Another(huge) disconnect is between our daily lives and the (mostly garbage) we find in the news, regardless of platform. Spring in the northeast has been glorious this year, and my entire family is fully vaxxed. We’re still being cautious, but after a day in the sun, eating BD cake and chasing the youngsters around, it seems increasingly irrelevant to even *care* what McCarthy/Stefanik are spewing. It’s tempting to tune it all out, which of course gives the rats nearly free rein with their subversive ideas. I haven’t figured out a workable balance yet, probably because 4 years of outrage + 1 year of pandemic wore me down more than I’ve realized.

But we can’t afford to become complacent. “When you’re tired, rest—don’t quit”.

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We need to give a lot of oxygen to the For the People Act! With Minority Leader McConnell saying there will be no Republican votes for any of President Biden's bills, then they have removed themselves from the playing field and are sitting on the bench pouting. Let's focus on the people moving us forward with boldness rather than spend time on the remnants of the GQP. We need to talk about the actions the majority of the nation will take to assure we all have the freedom to vote in safe, secure and accessible elections. The For the People Act is the pivotal moment of our time. The biggest danger to America is that it won't pass.

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On the one hand, I love that the Biden administration is accomplishing so much, but on the other hand, it pains me to see that 45 & his lackeys continue to be afforded so much air time. By all means, give them negative air time such as in Judge Jackson's delicious uncloseting of Bill Barr's misleading lies, but the media must stop allowing sleaze bags like McCarthy, Mitchell, McConnell, and Greene the time of day.

Let's focus on the Bide/Harris team rather than on a totalitarian, unjust team of cut throats who are determined to unseat our democracy in favor of a despotic nightmare!

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Listened to Dr Fauci talk about the virus and vaccinations yesterday I was reminded how smart he is and how silenced he was during the tRump times. Fauci talked about no longer trying to get to herd immunity, but focusing on vaccinating as many as possible. He's concerned that young people are less likely to get vaccinated because they believe that they won't get the virus and if they do, it won't be a bad case. Fauci said for the most part that is correct, but that young people often are asymptomatic and then pass along the virus to others. He believes there needs to be a concerted effort to get respected people (sports figures, actors, some politicians) to make public announcements about the vaccine and the value to all when one is vaccinated. It was such a joy to hear him able to speak unfettered.

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Trump, left unchecked, will be the 21st century Hitler. Let's hope we can resist more effectively than the Weimar Republic did.

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A year ago, I never would have imagined Joe Biden to be the president he is. From the roll out of VP candidate Kamala Harris, through the convention, the election, the run up to his inauguration and since Day One, he and his people have done everything pitch perfect.

Now that McConnell has vowed there will be no Republican votes for either Biden’s infrastructure package or his “American Families Plan”, the Dems are free to ram them through Congress. With the Midterms historically putting the other party in power in both houses of Congress, basically Biden has two years to put his agenda into law. On the other hand, with the GOP on the verge of being under Trump’s control, and given the character of his administration, his post election behavior, the insurrection of January 6, and his perpetuation of the BIG LIE, and now as HCR writes, “... Judge Amy Berman Jackson issued a strongly worded opinion ordering the Justice Department to release a 2019 memo connected to whether Trump should have been charged with obstructing justice during the Russia investigation.”, perhaps in 2022 enough voters will take stock of the difference between governances and keep the Dems in power. We’ll see if we can trust in God...

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What astonishes me, apart, of course from the ongoing tantrums of the Republican Party, is how, day after day you can produce your calm, informative letter packed with fascinating facts. Do you not sleep or have you found a way of packing 48 hours into every normal day? As an aside my brother is called William Barr. I enjoy blaming him for the mayhem across the pond.

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An awkward but understandable missive. The republicans are left in the wake of Trump to fight it out in a way. While ms. Cheney and mr. Romney get boos and scorn, they at least get a minority-report out there. I love a good debate and those two can bring it. I rarely champion Republicans but these two deserve it, in this moment…

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Bless Judge Jackson! She called out Barr Nun for the sleaze that he is and now his memo directing the DOJ not to charge Fake 45 with anything should be made public.

Are far as Liz Cheney is concerned, I am not fond of her as she let Fake 45 get away with murder, however, she now seems to have found balls that Qevin McQarthy shed. She is more clever and smarter than he is. I can’t say I am not enjoying the infighting.

Stefanik is a pathetic female specimen. If she and Liz were to get into a boxing match, my bets would be all on Liz for the TKO.

