If Biden walked on water across the Potomac, the WaPo headline next day would read,

"Potomac stroll raises doubts about Biden's swimming ability"

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Economy & Infrastructure are good, but if we lose the next 2 federal elections which the Repugnant Party is successfully working toward, it is moot.

I got so upset I WROTE A LETTER! Haven’t done that in decades since the computer age.

President Joe Biden

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

December 7, 2021

President Biden,

I write this letter to express my grave concern about voter suppression that the governors & legislators in Repugnant Party controlled states have implemented. I understand that the Supreme Court in its narrow, legalese view in 2013, rescinding the Voting Rights Act of 1965 did not consider the democracy-ending ramifications when it removed the federal oversight from these backward Southern states that had historically suppressed black voters.

However, we need the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act to restore some of that oversight. So far, 19 Repugnant-dominated states and not just the historically racist Southern ones, have passed laws suppressing votes and gerrymandering districts with some having gone so far as to shut down polling sites in select neighborhoods causing long waits for voters. Also some have changed the authority of vote counting to Repugnant partisan controlled officials, which clearly should not be legal, but there are no federal controls to stop them.

If these voter suppression changes are not overridden by federal voting rights laws, it guarantees the authoritarian control by the Repugnant Party as soon as next year. The Repugnant Party has already proven itself a threat to democracy by its insurrection attempt on January 6, 2021. As they did in 2020, they still have no platform for legislative action, feeling confident that they can remain in office thru voter suppression and having partisans officially counting those votes. That was the focus of their coup attempt where the Vice President was pressured to disregard the actual votes and declare the treasonous former president remain in office.

I am actually writing this letter on paper because it may have more weight than some electronic conveyance, altho in the 1980s having often written to governors, legislators and presidents in this medium as a dissenting voice didn’t seem to do much good. While the infrastructure and economic laws that have been the focus of Congress are good, I am disappointed ... No, actually frightened that Voting Rights has not been the main focus these past months. The election is eleven months away. We need to end the filibuster and other political games and push this legislation as if our very Democracy depended on it, because I am afraid it does.


Rob Boyte

Miami Beach, FL

CC: Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Sen. Chuck Schumer

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Thank you Heather.

As long as reality and the news are not running on a parallel track, the GOP's control of the media is going to plan. You can't keep blaming FOX Entertainment or even the tainted CNN for misinformation when other media outlets whisper Biden's accomplishments.

If you control the media, you control perception. It's that simple.

I noticed yesterday several media outlets with similar headlines bashing Jen Psaki regarding that she was wrong in her statements regarding the availability of at home COVID tests. I watched the video and it was polar opposite of truth. As Psaki's popularity has risen, the level of misrepresentation of her statements have risen as well. I'm sure she will depart her post prior to her projected time frame. I don't blame her, I wouldn't work for this Government either.

Someone needs to shout Biden's accomplishments. This country is hard of hearing.

Be safe. Be well.

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The meat of the matter with regard to the Court of Appeals decision, Trump v Thompson, begins on page 35, Section A. Since this document is a PDF I cannot paste a live link so just copy and paste the link in your browser to download PDF. It makes for an interesting read. The King of Mar a Lago is, no doubt, furious.


Thanks Heather for another excellent recap. Have a good night's rest y'all.

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And nobody but Chris Hayes noted today that EVERY Republican legislature has disregarded any independent redistricting commission's proposals and took back redistricting to their overwhelming advantage - enough to almost guarantee their takeover of the House - while the Dummycraps are allowing the independent commissions in five western states to throw 10-15 seats to Republicans, making it even easier for the GOP to take control next year. WHAT IN HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Too much Chardonnay being swilled? Too much cucumber sandwich chomping? Too many Volvos being driven? An overabundance of sensible shoes?

I HATE being a member of the Third Republic 1940 Surrender Monkey Party.

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In my view, even were they “constant headline news,” the economic figures HCR cites, at best, would be seen as a promising signal about the kind of economy we could have if and when the pandemic were brought under control and inflation were to subside. Realistically speaking, I don’t imagine ordinary Americans are nearly so affected by figures, however positive, as they are by their day-to-day lived experience.

As for the seeming ease by which a Senate carve-out was negotiated to pass the debt-ceiling provision while no such carve-out can get sufficient support to pass voter protection legislation, the explanation is dismal. Republicans, who feared Dems, if given no other choice, conceivably could agree to a carve-out to avoid defaulting on the national, thus establishing precedent, instead joined Dems in this one-time carve-out, wherein Dems, acting alone, could raise the debt-ceiling. Republicans expect, because they won’t be seen as raising the debt, to be poised in 22 to accuse Democrats of fiscal recklessness. Even worse, make no mistake. The perpetuation of false grievances that the 2020 election was stolen will succeed unimpeded if Senate Democrats don’t change the Senate filibuster rules.

Though posted by me a few days ago, it bears repeating that Attorney General Garland, this past week, concluded a press conference about suing Texas for violating Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act with a plea to Congress to pass new federal voting rights legislation, making clear that DOJ will do whatever it can (translation: go to court to protect voting rights) but wants Congress to do what only it can (pass legislation that also protects election integrity and thus democracy itself). Could such a directive from Garland, who frets more than most over separation of powers, afford a more ample permission structure for Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, plus any other Democrats who have concerns about the filibuster to set aside whatever convictions they might have expressed about a filibuster carve-out, assured, that unless Congress acts, in 4 or 5 years from now, we’re not going to recognize the country.

