Watching Trump, the puppet, try to distance himself from Putin, the puppet master, is a study in desperation. Trump debased himself endlessly, fawning over Putin at every turn. And he helped pave the way for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Trump will never escape these failures.

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Had Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton received campaign contributions from Andrew Muraviev, you can bet that it would be headline news. What will it take for Desantis and the others to be publicly shamed for having done so?

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Forget the Senate calling Putin a war criminal. If the ICC indicted him and all the "siloviki" (the people with the real power, not the stupid "oligarchs" - the term is analogous to the Irish term "hard men", mostly ex-KGB scum like Putin) as war criminals, indicted the Russian Army general staff, the commanders of every unit (we know who they are), then not one of them could travel anywhere without being subject to arrest and imprisonment.

Putin's going nowhere militarily because he can't. The entire Russian Army is 280,000 and he's already using 190,000. The Ukrainian army is 125,000. The general military "rule of thumb" for offensive operations is the attackers should outnumber the defenders by at least 3:1. That would mean 375,000, so Putin's 100,000 short. And they shouldn't really count the raw recruits - the conscripts. Those guys are only in for a year, which isn't enough time to find out where the latrine is and stop being dangerous to your own side.

I think General Petraeus is right that in about 10 days, Putin's Potemkin army will grind to a halt, unable to resupply itself with ammo, food, or replacements for the 10,000 dead.

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We have got to win seats at the midterm.

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So glad we are have cooler heads in charge in the Biden Administration, and not a bunch of opportunistic politicians whose warhawk reflexes endanger all of humanity.

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I think it is so interesting that Poland, Czechia, and Slovenia showed such strength by uniting to go to Kviv. Let’s not forget that Slovenia is where Melania Trump and her parents come from. That move must be making TFG just a little upset. I hope so.

What frosts me is the fact that we can’t pass the Voting Rights Bill but like Heather said, we can agree upon making DST permanent! Truly, what kind of BS is that? We must bring Putin to his knees before our own democracy is taken away from us and it better be before the elections.

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The Republicans would find a way to criticize Biden if he discovered the cure for cancer.

How different a world we would have today if we were living in the second term of the HRC Administration.

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I shudder to think about how we’d be dealing with the situation in Ukraine if the Talking Yam still lived in the White House.

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“…tonight Trump told Washington Examiner reporter David M. Drucker, “I think he’s changed. I think he’s changed. It’s a very sad thing for the world. He’s very much changed.”

Whelp…..I guess he’s changed, huh?

Good christ what a dumbass that con is….

His lack of awareness and the fact that pretty much the world hates putin is [always] breathtaking….

This ranks right up there with the importance of DST

Thank goodness for the Biden Administration. They hit the ground running in 01/21 - fanning out around the world to re-build relationships - and has that ever paid off in the concerted efforts FOR Ukraine.

And lastly….russian $$ to desantis, huh? The campaign ads pretty much write themselves, eh Dems?

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I want to thank HRC’s response to this! LOL

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Thank you Heather Cox Richardson for you daily briefs. I appreciate your insightful news each day. I just wish it was not all bad news. I wish that there was something good going on somewhere that we could celebrate.

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"They traveled to the city despite ongoing Russian shelling that has taken countless lives, including those of five journalists documenting the atrocities."

Those atrocities convinced the U.S. Senate today to pass a resolution condemning Putin as a war criminal, while a new U.S. funding bill appropriated an additional $13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine."

Esteemed readers of this forum: From 2015 to 2017 the United States of America, in Mosul, Iraq, leveled hospitals, schools, homes, including a famous and historic Mosque and killed thousands of "civilians" (i.e., women, children, men who were unarmed and undefended).

To see the devastation from satellite, if you have NY Times,


Or, for those who cannot see the horrible images at that link, I extracted the the NY Times images and put them at this virus free google photos link that anyone can see.


At the time I was, seemingly, the only one in America and certainly the only one among my friends that was following this devastation and I was further horrified that the news, except sometimes the NY times, was reporting on Mosul as if the US was having great luck in Mosul with killing all of our "enemies" there.

NOBODY here in America cared. One wit. Nobody could even explain why were were destroying Mosul (and all of the other cities in Iraq).

So, as the same people who cheered on the the death of an ancient beautiful city in Iraq AND its inhabitants vote to call Putin a "war criminal" PLEASE remember ......

WE.....ARE.....ALSO, yes we are war criminals too.

I know, nobody wants to hear this but I am committed to remembering past which happened only yesterday and nobody remembers. Nobody even cared about this city or the people living there in the USA and this happened only yesterday in history.

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“I want to thank the Russian Academy for this Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Brava, Madam Clinton! Brilliant right uppercut! 😊🙏 Classic and classy.

While we, America, got backslid by 45’s almost slapstick ledger of f*ck ups, political subterfuge, gas and other noxious and hideous behaviors, choices and peccadilloes - what we will never truly appreciate is the loss of experiencing Hillary Clinton’s fine mind.

She is the one person out of the whole 2016 debacle in our national politics who would have enriched this nation with her gifts unfolding for years. She is a strong and intelligent woman with keen public interest (she works for her constituents) but with public appeal with absolutely zero traction.

Anyone who wants to argue her ability or appeal, um, as compared to 45 whose prison ID isn’t fully formed because we don’t know where we’re going pigeonhole that huckster? Please sit down. 45 is a cr*p stain in the American continuum.

I’ll always wonder what Hillary would have left us as a legacy.

That woman’s gotten drug through hell. By her husband, by her detractors. I hope she gets respect in the history chapters containing her name. Putin and 45 absolutely drug her through hell. She deserves better.

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

So profoundly grateful to have this source. Being a lifetime resident of FL. I really feel like throwing up. But it goes without saying I’m sure we’re not the only one’s. Just maybe TFG’s grand entrance on an a down escalator will be symbolic to his end. As for Putin and the rest of them-there just isn’t any lower you can go that they haven’t already done. Just so damn sad all the lives that are being taken and ruined for power, money, Stuff !

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At least the Putin government remains consistent in stumping for the advocates of their one-party oligarchy that is still operating in the U.S. as right wing Republicans.

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Thank you, HCR! Glad to see that Hillary Clinton is “honored” to receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Russian Academy. Finally, recognition. And even TFG admits his buddy has changed. But important news is that President Biden and USA continue to work with NATO. The positive, united world response supporting Ukraine and Democracy and in opposition to the devastating crimes against humanity unleashed upon the Ukrainian people and country by Putin shows we are on the side of Peace and Justice. The world has come together including citizens of many countries to show their solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Here are links to two musical “gifts”.


Violinists Across the World Play for Ukraine ++++++++++


Europe Stands for Ukraine

And a note, too, about donations. Be sure you’re donating to groups that get as much aide as possible to the people. You can check Charity Navigator for ratings of some international groups. I have sent contributions through Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children. Others have posted many options.

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