The most poignant words from your close examination of yesterday's primary story come from a Republican whose weighty ethical standards throw the GOP scales of justice totally off kilter.

"Murkowski told Gladys Sicknick, “I’m heartsick that you feel you need to advocate to members of Congress that we stand up and say the truth is hard but the truth is necessary.'"

I, too, am heartsick especially by the behavior of the GOP, in particular, that of the Senate Minority Leader, whose corruption and sense of right and wrong singularly belong in a medieval sewer system! He should be not be a leader of any organization that comprises human beings.

That said, the Democrats should toughen up. As nice and clever as Schumer can be, he is being far too "nice." I've called my senators. Will you? Can't we reach across the aisle for an insurrection? Once again, I wonder, what are we teaching our children about ethics, morals, patriotism, treason, and the value of an ugly truth which we witnessed with our own eyes, and which, members of Congress escaped from by the skin of their teeth.

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Related, I think, to the malaise we are in, the mass shooting epidemic. They should have a concurrent investigation on just what is wrong with the national psyche that would lead to the Trump cult, and the number of people who are so angry and unhappy they would commit suicide and mass murder. This is related. There is a nation despair that has been building since the 80's, I think. It has to do with too much of the economy built on service jobs instead of jobs that really fulfill. Too many people feel like they are going nowhere.

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There are two reasons the republicans do not support the formation of a commission...1) they are pandering to trump and mcconnell for their own re-election bids and 2) they were directly involved in the insurrection and are guilty of attempting to overthrow the government.

That the mother of Officer Sicknick felt compelled to come to the Capitol to speak for justice for her son and others (reminiscent of the Sandy Hook parents for gun control legislation, BLM, and so many others) is simply beyond the pale and gut wrenching. republicans have (not so metaphorically) put a knee to her neck and to all Americans. I too cannot breathe.

We no longer live in a democracy. We are smack in the middle of republicans attempting to set up a dictatorship with madmen at the helm and they are getting away with it. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion - similar to a Hitchcock movie where the viewer knows what is going to happen to the victim and can’t prevent it - psychological terror. Furthermore, the whole world is watching. What a pathetic (albeit dangerous) group. There really aren’t enough words to describe how disgusting and evil these people are .... they are soulless.

Question....can’t a “commission” be taken out of the political arena and done another way. For the life of me I cannot get my head around January 6th will not be investigated because a “handful of senators can’t pass legislation” (Eve of Destruction). This unto itself is criminal.

Regarding the ongoing criminal investigations of trump and indictments of the terrorists, people rationalize long delays as the wheels of justice move slowly. However, in this case the delay has allowed the traitors to continue to regroup, exert their control, rally the troops, and maintain control of the government ..... no consequences; they are operating with impunity.

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Meanwhile, Memorial Day is coming up. How many men and women have died for this country, only to have Republicans piss it all away for their own selfish gain.

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I wanted to scream, watching that fucking moron Manchin saying he didn't want to "vote to destroy the government" by getting rid of the filibuster. Getting rid of it is the only way he'll see any of that "bipartisanship" he thinks is so important. He's one West Virginia mule in bad need of being hit upside his head with a 2X4 to get his attention.

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January 6 is referred to in America as an insurrection which sought to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a lawful election whose validity was confirmed by approximately 60 courts, many of which were filled with judges appointed by Trump. When the insurrectionists got inside the Capitol, many looked for the boxes containing the electoral ballots, likely to destroy them - such action, they believed, would prevent the peaceful transfer of power, so that Trump would remain President.

In fact, the riot at the Capital on January 6 constituted an attempted coup d’etat.

In other countries where, for example, during an attempted a coup d’etat, the insurrectionists seize the television and radio studios to broadcast that there has been a coup and a change of power.

On January 6, our President aided, abetted, incited and encouraged an organized group of conspiracists whom he convinced to believe the election was stolen - the “Big Lie” that Trump won the election. The Big Lie was comparable to what happened in Germany after World War I, which Hitler used to mobilize the masses in the 30s.

How could America allow such a mad man with the space to do this.

Call it what it was, but in reality January 6 was an attempted coup ‘d’etat which occurred in our Capitol, the seat of our Republic, broadcast live on CNN.