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I’m writing to every major news outlet tomorrow to complain about their refusal to cover the Biden boom.

In fact, Axios had an article a few days ago (Republicans worry that Roe win could backfire) that concluded voters were more likely to worry about “pocketbook” issues than let a SCOTUS decision on abortion influence their vote.


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James Carville's wisdom on messaging.

"Democratic strategist James Carville appeared on Brian Williams’ final episode of The 11th Hour and did his best to make it a memorable one. Donning an LSU Santa hat, the Ragin’ Cajun railed against several fringe House Republicans in colorful fashion.

“Matt Gaetz will probably be in a penitentiary by the time the election comes around,” he said, citing the ongoing federal investigation into whether Gaetz had sex with a minor and trafficked her across state lines. “There’s a good chance he will be.”

Carville explained that Democrats should attack the GOP by highlighting the party’s more extreme elements in Congress.

“They gotta hit hard,” he said. “Any time that Jim Jordan opens his mouth, they should go into the well of the House and read all of the Ohio state athletes that said he knew that they were being molested by the wrestling coach.

When Lauren Boebert opens her mouth, somebody should go to the well and read a story out of the New York Post – which is owned by Rupert Murdoch – by a journalist who’s named Jonathan Levine talking about how Lauren Boebert and her husband met and read that into the congressional record. We’ve got to stop this and call these people out for who they are. We gotta stop this namby-pamby, somebody-take-committees-away, and just call these people out for who they are.

He later added, “Paul Gosar’s got five siblings that all tell people to vote against him. Read what [his] siblings say into the congressional record. Look, Brian, I have an equivalent of a Ph.D in White trash-ology, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert – they can hold their best. They could be the subject of a dissertation.”

Meanwhile Gaetz and Bannon are saying this:

Rep. Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon mused about the chance of a 2024 presidential win by Donald Trump. Gaetz said an "army of patriots" should get ready now to "fight" for the US.

Bannon said "shock troops" divided into teams could take over some 4,000 government positions. Rep. Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon mused about the chance of a 2024 presidential win by Donald Trump. Gaetz said an "army of patriots" should get ready now to "fight" for the US.

Bannon said "shock troops" divided into teams could take over some 4,000 government positions.

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As Barton Gellman makes clear. It doesn't matter how successfully Biden steers the ship. There are millions of people who live in an alternate universe. They don't read, or listen to, or watch the same things we do. And "we"? We are the lazy left. I suggest we speak up more via comments, email and phone calls to our leaders and to the media.

Hopefully there are enough persuadable independents who can be convinced that we are on the right path. That might work if facts still matter. Do they?

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Nice bundle today. Booming economy (that National media is ignoring). A filibuster carve out that lets Republiqans have their cake (avoiding a default) and eat it too (failing to raise the debt ceiling). The DC Circuit deciding that subpoenaed documents need to be released, and giving 14 days for a SCOTUS appeal. Good things are happening. The elephant in the room here is the absence of Voting Rights and the two bills addressing them. Without protection of voting rights for all, none of this will matter.

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I have, perhaps, an out-of-date professional financial background. My cloudy crystal ball, even with new virus strains, forecasts a solid economy by mid-late 2022, with upward employment. I have made a bet with members of my investors club that inflation will fall to 2% or lower in November, 2022. P. S. As professor (age 58-to-80) I taught ECONOMICS FROM FEUDALISM TO THE PRESENT. (It’s much easier to analyze the past than predict the future.)

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"Biden Boom" ... has a nice ring to it. Let's hope it resounds because the guy is kickin' butt as is Liz Cheney and the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. Truth will win out, ballots crossed, in this fraught, contentious time. Thanks for the upbeat post Heather.

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Why is the booming economy not front page news? Easy.

MSM journalists and their corporate bosses have decided that they need to be evenhanded with bullies, so are vigorously punching themselves.

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So far, it looks as though Biden is a real comeback kid! I like his quiet doggedness. You'd think the press would give him a break with his outright support for journalists.

A plethora of positive tidbits nonetheless, Heather, thank you.

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Trump's Treason: But the treason hides in plain sight. It was sedition by omission, or intentional dereliction of duty, by Trump and a handful of loyalists embedded inside the Pentagon and White House.

Exhibit 1: That day, one dozen powerful politicians from both parties and public officials placed frantic “911” calls during the attack to persons in high office at both the Pentagon and the White House. They pleaded for National Guard assistance as the small force of Capitol guards was being overtaken by thousands of armed and crazed thugs. A gallows was erected for the world’s cameras to underscore their intent. All this was televised in real-time.

Exhibit 2: The Pentagon and President sat on their hands for four hours before sending in the National Guard. By comparison, on September 11, 2000, it took the Pentagon just five minutes after the first terrorist attack hit the World Trade Center to evacuate the President and his cabinet to safety, to scramble thousands of jets, and shut down America’s airspace.

The End Game: Dangerous goons would be invited to Washington D.C., stoked by Trump in a speech, sent to the Capitol to “remove” Vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi from the Presidential line of succession, and, finally, invoke The Insurrection Act of 1807. This law allows a President to unilaterally send in troops across the country in certain limited circumstances involved in the defense of constitutional rights. Trump intended to extend his tenure indefinitely by starting, then quelling, his own insurrection. https://dianefrancis.substack.com/p/trumps-treason

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I find this mornings letter to be extremely encouraging despite the media getting it wrong. I turned off NPR because of this kind of negative talk. Looks like I need to write to them.

Thank you each and every day Dr Richardson.

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