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We are still here. I will see what I can learn and check back in a few hours. Putins remarks to Macron were the ravings of a mad man. MSM didn't do it justice


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“The indictment unsealed today shows this office’s commitment to the enforcement of laws intended to hamstring those who would use their wealth to undermine fundamental democratic processes.”

Good idea. there's a guy down in Florida who claims to be rich, he's raised $100 million-plus, and is dead-set on using it to "undermine fundamental democratic processes," which he has already done. So how about arresting him and charging him with being the traitor he is already, huh? Don't go after the little fish, go after the big one all the little ones bow down to.

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Ok. We get it. Mostly. Sort of. The So So Single GOP Senator Lindsay Graham is a flip flopping white GOP racist jerk, a gaff machine, an example of the Liberal Conservative LGBT XYZ ABC mixed up almost male of our species, a devoted Tucker Fucker, insecure about most everything secure, a hero to the FOX FIX psychos, a Trump lover, a Roger Ailes glacial anomaly, an internet darling, a boring whack and political cipher, a Putin lover, a Putin hater. a peace loving WW III advocate, a leader in the fascist American Right, a patriotic Patrick Henry, a war criminal, a complete dope, a red nosed poor physical specimen, a total virgin, a true believer, an icon, mission critical to MSM’s thirst for meaningful meaninglessness, a nihilistic Born Again intolerant Jesus lover, a schizoid member of the GOP senate do nothing wing, an Other Directed Exemplar of David Riesman’s invention, the Noble Savage of Brave New World, The Stranger of Albert Camus, born in North Africa, Hitler’s Invisible Man of the Right, Heather’s long sought target of the center, in short, an American Idol and our political hero .. expert at nothing and utterly useless yet infamous, a politician’s politician.

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'It was an astonishing moment… and also an interesting one' (Letter)

It is more than a moment of bearing witness to evil. The unacceptable is happening.

'Russia seizes nuclear plant as fire extinguished' (Washington Post ) In a telephone call with French president Macron this morning, 'Putin warned that he aimed to take “full control” of Ukraine by diplomatic or military means. He said that he was “prepared to go all the way.” (Letter)

Is humanity supposed to accept this? We build a nuclear arsenal, and it protects him. One evil protecting another.

Who are we?

Definition of humanity

1: compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition : the quality or state of being humane

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Jet-lagged from a month of being with family in the little blue island of Austin, TX. Prof. Richardson's letter, as always, is profoundly helpful in working through the events of the day.

But what absolutely blows me away is the comments of you, who talk with each other and who enrich my understanding along with helping me feel not so alone in this crazy world. My new granddaughter has a lot ahead of her. Thanks to you all.

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A good site from a friend in Maine that I did not know about.https://war.ukraine.ua/

Up to date verified information.

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“Motto by Bertolt Brecht

In the dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing.

About the dark times.”

Thank you Heather for keeping us up to date in these uncertain and upsetting times. I think sleep may not come easily.

When I shop tomorrow

for the impossibilities

I will not buy canned tuna and peas

Instead I will stock up on pens,

pencils, sharpeners and paper,

ice cream and chocolate.

Write your story, friend.

In one hundred years a child might want to read your words. Just like we read yesterday’s Poetry.

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I rely on you to follow the awful story and write about it in a way that doesn't scare the beejeesus out of me. I am so grateful for your work, Heather.

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Americans don't realize how important it was to pull out of Afghanistan last year and return to a position of international diplomacy. We must refrain from military engagement that portrays aggression and leads to occupation. We must differentiate ourselves from what Russia is doing, even when it feels like we are not doing enough.

The global economy which developed from the Marshall Plan and led to Nixon's opening the door to China and then peace with Vietnam was bringing the world together in ways that appeared to be a halcyon of peace and cooperation. Clearly, people and countries were left behind, creating fertile soil for conflict. Clearly, the US engaged in old world tactics like supporting dictators who seemed to support us, engaging in military conflicts to change conditions and establish control. These have not been wise, contradicting, compromising, risking and even destroying our ideals of democracy, equal and freedom for all. "We must get the back to the garden" (Joni Mitchell and Crisby Stills Nash & Young) and tend it well.

