Republicans are the penultimate "cancel culture" as they proceed to “cancel” things with which they disagree. They tried to cancel the presidential portion of the 2020. They are trying the cancel democracy.

The present Republican Party is really the former southern Democratic Party that took our nation to civil war. They tried to cancel the Union. When the lost the Civil War, they tried to cancel that with Jim Crow. In 1898, one of many examples was their canceling of Amendments passed during and after the Civil War freeing blacks and giving black men the right to vote. The white supremacists of Wilmington, NC who called their objectives "White Supremacy" canceled the Republican governments of Wilmington and all of North Carolina. They openly declared they would shoot and lynch to kill every black person and white person helping black people to vote and obtain elected office. This cancel culture was the "final solution" that Adolf Hitler picked up on when he developed his own cancel culture in what we know as the "Holocaust". Long before southern Democrats set the stage for president Republicans, we had the cancel culture of the Indian Wars. So, as we hear and discuss "cancel culture" the real manifestation of this practice is extermination by whites of everything non-white that threatens the "white privilege" of dominance. In 1898 Wilmington, the white "cancel culture" advocated by white Democrats then claimed that a small minority of blacks in elected office were "negro domination" when in fact, whites were dominant in government. Republicans today claim "Democrats", "liberals", "elites", "socialists" or "communists" are dominating government when in fact they have been dominating our government and canceling out every effort to address our local, national and world needs from covid19 face masks to sustainable green energy to living wages and healthcare to the point of extinguishing humanity, life on earth and the planet as we need it to survive and prosper.

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That's pretty rich. Republican-made laws to cancel voters are the epitome of cancel culture, and autocrazy.

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Republicans are more outraged about the All-Star Game than were outraged at the actions of Trump's army of goons who stormed the Capital. That's all you need to know about the GOP's moral compass.

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State and national Republican lawmakers didn't foresee that large companies would react as they have to voter suppression efforts. It's unsurprising given the GOP's lack of vision for the country. And Trump's call for boycotts will amount to nothing. His clout is ebbing fast. The Republicans can thrive on outrage and division only for so long, especially when Democrats have a clear and broad vision for fixing the nation on so many fronts.

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Good evening, HCR. Hope you had a good holiday.

Basically, if you do not “hit ‘em where it hurts”, then these obnoxious folks will continue their denial and the rape of black and brown ownerships of their votes. MLB went with their better conscience.

I spent a little time on Twitter today just to see what some R’s were saying. Cancun Cruz took a pic, with a beer in his hand. Hardly a great piece of PR if you are supporting the evangelicals. Kevin McCarthy was quoting biblical nonsense that I am certain he knows nothing about. I admit it...I troll them because they deserve to hear from those of us who can’t tolerate their inhumane treatment of people and also, their many many lies.

We have now vaccinated millions more people which includes, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians. Joe’s plans are working, so far. His American Rescue Plan makes perfect sense to this layperson. I say go for the gusto! The payback will be tremendous.

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The Voting Rights Expansion act passed by the House needs to become law. I understand that passage in the Senate will require a reform of the filibuster. A reasonable change to the filibuster would be that you can't filibuster Constitutional issues.

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The only word I disagree with in this article: the word "crisis" in the 1st paragraph.

We are no longer in crisis. The crisis moment was the period, arguably, from January 5 through the impeachment trial in February.

We are no longer in crisis because we are in heaven. We are in paradise. Heather is reporting what I have been predicting, that the Tide Has Turned. America is turning its back on the Old Social Order.

Goodbye racism, sexism, genderism. Hello diversity. Hello inclusion. Hello woman power, black power, gay power, bi power, Latin power, Pacific Island power, . . . . . . . . . .

Heather is Switzerland. Heather tries to keep her material sounding like it comes out of a textbook or a newspaper article. So she rarely mentions sexism and racism and genderism (anti-LGBTQ+ bias).

Why do Republicans complain about the culture wars? Why do they engage in voter suppression? Why do they gerrymander and suppress like there's no tomorrow? Because there is no tomorrow for them. They are now in the minority and, for some of us, in the rear-view mirror. (I'm a little bit ahead of myself, but you get what I mean)

They want to keep things the old way, long live the old social order, resist change. Keep Dr. Seuss intact, racism and all. Keep Confederate monuments and symbols intact. Resist change in Congress (McConnell, Sedition Caucus, Anti-Democracy) and resist change in society. Attack non-whites. Attack women in power. Retain the boy-girl version of Potato Head. Resist bathroom changes. Attack anything that isn't whites-first, whites-on-top, whites-in-power, men-first, men-on-top, men-favoritism, straights-favorable, et al. We want the old culture. White supremacy. Male supremacy. Straight (boy-girl) supremacy.

They are saying, "We want the old culture back. NASCAR with Confederate flags. Football without kneeling. Dr. Seuss as racist as he wants to be."

But they've lost the fight.

All that's left is for Congress to catch up with society.