We must have looked like the banana republics we used to mock in America.

Imagine how low we must look to the world, to allow others to mock us, even Xi and Putin.

I hope Trump winds up in an orange suit, but even if not convicted, hopefully, he will be tarnished forever, never able to set foot in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is a decent man, but truly he had a low bar to overcome as Trump behaved like a low grade cockroach, sort of what you might find in one of his hotels.

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The proposed bipartisan commission is a trap for Dems because of the end of year sunset provision. Inevitably, the Republicans will challenge subpoenas and judicial resolution of these claims will likely still be pending in 2022. A House select committee with no sunset provision, or a much later one, will allow for a more thorough review of the facts.

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A Warren type panel, not this composition, is needed. This show will never produce a shred of credible evidence! Let the Justice department investigate and most importantly Prosecute! Enough with McConnell’s whining and posturing! What a sad state our government is in with this malcontent wielding so much power!

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Finding "ten good people" among the senate GOP is probably as futile as Abraham's plea to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if ten good people could be found...

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Let's break out of the mold. Wholly unsurprising. Isn't it? McConnell's "just say no" to anything suggesting he and his are part of and response-able for and of the "whole?" He was invited and declined. So drop him. Ignore him. Toothless Schumer, a pansy. Nice guy among demented, frightened, corporatized fools and traitors who've been busy "creating their own reality.(Google Karl Rove).

Democrats must investigate. Ignore the traitors.

Compose an investigative committee of willing legislators regardless of party (except those traitors who voted against the legitimacy of the peoples' vote) and the Deans of 10 of the most prestigious USA law schools. Or 5 Deans and 5 Nobel Laureates. Or some mix of Legislators and Outstanding Civic Leaders and/or Outstanding Scientists and/or 5 presidents (past and/or present) of the League of Women Voters who are also attorneys. Categorically, no CEOs allowed. Any such commission must operate free of corporate influence.

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I had heard yesterday that "go whichever way the wind blows me" Susan Collins will vote for the commission. That the party that refused to believe any of the findings of the investigations that they launched into the Benghazi affair and Hilary Clinton's email server use thinks they have the moral high ground here is laughable. They are indeed terrified that their complicity will come to light. Since they are afraid of what such an investigation will uncover I can almost guarantee that they are going to be in need of fresh underwear if the DOJ gets involved. It is well past time for Biden to quit observing Marquis of Queensbury rules and use some MMA moves.

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Wow. Lot packed in here. Heard John Meacham interviewed by Oprah. He quoted St Augustine, early church historian. “ A nation is a multitude of beings United by the commonness of their love.” What do we love? ❤️ What unites us in love? What would we die for to save? Who are we? What do we love — our children. That the children of the officers killed or injured felt grief or fear? That our children saw grown men and women threaten and kill their brothers and sisters in hopes of perpetuating a lie? Could we not unite on the love of our children and desire to leave them with a solid example of how people can work together to protect and defend truth? That we even have to have the conversation, much less a partisan disagreement, is insane.

What do we love? That is a question to ask in all of this. We are damaging the structure and function of the developing brains of our children with the racism, poverty, toxic stress, insecure attachment (because we make moms go back to work at sometimes lifeless jobs (all work is honorable) making $7.50 an hour and leaving their babies with strangers. What do we love? The idea that we could work toward a more perfect Union is lofty. We need to start walking the walk and value ourselves so we value “others” so we want truth for all. Rambling. But believe lack of regard for the truth stems from separation from self and “others.” Let’s flood the Capitol with moms with babes in arms and stop lawmakers in the hallways and have them hold a baby for five minutes and really connect, if possible, with the innocence they hold. That is what we love. The promise of creating a better world for our children. A better world is built on truth, connection. Right now we must build on the truths and connections we have and create them for all. Rambling. Bottom line? When we forget our humanity we forget what we love. Unity based on what we love - our children and leaving them a better world - is the job of the folks we elect. https://www.pacesconnection.com/blog/a-new-short-film-breaking-the-cycle-reclaiming-our-humanity Share this film. It has some answers. Hugs and peace and rest when you’re tired. Eat when you’re hungry. Care for yourself and you’re caring for us all. Our culture has been sidetracked by concern for the GDP instead of the well-being of our people. When we base our success on the material, we come up with leaders who are not about truth but about defending the material and not humanity. That’s where we are. Watch the video. Send it to our leaders and policy makers. And flood the Capitol with babies and have those folks hold one every day. Maybe that would change things. Maybe not. We’d want the Capitol to be a safe place to bring our children. That day it was not.

