I saw AOC’s address – it was righteous and long overdue. The torch has been passed … I hope she, and others like her, can keep hold of it.

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I just watched Donald's alphabet soup of a press briefing...all the hamsters have escaped the cage and are now running around wild inside his head.

Someone must have had a serious come to Jesus meeting with Donald in order for him to cancel Jacksonville.

HCR, I don't know how you do it every single day. You're amazing.

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Thank you, Heather, for a moment of levity in these grim times, and for your daily summary.

"Then Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the trusted face of coronavirus advice and thus has angered the not-so-trusted president, threw out the first pitch. (It was so far off base that one wit noted on Twitter: “He clearly doesn’t want anyone to catch anything.”)"

I watched AOC eloquently relate what happened to her as well as Rep. Yoho's non-apology, and can only hope she will inspire other women to stand up for themselves.

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The numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths are soaring to unimaginable heights. They are beyond depressing and deplorable! This is not where we should be with this pandemic — except for the fact that our “beloved” leader has been particularly inept.

The one person who lifted my soul yesterday was AOC. She was, indeed, inspirational! I believe that everyone with children should sit and rewatch her speech with their young daughters and sons. Violence against women (verbal or otherwise) — in fact, any form of sexual, racial, cultural violence — must be eradicated from the colonial, patriarchal culture that persists on so many levels in our communities/societies. It is also worthwhile having them watch the other congresspersons stand up to support AOC, including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer who affirmed that: “all the men on this side of the aisle are supportive of AOC.”

Surely, we can all stand up to the likes of Mr. Yoho (who still denies having uttered those words) and reject such platitudes as “men will be men” and “boys will be boys.” Violence is never a matter to be taken lightly.

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AOC is inspiring! I highly recommend watching the documentary "Knock Down the House" about the grassroots movement that helped get her elected. It gives me hope to see people working so diligently to better our country.

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In military studies of battles and campaigns, it is often noted that there comes a time when "the gods of war" roll the dice, and from that point on, one side will go from strength to strength to the end, while the other side, no matter how desperate it becomes can never regain its footing and stumbles on to inevitable defeat.

I think tonight's post, on all points, describes that moment. This has been the week the Republicans lost, and the only real question is just how bad they're going to lose. Things will keep going as they are, the Democrats will look good at their convention while the Republicans will look like a collection of dorks on a ten-day bender. And their incompetence will continue to magnify everything. Everything is now on a log-log scale and the parabola of failure being described is approaching vertical. I mean, these idiots, including Old Blubberneck, are now going after Lyn Cheney for "insufficient loyalty"!!! Their feet are going to be so full of large-caliber exit wounds next month they'll only be able to crawl.

I love it, being a long-time believer that President Truman was right back in 1948 when he said "The only 'good Republicans' are pushing up daisies." Let them all "Make America Great Again" with their permanent departures.

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Love AOC! I know the Dems think they need to control her. But she is what the people want! And Fauci! That’s just funny! It’s true, he really doesn’t want anyone to catch anything! Lol! Thank you! Helps so much to hear your intelligent insight!

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Trump's problem could come now from his puppet masters as they will likely conclude that he is not going to win and they don't want to incite a costly, and economically damaging, civil war by staging an "Emporer Donald" coup d'état. They might now be looking to protect the "message" for the future so that the controlling "Tea Party strain" in the GOP does not go down the plug hole with the dirty bath water. Living to fight another day is infinitely preferable to them to sharing Trump's vainglorious, Nero-like immolation. They are not interested in losing their current priviledges for the sake of and idiot that doesn't understand what success in the "Montreal Dementia/AlzheimerTest" really means. A pivotal moment indeed!

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In response to Steve’s post about the steep mountain we are climbing, and to inject a diversion, I offer this. As a child of the 60s and 70s I’ve been a fan of Pink Floyd since 1970. This morning while walking my dog one of my favorite PF sings popped into my head, called ‘Fearless’. The lyrics are so spot on, especially the second stanza:

You say the hill's too steep to climb


You say you'd like to see me try


You pick the place and I'll choose the time

And I'll climb the hill in my own way

Just wait a while for the right day

And as I rise above the treeline and the clouds

I look down hearing the sound of the things you said today

Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd


Merciless, the magistrate turns 'round


And who's the fool who wears the crown?

Go down in your own way

And everyday is the right day

And as you rise above the fear lines in his brow

You look down

Hear the sound of the faces in the crowd

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You know it is a full news day when "Trump talked to Putin" gets a single sentence mention that, upon my first reading, seemed almost out of place in the Letter. Illustrates the monumental task you face each day when determining the most significant issues in the long arc of the Letters story. I'm sure we'll hear more as this is one of your "watch issues." A little foreshadowing always improves the read.


An overwhelmed news junkie

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Pay close attention to any liability immunity clauses that wind up in the stimulus bill... McConnell has been fairly clear that no bill will be passed unless businesses are fully protected from being sued for spreading COVID to their employees or customers.

As for AOC, her discussion of Yoho's wife and daughters was a slick implication that they are suffering under his abuse as well. Well played.

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I feel as if we are on a climb up a steep mountain. On the other side, if we make it over the top, we will achieve less tolerance of misogyny and racism. But if we slide back we will fall neck deep into continued and worsening Trump-promoted hatred. We need to keep climbing with all our might!

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AOC was amazing. Anyone who disagrees with her speech should be treated as suspect.

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“Leadership means being able to adapt to any situation. ” Thank you for the quote Heather. It's a useful reminder of what we all need to consider in getting through the multiple challenges that we face. It should be the first lesson that we offer to the younger generation. We cannot know what they will need beyond skilled leadership that can adapt.

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Your paragraph about Dr. Fauci was the first time in all the time I've been reading your Letters that something you related made me laugh.

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"'Leadership means being able to adapt to any situation,' said DNC Chair Tom Perez."

America is desperate for strong, agile leadership in general and, in particular, from the DNC. Adapt and simultaneously respond...boldly, clearly, often.

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