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"After initially opposing Trump’s reach for the presidency, Graham threw in his lot utterly with the former president, who has many possible reasons both to undermine Biden and to keep Putin in power. Perhaps Graham’s comment was intended to help Trump. Or perhaps Graham might have simply made a colossally stupid mistake. Whatever the case, the enormous implications of his statement make it one that would be a mistake to ignore."

Graham IS the colossally stupid mistake! He is not worthy of the title of senator. After turning his back on his best friend, John McCain, and uplifting Trump, his swampy characteristics shone through! Trust him to do something this despicable -- to say something so banal that it plays into Putin's filthy hands!

Vive l'Ukraine❣️💙💛💙💛💙💛💙🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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Tanya says it is time to go. Maybe tomorrow. We are scared. They could be here in 3 days. Our critters and house will be looked after.

Love to you all and will check in when possible. I will not acknowledge and comments now as too busy

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There’s just so much to absorb in what Heather’s yet again unpacked and presented to us so succinctly. Such a stunning series of events in this stunning season. I feel loopy - and terrified - and grateful to those who are defending US and what remains of the free world against enemies foreign and domestic.

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I wish the US would impose sanctions on some AMERICAN media outlets too.

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So… are we really just going to heavily sanction and watch while millions suffer and die? For the ego of one sad angry man? Really?

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Clearly the EU, UK, US political establishment is currently reacting to Putin, held back with lobbying, planned and paid for by guess who? We all need (not just Ukraine) forceful proactive action and full mobilisation of the Western economic-system to the detriment of Putin's regime. Without this immediate action, to gain the strategic advantage, we will enable Putin to extrapolate, as per Aleppo, Kosovo or other atrocities. Given Putin is a terrorist, by all definitions, controlling us with his evil intentions, why don't we declare him as such and use the terrorist legislation in place, as per ISIS or Al Qaeda, to cut-off all his regime members and associates and undermine his regime?

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I had a nasty conversation yesterday with the owner of the kennel where I bring my dog for day care occasionally. Paul developed Guillain Barre syndrome after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and has not been working a lot. Rare, but it does happen.

I asked him how he was - and regretted it quickly. He just ranted on and on about how Biden is screwing up everything and the sanctions Biden was putting into place in Russia were going to hurt Paul’s business. ??Really? People are dying in Ukraine because of the madness of a Russian oligarch and the sanctions will harm your business? Its all about you?

Regardless how Guillain Barre messes up the brain, his rant, to a customer, was way out of line. I grabbed my dog, told him I would not be back -ever - and would be talking about his politics with dog owners whom I know also brought their animals there.

At the dog park later, I fumed. How are we ever going to preserve democracy with the likes of Fox News, Lindsey Graham, Hanick, and the whole Russian propaganda machine? Not to mention the ravings of Putin and a certain former President and the 70+ million Americans who think the world revolves around them? I had read Rebecca Solnit’s analysis of the “information wars” Putin was waging here,(in the Guardian) and felt real rage at those who hate democracy so deeply and would destroy it for their own benefit.

Paul called me last night about 8:00pm to apologize. I listened. Then I gave him both barrels, including the fact that the sanctions would mess with everyone’s business, worldwide, including mine, But more important than that was that the sanctions were about squeezing Putin and his Oligarchs, and about defending the right of a sovereign nation to protect its borders and live in a democracy. And Ukrainians were dying to defend those principles. Time to sacrifice a little for the greater good. And the fact that Paul drives a late model Mercedes was noted - loudly. He wouldn’t understand sacrifice if it bit him in the ass!

I didn’t sleep very well last night but neither did millions of Ukranians- and other Europeans. Not to mention more than a few Russians. Time to go find commenter Allen Hingston’s post and let him know I’m thinking about him and his family. Then look for another doggy day care facility.

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