Our ladder has been leaned against the wrong wall for a long time. This moment is am exquisitely painful and pointed reminder of that. Peace!

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Manchin believes that there could be “ten good people” in the Republican Party? It’s tragic that the number is apparently far fewer.

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Lately I have been feeling that its time to stop focusing on the anger and incredulity of the actions on the Right and start focusing on our action. Are we going to stand by and let the Right overthrow our democracy? Are we going to grudgingly live in the dystopian world they would rule? I feel like I'm watching a tsunami wave coming at us, and rather than bitching about the destruction its going to cause, we would be better served to take that energy and run for Higher Ground. The way it stands now, Joe BIden will be the last Democratic president and the US will be comprised of predominantly red states with a sprinkling of blue states under assault. We have very little time left and to spend it just criticizing the Right is futile.

And lets face it, WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

We also have to face the scientifically proven fact that conservative and progressive/liberal brains are wired differently. So expecting the Right to see the Light is neurologically/physically impossible! And thats OK! Why this is happening and happening now, I can't answer. But biologically we (Repub. & Dems) are programmed to not experience the world in the same way and expecting a return to "normal" whatever that was, is unreasonable. That ship sailed.

Where we need to put our efforts is to determine how we can live according to our values and ideals that is immune to the conservative assault on our democracy. Maybe we simply write a new modern Constitution that this time includes women, POC and the various forms of gender expression, AND the natural environment. That declaration alone states the vision and draws a line in the sand that THIS is who we are and it is our determination to live in a more just and equitable world. It gives us this single symbol to galvanize and unite us- humans need a symbol! Bec right now us progressives are not unified into a single movement. There are the Indivisible folks, DNC, LGBT, Planned Parenthood, Envir Legal Defense Fund, BLM, NAACP, MoveOn and the list of progressive groups go on! By holding the conviction and courage of the past colonial visionaries, we too can abolish the king and live in a new world!

Lets come up with solutions. As I was writing this, the idea of writing a new Constitution spontaneously came up. But its not a bad idea. Its a great first step and every journey begins with that first step. How this is going to play out, what this is going to look like, I have NO idea. But sometimes things just unfold, the process gets revealed, the solutions present themselves. And God damn it! Its better to fight for justice than it is to watch the slaughter.

Look I'm nobody. I'm quiet. I live a small little life. I don't even have a FB page! But I have this deep urge to DO SOMETHING!! I only have my heart and my conviction. I don't know how to write a constitution, create a universal symbol or get a nation of people to engage in an idea! I can barely get my friends to agree on a book club date. But I'm feeling this urgency that the door is closing and the time to act is now.

Is there anyone out there who is feeling the same way or am I alone?

Was writing this post an act of futility?

Ugh! I'm tired of feeling despair......................

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I don't see how we are going to get to 60 Senators in support of the commission . I would recommend Democrats going forward with input from the 2 Senators who do support the commission.

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"Republicans are saying that they don’t want the commission because they’re afraid it will hurt them in the 2022 midterm elections." - HCR

Republicans are afraid the findings of the commission will hurt them, and frankly, that's just desserts for a party that has completely abandoned any sense of decency and ethics in favor of a cult alike slavishness to one man's insanity. Yes, the racism, bigotry, and inequality were pervasive before Trump landed the presidency, but the spread of venom was far less concentrated and organised - fewer people felt they had permission to attack their neighbors or the grocery clerk. The findings of a 1/6 commission should lay bare the involvement of any member of Congress, aide or associate. It should be a truth commission of the highest order. It should expose every action by every person complicit in the uprising and strip them of their duties and future ability to run for a federal office.

And damn right it should hurt them in the 2022 midterms. Hugely.

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