard right, I hope I read in today's letter correctly that this move could cause their primaries to choose candidates so toxic, Democrats will win general elections in places previously not thought possible.

The extreme radical lengths they are now having to go can only serve to alienate members of their own party. Everything has its limits.

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Trump must be increasingly desperate for money and attention. Hired to comment on a boxing match between men in their 50s and 40s? Sad for a former president, though for Trump it's so on brand.

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The Mexican Supreme Court has just decriminalized abortion. Now watch as Abortion clinics are set up at every crossing point on the Texas Border with local "protection" against the GOP hordes.

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I noticed that Abbott signed the voter restriction bill with a big black Sharpie today, emulating DeSantis in copying that former guy. Stagecraft. Sigh.

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HCR, as always, I am so grateful that you put these daily political aberrations in some order that we can follow, and slowly understand. The world we're living in, for now, feels so sad and dystopian. It's comforting to know that you send out these letters. I never thought I'd live in a day that Roe vs Wade could be torn apart. Or that people in charge wouldn't do the right thing (healthwise) in schools and for children and families.

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