Now I know I am going to be inundated with replies about the need to stay vigilant, the need to work hard, the need to fight the gerrymandering and voter suppression and Republican Congressional obstructionism. Feel free to reply in this way, I love hearing from fellow fighters. But know that I am giving the big picture view, that's part of my job, someone here once called me the canary in the cola mine. My wife calls herself Cassandra, that's one of the reasons she is my wife and I am her husband, we are well matched, we are both Cassandras. Cassandra understands the need to fight hard in the present moment, but Cassandra is also paying attention to the direction that things are going, the long view.

Remember what I have been saying about California, where the Republican Party has been relegated to permanent minority status consequent to the redistricting after the 2010 Census.

Viva la Revolution!! Power to the People!!

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Good morning everyone! Good morning HCR! My spring break over (sigh), I have to get back to the grind-computer and the Zoom prison, so keeping this brief. Is anyone else kind of delighted with the term "woke supremacy"? It seems to me that in an attempt to make a nasty pun, whoever invented that actually created a beautiful meme. If "woke supremacy" were to be the goal then:

*Everyone would agree that difference is GOOD and that a rising tide lifts ALL boats and would therefore welcome diversity and inclusivity

*Everyone would agree that equity is GOOD and that the tools people need to achieve equity should be promoted, resourced, and pushed forward

*Everyone would agree that, despite one's personal history of trauma, it is ALWAYS better to promote empathy over divisiveness; that emotional maturity is a legitimate and sought-after goal

*Everyone would agree that our greatest asset is an EDUCATED POPULACE and that education--a progressive, inclusive, diverse education system that promotes critical thinking skills and does not demand conformity--is something that has to be supported financially, politically, and culturally.

Sounds like Paradise to me . . .

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Off today's topic, it's Easter Monday, but Monday nonetheless and the trial of Derek Chauvin continues. I admit to being a fan of Common Dreams newsletters. I rarely have to read a sentence more than once to understand what the author's intent is: "Despite the harrowing testimony, it paled before newly released bodycam footage of Floyd's pained, flailing final moments - his terror, his crying, his claustrophobia, the awful baffled dawning he was about to die for a $20 crime he didn't know he'd committed, the heartrending pleading of a reported 'Mama's boy' that, 'I'm not a bad guy.' Viewing the video - here and here - several jurors broke down in tears. Understandably: It's almost unwatchable. Our job is to not look away. And to acknowledge how astounding it is that black people haven't yet burned this country to the ground." Here's the full article: https://www.commondreams.org/further/2021/04/02/totally-unnecessary

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Remember, cornered rats are dangerous when they feel they have nothing to lose.

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“Cancel culture” is a term used by Republicans to trivialize the voices of those who recognize their behavior as unacceptable.

I vote to counter each use of the term with the word “Choice”.

It is our right to say yes or no – our right to choose. It is their choice to change.

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Thank you Heather.

I am quite interested in how this latest sophomoric display of chest beating from the GOP is panning out. Timing is everything to them. Is their newest dog whistle of "cancel culture" with the MLB merely a diversion from the Gaetz crash and burn? I check on a few Republican friends pages and noticed a complete change from aggressively"owning the Dems" to lost dogs, pictures of kittens and religion. I can always tell the temperature of their Facebook page by their agrecious beating down of Democrats but when facts about their Party members come to light, it's a different story. Given the Matt Gaetz situation, if you brought up the name Andrew Cuomo right now, they wouldn't know who you were talking about. 😂

For some time the proportion to which our elected constituents reflects reality is alarming. This makes the mid-terms that much more important. Getting our ducks in a row should be, and hopefully is a 24/7 plan.

Be safe, be well.

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“the mechanics of our current system do not reflect the will of the majority.” Exactly, Dr. Richardson. The Republicans seem only want freedom to stay in power, and to suppress not just the votes, but the will of most of the people. They are anti-freedom. Their Congressional oaths they swore turned out to be lies. We must keep making our voices heard and keep writing and calling our Congressional representatives and keeping pressure on the big corporations. It does make a difference.

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GOP.....Dirty Players... Dirty Liars... Will stoop to no level, not one dirty depth to seek and reach their dirty ends. Buy it, bribe it, appoint it and whatever else they can think of to meet their dirty means. Only the voting American people can stop them and our truth telling citizens like HCR to light the way. If it means we also must play dirty, then that is what must be done! Or we are facing not a future of democracy and decency but something so much more sinister. The movie Vendetta!! Is that our future? Good God I hope not!

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It's time for Democrats and Independents to be stern in their rebuke of these would-be-oligarchs and oligarchs. We slept while they gerrymandered, filled court benches, and filibustered their way to an almost unbreakable hold on power. We must put them in a permanent minority not only in numbers but in power. Ban the filibuster and do what America needs to have done.

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Republicans long ago realized that they would start losing elections unless they gamed the system. So, between gerrymandering and voter suppression, they have found a way to keep in power. The thing is, they were smart enough to realize that they couldn't do those two things without controlling the courts, as the courts would decide legal challenges to both gerrymandering and voter suppression. So, they have packed the courts with a legion of right wing judges, a process that has taken place over decades. We should therefore not be shocked that the courts are now upholding all of the Republican-initiated legislation and/or "redistricting". As HCR has noted, this has led to minority rule, a process that will only get worse and worse as the years go by.

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