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Thank you Heather. I think.

I did not realize that Stefanik was the GOP choice to replace Liz Cheney. As an owner of a cottage on Lake Ontario that makes Stefanik the reining Republican for that area, I will refrain from giving my opinion of that rancid POS or I will most assured be tossed from this forum as well as Facebook.

She is certainly the perfect choice to perpetuate "The Big Lie".

There seems to be an upsurge on social media in misinformation on everything from effects of the COVID vaccine to blaming Biden for the cost of lumber. I'm growing tired of trying to explain facts to these GQP (Grand QAnon Party)members. I think we all are.

Perhaps this is part of their long game.

What I do know is, my gardening plans are coming to order. Spring is giving us the greening of grass and budding trees and the birds are spectacular in voice and numbers.

Be safe, be well.

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Empty suit full of ambition McCarthy (R - Okiefornia) may find that tying everything to Trump doesn't get him to where he gets to be the least-qualified/most-ignorant Speaker of the House in history, if next year becomes a referendum on the Fat Old Senile Duffer vs Accomplishment You Can Bank On. Looking at the video of Fatso crashing the wedding party to air his fantasies, he was sooooo pathetic. Hopefully the FleeceBlock scum won't decide to let him back tomorrow.

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You know the phrase “no news is good news....”.

Seems like we cannot appreciate how well things are going unless we are also inundated with how dreadful human beings can behave.

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Biden appears to be betting that Americans of all parties will pay attention to what he is accomplishing and stop listening to Republican lawmakers, who are living in an entirely different political reality than the Democrats.

And he is going to loose that bet. Not understanding that is the problem with all of us that want to live in a reasonable time. It is denial. I don't like it and it is true that it is a fear based belief.

The question now is how long is Biden going to hold those cards. I'm Ok with waiting through the flop. I think that time is here and the betting is taking place. As HCR states the media attention after the flop (which was Biden's speech) is still on the chaos and the Republicans. At the turn card Biden should fold the idea that enough Republicans are going to see the light. Unfortunately, if I was betting against him I would feel that he is going to stay in that game straight through to the river thinking he has the cards but in this case if he sticks with that hope (republican sanity) through the river he is going to loose to an inside straight. There are hands that you just know are going to go against the odds of reasonableness.

And, there is also the point that such antics among our leaders, knowingly lying, backing a concept that has been defeated in court many times, therefore denying the rule of law, these antics are intolerable in and of them selves. Fold the hand. Stop playing poker. Speak the truth. Be loud with it and stop acting as if politics is a game.

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Facebook ban of Drumpf has been re-upped today! yay!

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“The current fuss over Cheney tells us less about her political ‘growth’ or ‘change’ or ‘courage’ than it does about the press corps’ need for a changing story and the need for politicians to differentiate themselves. Political ambition can be consummated in a number of ways. One can support the leadership and wait to be called on, which is a pretty dull story. Or one can oppose the bosses and attempt to topple them, a story that writes itself and attracts readers…

“The impeachment saga presented her with not so much a test of courage but a fork in her career. Go down with Trump or ride his political corpse to glory? Some time ago she decided to saddle the old bull. While Trump might be bucking more than Cheney anticipated, the wild ride is burnishing her image the way John McCain’s defiance of Trump did his. The field is overstocked with Trump clones—Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Tom Cotton, et al. Having studied politics for decades under her mother and father, Cheney has surely gamed this out. You can call her courageous all you want and express your astonishment at her opposition to Trump. But there is more calculation on display here than there is valor.”

Jack Shafer, Politico, "How Democrats Learned to Love the Cheneys" https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/05/04/liz-cheney-kevin-mccarthy-trump-liberals-485390

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What is that quote? "There is no such thing as bad publicity" or "If it bleeds it leads". I am not certain which one is more pertinent. While the Hatfield and McCoy antics of the GQP steal the spotlight away from the very amazing things that Biden-Harris are accomplishing eventually the truth will out.

Guiliani, Barr, Boebert, Taylor-Greene, Jordan, Gaetz all fine examples of what not to be if you are GQP. A fair number of rational republicans fled during the trump presidency because they couldn't take enough anti-nausea drugs to stay in the fight. Perhaps if more rational people, I never thought I would be saying that about Liz Cheney, can pull them back into the fight there may be some hope.

For those of us from OH interested in unseating Jordan the candidate running against him is Jeff Sites.

Jeffrey Sites for Congress


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